Things that Don’t Make Sense

Adapted from the original on Elaine Ann ntp cgp’s profile. Lots of fun stuff going on there.

♣ You can’t play Pickleball inside in the courts because you might touch the net, but you can play outside where there is also a net.

♣ You have to wear a mask walking into and out of a restaurant but you can take it off to eat and drink once at your table.

♣ Practicing social distancing on planes.

♣ Masses of protesters is acceptable but crowds at a beach is a threat.

Always ship your bubblewrap wrapped in bubblewrap! You don’t want anything to happen to it.

♣ You can be in a casino in Nevada, but not a church.

♣ Sanitizing and spraying down EVERYTHING at the grocery store…carts, conveyor belts at checkout…so that your hands (& food) are touching these nasty chemicals, in the name of safety & protection.

♣ Viruses are dangerous but toxic “disinfectant” chemicals sprayed indiscriminately, coating everything and drifting everywhere are perfectly safe.

♣ It is more dangerous to go to the beach than the supermarket.

♣ Boutiques are dangerous; Walmart is safe.

♣ In Oahu, Hawaii, playgrounds, beaches, pools, bars, parks are closing again. Gyms are still open with masks/social distancing requirements (you work out indoors with a mask), restaurants, golf courses are open. Can’t get control over car thefts and other criminal activities because we don’t have enough manpower — but assign 160 special police officers to enforce masks/distancing orders. You can walk through the beach to get in and out of the water, but cannot sit on the sand. No gatherings of over 10 people, regardless of family relationship.

♣ Kids having to wear masks at school — like a 7, 8, or 9 year old is not going to play with it and therefore their fingers can be a disease vector.

♣ We had to shut down the economy to “stop Covid” so we did, but now the story is that “we didn’t do enough” to stop it and the effects are now tanking the economy.

♣ You can’t have an opinion on masks and vaccination and covid precautions unless you’re a doctor, so Bill Gates is in charge of all things medical now.

♣ I touch all my groceries to put them in the cart, but the checker touches all my groceries to ring them up, then one of us touches them again to bag them…but I can’t bring reusable bags.

♣ People that say, “I’m only going to be seeing family and close friends because I know where they’ve been.” Meanwhile, said family/friends work in healthcare…grocery stores, gas stations, etc.

♣ Clothing store employee let me try on jeans, a camisole and a nightgown but I could not try on sports bars but I could take them home (where there could be potential covid) and still return them if I didn’t like them.

♣ My sister goes on walks with one of the staff members at my parents’ assisted living facility. That staff member can go fix my mom’s hair but my sister can’t visit her.

♣ You can protest with hundreds of people but you can’t shop for food/clothing without a mask.

♣ The people wearing masks wear them out of concern for others but then wish illness and death on those that don’t wear them.

♣ Listen to the doctors and scientists – oh wait – not thooooose doctors or scientists. Only the ones we are paying who agree with our agenda.

♣ Don’t read research. You’re not smart enough. Even scientists aren’t smart enough to read research in other fields.

♣ You can go fishing but you can’t sit down to fish.

♣ No organized events – like races. but organized protests are okay.

♣ You are censored when you advocate for natural preventions. Vitamin C, D, eating clean, etc.

♣ Joggers wearing masks in 90º weather.

♣ School district banning students from wearing pj’s for online learning.

♣ Big gyms can have 25% capacity, social distancing and no mask while working out. But a small private studio/martial arts has to have 300 sf for each student.

♣ Why didn’t they give the prisoners masks instead of releasing them?

♣ Giving up our rights without thinking of the consequences or history.

♣ Hydroxychloroquine is only dangerous when prescribed for covid but not for Lupus or Arthritis?

♣ Gathering for protesting isn’t dangerous but assembling for weddings, funerals and church is.

♣ Hydroxychloroquine needs safety trials after the FDA approved it over 65 years ago, and it is one of the most widely used drugs on Earth, for malaria.

♣ Cashiers in food services wearing gloves, taking money, then touching food while wearing said gloves. Plexiglass is appearing at service counters everywhere. Viruses know what side of the plexiglass to be on, and cannot duck under the divider.

♣ Germ theory

♣ Coin shortage

♣ Relying on a vaccine from a sketchy computer programmer who is also a vaccine magnate who tests his products on people in Africa and somehow thinks vaccination comes with population control. How can something that “saves lives” also control the population?

♣ Forced mask wearing for a virus with a 99% recovery rate.

♣ Touching credit card machines is risky so we’ll put plastic over them and you can touch that instead.

♣ Can’t sing in worship services.

♣ This will be over “if we do as we’re told.”

♣ You have to get covid test a few days before surgery – what if you contract it in between?

♣ If one cat “catches covid” in England, all of England is warned and all cats are presumably affected and nobody is supposed to cuddle with their feline. If covid takes half of its victims in nursing homes, that is not an issue to focus on because it’s only half; few know it; few talk about it; you will not see it on TV and you might read it in the newspaper once or occasionally.

People wearing masks to prevent exposure to a virus they plan to inject themselves with.

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