Mars 2020: The Saturn Square

By Victoria Emory

One reason time counts for double now is the master class we’re currently enrolled in, under The Lord of the Rings, himself: Saturn. Time is his purview.

The long-running square from Mars in Aries to Saturn in Capricorn leads right to the steps of Saturn’s entry into Aquarius, where it will join Jupiter for their once-per-generation conjunction at the end of the year.

Photo: Lanvi Nguyen.

Mars square Saturn is among the more demanding aspects, and how we work those corners will impact how that next stage unfolds, individually and collectively. This square constitutes a kind of initiation; a rite of passage which, when completed, can bring a new level of maturity – a more evolved relationship with one’s own consciousness and role in society.

Let’s break that down.

Mars in Aries describes intense drive to assert one’s will and fulfill desires. It’s fiery, direct, impatient, impulsive and competitive. It’s unadulterated ambition, sometimes rash and combative, which may end up thwarting realization of the sought-for goal. As the I Am readings cover in-depth, this Mars cycle involves our very sense of identity: what we truly want, who we truly are and how we express that in the world. In itself, Mars in Aries expresses with pure youthful impetuosity and enthusiasm. Given the hair-trigger nature of the sign placement, it can also speed-wobble into the ‘terrible twos,’ the toddler throwing supper on the floor, stamping his foot and screaming ‘No!’

Under this influence we’re all a bit more tantrum-prone than usual; given the crises and restraints 2020 has brought, not surprising. Desires that originate in the depths of the soul must be gratified. There’s a difference between those and the demands of a child. Adults understand that the ability to think long-term and delay gratification grant them freedom a child cannot handle.

Have you ever had a professor with a reputation for being a ‘tough grader,’ whose standards intimidated students before they set foot in the classroom? Often those are the rousing life-changers. Under their tutelage we’re forced to draw deeper from our well of potential, and look back at with pride at what we achieved, and what we learned.

Saturn in Capricorn describes systemic authority. Yes, in terms of government, but also any laws we must contend with, in whatever system we find ourselves. In a family it’s parental law, in a business it’s the boss; for bosses it’s demands of the marketplace, etc. We may have crazy parents or an insane government, but as the song goes, “Breakdowns come and breakdowns go; what’re you gonna do about it, that’s what I want to know?” Reality. Where the rubber meets the road.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Yet Saturn is also the wise elder that guides those ready through initiation. The student knows they’re signed up for trials they cannot imagine and accepts that as the price of admission. They know the rewards are worth the effort. The initiate trusts their teacher.

Nobody likes tests, but there is an art to taking them. Skills are involved; primarily in how one uses time, so we are prepared, and understanding what will be asked of us. The stress of pure Mars in conflict with Pure Saturn is a test we’re all taking this semester, and there are skills for that, too.

The square is currently in full force. The first exact hit was August 24th. Because Mars is so slow (i.e. powerful) within range of its retrograde station on Wednesday, September 9, it will be in effect for months, backing into another exact hit on September 29th. Martial Force will be slamming Saturnian walls for a while. It’s a tense face-off that can only be resolved through strategic means. Frustration, anger, stress levels reaching their limit as nerves grind like gears in a frozen transmission – tactics for dealing with any or all of this are essential now. Patience is a key resource as well as its partner, humor.

Distill your desires — clarify priorities and look to see how short and long-term end-points relate to each other. Discipline, focus and concentration are your tools. Commitment and endurance are the toolbox itself.

Know what you need to perform at your best, what serves that and what impairs your effectiveness. Feed your spirit and your body healthy sustenance; unplug from influences that strain your sanity. Unplug, period, to keep from overheating your engine.

Do not forget this is potentially a time of immense growth. That cannot be overstated. For with intent, what you encounter when negotiating these challenges will forge skills and bestow knowledge you’ll have on your cosmic resume for lifetimes.

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