The Return to the Primal Scene

Dear Friend and Reader:

I was talking to a Leo reader recently who said she didn’t grasp her July horoscope. This, after years of it fitting perfectly for her, as she described her experience. Because the July horoscope was an interpretation of the total solar eclipse happening on Tuesday, I was curious and took yet another look at this eclipse, this time from the viewpoint of Leo, very close to where the eclipse occurs.

Photo by Eric Francis for Book of Blue.

I’ve said a few times, to friends and in writing, that this is one of the most challenging eclipses I’ve ever worked with, that is, the interpretation of it. I would estimate that I’ve covered about 70 eclipses in my career, and this one stands out. A few weeks ago, I was corresponding with my collaborator Tracy at Serennu.comand she handed me one of her one-line gems when I asked her take on what it was about. She said, “It looks like mother is not available and father hasn’t shown up yet.”

The eclipse takes place in the last degree of the sign Cancer. That implies that it’s ‘between Cancer and Leo’, in as much as there is any space between signs; it’s at the edge of one concept and at the beginning of another. When you interpret this around the signs, it represents a transition from one phase of life to another; the eclipse falls on the cusp of two solar houses for all of us.

Cancer and Leo are signs in a special category in that neither is ruled by a planet. Both are associated with luminaries — the Moon and the Sun, respectively. Ancient astrology gives them a variety of other distinctions, but they are in a sense the ‘master signs’, in that everyone is so affected by the bodies associated with them. And when an eclipse arrives, no matter where it is, these two signs are involved because the Moon and Sun are involved.

For their part (in mundane and psychological astrology) the Moon and the Sun represent mother and father, as well as the two dominant features of the person. The Moon corresponds to mother, the child-self, the personality, and one’s sense of needs and comfort. The Sun corresponds to father, adult self, the experience expressing the personality, and one’s sense of visible presence and glory. In a world chart like an eclipse, however, separated from the trappings of any one personality, the Sun and Moon can look a lot like mom and dad, and in this chart they do. We need to remember that in many biological and physical senses, we are made of mom and dad. So it follows that the luminaries will represent both facets of our parents and facets of ourselves. There is a very close correspondence in real life.

As we proceed with this analysis, remember that all the usual concepts that surround eclipses are applicable: discontinuty, concentration of experience, the feeling of fate and the establishment of patterns. Eclipses arrive with events that affect many people. And while they are apparently fixed points in time, they are more like standing patterns in space-time that can be felt for many months or even years. We are currently deep into the process of Tuesday’s eclipse, particularly given that it’s surrounded by lunar eclipses before and after. We are approaching the midpoint of three eclipses, the peak event and by far (using astrological precedent) the most potent event.

Holographic fetus from Daily Mirror series. Photo by Eric Francis for Book of Blue.

Let’s consider the structure of this solar eclipse and see if we can get a metaphor on the screen. A Moon-Sun conjunction in the last degree of Cancer, the event does not form solid aspects to any other major point. It’s like it’s lurking in a hidden dimension.

The Moon’s South Node is in the first degree of Leo — the very next degree, calling the focus in that direction; within hours of this event, both the Sun and the Moon will cross over the South Node in Leo (eclipses always happen near a lunar node; that is their job). It’s as if something is imminently about to be born, from the primal waters of Cancer into the daylight of Leo; moving from the cooler, formative sign to the hotter, brighter and more expressive sign. You could say we are witnessing a birth about to take place, but to me it seems more like conception, followed by birth. Perched on the South Node, there is something old going on; or something old about to be released.

The eclipse in that late degree of Cancer has a 12th house feeling to it. Conception is a veiled act. It generally happens in secret. It’s happening in another dimension of existence from the child who will be conceived; the child is in nonphysical form and the parents conceiving that child are in physical form, doing something that opens a bridge between the two worlds. Often, the parents who are about to conceive don’t consciously know that they are about to do so. This is because often, conception is an allegedly unconscious act, thought of as an ‘accident’, or something left to unexpected chance. People often act as if they don’t know that sex leads to pregnancy. There is often an element of denial involved — which translates to the denial of the creative process and denial that human beings are the creators of human life.

From the standpoint of the soul/child about to be conceived, assuming their intent plays a role in that fact, there is that moment of standing helpless, powerless and alone before the parents’ experience, which is the sexual experience that creates our physical form and sets off the new incarnation. In any incarnation, our first experience of sex is the sex that created us, over which we have no control; to which we are directly subject; and to which we relate to man and woman as equivalent energies, exterior to us, but of which we are neither.

I call this initial experience the ‘conception drama’ or the ‘primal scene’. The sense of powerlessness that attends the primal scene, and our refusal to look at it and make peace with it (most of us do not want to think about, much less witness, our parents having sex; and we don’t generally get to study other male-female couples having sex) is, I believe, at the root of our powerlessness around sex; and hence the root of our powerlessness around our own self-creative process.

Compersion Bed, for Jen Bolmann. Photo by Eric Francis for Book of Blue.

We can have millions of other ideas about sex; we can read articles about how to keep your Scorpio happy or 99 things you don’t know about touching your man; but what we tend to forget is that there was an actual sexual experience that created us, over which we had no power and which had rather profound consequences for us; namely, existence itself.

That feeling of powerlessness, such as being a hapless victim of circumstance, or a victim of sex, or of desire, or of reproductive power, is much of what describes our lives, till we gradually wake up to consciousness, volition and the power of choice. Imagine if we could, indeed, be conscious of the whole process of incarnation, this magnificent nexus of what we call at different times physical, sexual, metaphysical, spiritual and whatever else — all as the same basic experience that created us and by which we, in turn, take up life as creators. From there we can recognize every creative experience as containing all of those properties.

Now we have a chance to return to that primal scene. We have a cosmic metaphor for the conception drama, to which we are witness and participant. The event takes place ‘inside mother’ (the sign Cancer) and is born into the differentiated, manifest world (the sign Leo). Yet if we are using astrology, the whole thing can be out in the open; we can feel it as witness and experience the results even if the visual aspect is still concealed. Astrology can give us a glimpse behind the veil, and if we don’t look, we can feel the events on this side of the veil.

Remember that this is like a living metaphor being acted out by the celestial bodies, in their outer and inner expressions; as physical events and also as a shift in awareness. We have an enormous gift of psychic mobility with this event, and the potential to be cut off from our known moorings and experience something else, something new.

For those curious about experiences they can create that work with encounters of the primal scene, there are many possibilities, which can be done with or without a partner.

For those of us wanting to shift awareness around such vital things as our parents, our relationships, our sexual process and our creative process (all of which are related), we have one event that we can focus on as a point of transition. Awareness is about bringing things out of the ‘unconscious’ aspect of awareness and into the ‘conscious’ aspect of awareness; here, we have the opportunity to look, to be aware, and to change as an act of will. As with all change, we let go of one form and embrace another. From the look of this chart, poised on the brink between the two master signs, what we are letting go of is something we are ready to, and what we may embrace is something we are indeed ready for.

As Sinead said, there is life outside your mother’s garden.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

What Goes Up, Must Come Down…

It seems like they just got it up there, and officials at NASA are already planning to send the International Space Station hurtling into the Pacific Ocean in just seven years.

The international space station, as seen from the space shuttle Discovery. The station is scheduled to be completed next year, then returned to Earth in 2016. Photo: NASA.

According to a Washington Post article, the lack of a long-term budget plan to keep the space station operational means that in early 2016 it will be “de-orbited,” which is apparently scientist speak for “made to fall from the sky and land in the ocean.”

At first glance the logic seems counter-intuitive. The space station has already cost the United States and the other participating nations around $100 billion and provided a unique platform for any number of scientific experiments. The recently added Japanese module, for example, has a “front porch” that allows for experiments in the vacuum of space.

Furthermore, the International Space Station has an unusually high-profile relationship with Earthbound fans of space exploration, in no small part because it can be seen with the naked eye as a bright spot passing through the night sky. Surely it’s got a value that extends past 2016?

The de-orbiting announcement was made by Michael T. Suffredini, NASA’s space station program manager, during a panel discussion at a public hearing last month. In addition to the budget issue, it’s been pointed out that the station was initially conceived as an orbital dock for the Space Shuttle, which will itself be discontinued next year. So what good will the darn thing be, then? Might as well bring ‘er down!

It seems not everybody is aboard with that plan, including at least one member of Congress.

“If we’ve spent a hundred billion dollars, I don’t think we want to shut it down in 2015,” Sen. Bill Nelson, a Florida Democrat, was quoted in the Post article.

Actually, Suffredini himself acknowledges that a near-Earth orbit facility like the International Space Station is the best place for mankind to learn about long-term residence in a space environment. And he said that “NASA is conducting a thorough review of the station to see what it would take to certify it as operational through the late 2020s.”
So if even the guy who suggested the space station needs to be de-orbited acknowledges it could be useful well beyond 2016, what’s up? Well, politics, that’s what. Because NASA, as a federal agency, is beholden to Congress for its budget — and it could be that the best way to save an incredibly expensive space station is to threaten to throw it away. Appeal to the sense of fiscal responsibility (such as it is) in Congress.

At least one scientist has spoken out in support of making major changes when it comes to the station. According to the Post, Robert L. Park, a University of Maryland physicist, says “the station fundamentally lacks a mission.” He also told the newspaper he thinks there’s a better solution than Congress continuing to fund it: “Give it to China. Let them support the damn thing.”




Weekly Horoscope for Friday, July 17, 2009, #775 – BY PRIYA KALE

Aries (March 20-April 19)
There may be waves of nostalgia filling your breath, mixed with a sense of anticipation, as you get ready to leave the nest. This is a new adventure in every sense but on the deepest level this is taking you ‘home.’ Rise above churning insecurities to see how far you have come in just the recent past. You are birthing your being in the most profound way; this means acknowledging your fears and then pushing through your own intuition to lift the veil of truth. In financial, emotional and creative decisions pay attention to the deeper purpose of what you are working towards, rather than getting caught up in irrelevant details. Dare to follow a dream knowing it is safe to be yourself.

Taurus (April 19- May 20)
You have the potential now to spin words into gold bringing you more warmth, comfort and the security you need. You have the blessings of the Universe in this endeavor and any blockage you feel within a creative, personal or financial situation is only pushing you to find your own inner strength. Consider these labor pains as you birth a creation born of deep love. You are twice as smart, with twice the abilities and resources and twice as much to give than anyone else. Ask yourself what something means to you. You well know your level of dedication and that there is nothing you can’t do if you set your heart to it. Your wisdom is deeper and more golden than you give yourself credit for. Listen and be willing to speak.

Gemini (May 20- June 21)
A professional opportunity is asking you to dream big and you may wonder if you have what it takes. But recent events have been leading you deeper to discover your deepest values and what is important to you. You may worry if you are attractive enough or loved enough; but remember if you argue for your limitations you will get them. A recent blazing discovery brought a revelation about your feelings, desires and who you are at your depths. Trust this as you get a second chance at a personal ambition, have faith in yourself and what you have to offer. Speak your truth boldly, honestly and courageously. If you reach for the stars now you might just land on the Moon.

Cancer (June 21- July 22)
Consider this time an unveiling of your true being. As you begin to see yourself in a whole new light it may feel like a part of you is dying and perhaps it is. But be courageous and honest with yourself as you dive to discover who you are at the bottom of it all. You may worry how this will affect a deeply personal or financial relationship. But any fear of judgment is likely in your head and your cue to speak honestly in a spirit of building trust. You are awakening to a greater truth that can no longer be denied. Be guided by your imagination, an open mind and you are likely to be led straight to the heart of a gold mine of unexplored potential — you.

Leo (July 22- Aug. 23)
“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.” You’ve been wading through deep fears and doubts lately. But consider this week a soul-baptism re-birthing where you are bathed in divine glory. Only your self-criticism can hold you back from manifesting what has been a sweet hope of freedom. Find your own integrity and be honest about what something or someone means to you. There is a connection you share which has the ability to touch you at the depths of your soul, revealing a deep truth to you about yourself. If you can trust, this could potentially open up a deep well of resources and floodgates to intimacy. Allowing the freedom of being who you were born to be — yourself.

Virgo (Aug. 23- Sep. 22)
Recent events have likely brought you a deep crystallized vision of what the future could be like if you dare to reach for it. Your integrity is your strength but you can be your own worst critic, so watch your tendency to judge your success. What you are birthing is a gift of hope, care and comfort for a thirsty world. But on a deeper level this is asking you to dare to dream bold and in vivid color as you paint your vision. Allow your intuition to be the torch that guides you through your most vicious doubts. Use your imagination now, as you listen to whispers of the muse. There is a light shining deep in your psyche unveiling the blazing truth of your mission.

Libra (Sep. 22 – Oct. 23)
You stand on the threshold of manifesting your greater vision for the world to see, but keep your perspective regarding a personal, creative or financial aspiration. Your subconscious fear of judgment need not cloud the wisdom of exploring your options. The sky may be the limit, but that won’t help if you don’t venture outside your shell. An unexpected opportunity has likely given you new awareness of the potential if you dare reach for it. This has never been about your ego, but rather the depth of what you have to give. Your message is a shining beacon of warm hope, to a greater community.

Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 22)
Open your heart and mind to a gentle Universe beckoning you to explore the unknown. Rather than any physical space this is about you feeling at home in this world regardless of where you are. If home is where the heart is, yours seems to be calling you beyond your comfort zone. Have faith in your own dedication to a mission as you turn a corner within a financial or intimate situation. You may fear falling into an abyss but your ability to face your fears is a tale of courage for a world starved for truth. Be bold and honest, as you dive into a divine mystery. You will find it only swirls you right back up to the top, unveiling to you your rightful place in the world.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 22)
A recent unexpected proposition or confession may have presented you with an opportunity that sounds almost too good to be true. An important intimate or financial partnership has the potential to flood your world with more of the emotional and tangible security you need for your next great adventure. You may wonder if you can trust this, but recent developments have likely shown you the depth of your most important commitments and relationships. You judge your accomplishments more than anyone else you fear. Recognize your selfless dedication and integrity are rare gifts that need not stand in the way of your success. This is returning you to a phase where you feel safe and free to paint the sky fearlessly with the vivid colors of your imagination.

Capricorn (Dec. 22- Jan. 20)
A recent unexpected conversation may have opened up a depth of feelings you didn’t know existed; or it may be a piece of information that sparked your imagination. Now as you begin to discover a new depth of potential within a situation, it seems to be inviting you to leave your comfort zone to go deeper. This may feel like a huge risk, but there is nothing to fear now but fear itself. Even you know your deepest connections give you access to deep pockets and huge hearts that keep you warm, safe, loved, giving you the courage you need to enter the unknown. As long as you keep your sense of humor and perspective when dealing with the daily challenges of life you can come through with flying colors.

Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb. 19)
A recent conversation has likely washed over you like waves of relief giving you an insight into the depth of care and concern that surrounds you. You may still worry though about what this means for the future or a creative or sexual partnership. A partner for their part has been going through a phase of resurrection and may finally be ready to relate to you as an equal. I suggest you overcome your own resistance to expressing your true feelings within a situation for fear of judgment. What you create together now has a shining message for your future.

Pisces (Feb. 19- March 20)
You are now rediscovering the depth of your being in a profound way. You’ve had to go deeper below your surface emotions within a sexual, creative or emotional situation but your journey has led you to pearls of truth that may have even surprised you. As a Pisces you are a sensitive creature and often need to keep a close watch on your heart to avoid people taking advantage of your niceness. But a close personal partnership or financial situation requires you to resolve any sense of limitation or judgment you feel coming from partners. Follow the feeling in your heart and soul and allow yourself to be led by passion. Your courage to live the dream daily, being true to yourself is the gift you give the world.

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