The pandemic is officially over. Now what?

One-way aisles in supermarkets. Many photos in this article are in my series of “the stupidest mitigation measures ever” series. Photo by Eric Francis.

We were promised the apocalypse. The ‘pandemic’ ended not with a bang, but a whimper.

Dear Friend and Reader:

LAST WEEK, THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) and the U.S. federal government, acting in unison, quietly declared an official end to what they claimed 1,150 days earlier was a global pandemic.

There have been no celebrations, no collective sigh of relief, no clanking of pots and pans at 7 pm, and no shared acknowledgement of what we went through. No moment of reflection. Has anyone apologized to anyone for accusing them of being a murderer?

We have yet to reckon with the pain that this massive, induced crisis caused for so many people, and is still causing. We have yet to admit the damage that it inflicted, and most of all, have not admitted the new world order of the “biosecurity state” that it represents.

Even if you think there was a real disease, most would agree that it was horribly exploited and overblown, and that Big Pharma and Big Tech made out big time.

We succumbed to living in a society where people have no rights and where we believed that mere state governors could make “law” by fiat — martial law.

Sadly, all the things done in the name of protecting you have stitched you and your children deeper into the digital prison, and conditioned you to distrust, fear, avoid and even hate your neighbors and your relatives. What was presented as helpful has left us all residents of a more isolated, paranoid, angry and desperate world.

And there are many, many people who regret having taken the injections. They will have to live with that decision and its potential effects for the rest of their lives. There is nowhere I know of to go for reliable information about how to detox. There must be. We must address this necessity, as a community, if health and healing mean anything at all.

We don’t even know what was in the shots.

Social distancing for cars, Kingston Point Beach, summer 2020. Among the three stupidest “mitigation” measures ever. Photo by Eric Francis.

Beyond the Claimed Death Toll

Any death threat gets an emotional reaction from people. It is designed to terrify.

As the old expression goes, “Death works.”

The data cited by the (hedge fund-owned) corporate media claim that about 1 in 300 Americans died of “covid-19” over about three years. That is a statistic; people lost loved ones during this crisis. Yet once the statistic is subjected to a review of the actual data, it does not check out.

First of all, there was no test for a virus or infection. Never, at any time. The government itself admits the PCR — that is, the “test” — cannot do that.

Most of those who died were at or near the age of life expectancy. The CDC’s own data (first released in early 2020 and consistent since that time) confirms that the vast majority of “covid” deaths were people who suffered from an average of four unrelated serious chronic diseases.

The claimed death rate is based on a statistical maneuver — the same one that I learned from investigating the conduct of Monsanto in the 1990s: in a two words, recategorized deaths.

I’m aware many people think I’m either crazy or out of my depth for asking these questions and for observing these facts. I covered science long before I was an astrologer, and then spent much of my astrology career interviewing astronomers and investigating astrophysics. I strive to truly understand what I write about.

My questions deserve answers — for you, not just for me.

Individually wrapped bowling balls, summer 2020. What if the person who wrapped them was “infected”? Stupidest “mitigation measure” ever. Photo by Michelle Comeso.

To Wit: Answer Me This

Why did excess deaths begin only after the emergency was declared? That’s like a fire starting after the Fire Department has arrived on scene. Who called them would matter in that case.

Why were there excess deaths in only 16 of the 50 United States, and none in Canada? This points to a health policy problem, not a viral pathogen. If New York City was the epicenter of a contagious outbreak, the suburbs should have been devastated by commuters, packed into busses and trains well into the crisis, playing the role of hapless disease vectors (killing grandma).

No such thing happened here, not by the numbers, and not on the ground.

Among my reporting tactics was listening to an EMS scanner nearly around the clock for months, starting in February 2020, through the peak of the crisis and beyond. The most I can tell you for sure was I heard the phrase “respiratory precautions advised” used a lot. Then it wasn’t.

In November 2020, just before the injection came out, the claimed “covid” hospitalization rate in New York State dropped to below 1 in 10,000 people. It was decreasing by the day — not increasing. My numbers came from being on the governor’s press list, sent out nightly by the Executive Chamber.

Just then, a new crisis was declared. Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered restaurants and gyms shut after 10 pm, then other states and Canada followed the policy. People were made ready for the one-and-only “solution” (to the fear) — the government injection — which came out weeks later.

In my view, it’s far worse that people were killed by official policy and the behavior of medical professionals than by an alleged virus. Not everyone agrees. It’s much more convenient and tidy to blame the virus and assume we all did the right thing and the government acted in good faith. The alternative is way too scary.

Empty paper product shelf, Tops Supermarket in New Paltz, New York, March 24, 2020. Were the shortages planned, to increase the hype? Photo by Eric Francis.

The Total Takeover by Government

Most people don’t need a lot of government in their lives. They pay their taxes, they pay their parking tickets, they drive reasonably, and don’t brandish weapons or commit crimes. A few people get to see the planning board or meet with the mayor about an issue.

What exactly do you need to be told to do by government authority? If you were to make a list, it would be extremely short, or perhaps a blank sheet of paper.

Then, suddenly, we had the all-powerful bureaucratic hand pushing us everywhere, all the time. We came within permanent view of the omniscient eye watching and stalking our every step. In 2020, “test, track and trace” became a mantra — except there was no test. And we are still being tracked and traced.

It’s horrid — in my opinion, and I hope yours — that the government conned, forced and infiltrated its way so deeply into the most personal facets our lives that there were even attempts to ban Thanksgiving and Christmas. In England, a place slightly more perverse than the United States, people were prohibited from meeting their friends in their private gardens, while government officials partied hearty — mask-free.

Parents were divided from their children by government policy and propaganda. Lifelong friendships ended over “booster shots.”

Proms, weddings, picnics, civic gatherings and funerals were all made illegal. Schools and campuses all closed. Legislative houses locked the public out. The nation’s traditionally open courts went underground. Major TV programs were broadcast from the host’s spare room. Holy shit this must be fucking serious.

Salad bars, restaurants, cafes and public bathrooms were shut down. Live music stopped nearly everywhere.

Careers were destroyed, and livelihoods lost or sacrificed — the most outrageous being medical professionals and first responders who survived 2020 just fine only to be fired in 2021 for refusal to comply with a forced, untested mystery injection. Of which I have read that 10 billion were used on the world population.

Thousands of churches closed. But the teaching of Christianity and of Jesus personally is to tend to the sick, not to shun them. Photo by Eric Francis.

A Virus Allegedly More Powerful than God Almighty

All businesses that took SBA loans were driven into debt, leveraged against the owner’s homes.

Where is the discussion of this? Where is the thirst for justice?

Communities purportedly devoted to worshiping an almighty loving God were scattered over the claim of a disease. Most of those were Christian churches, who worship a deity said to have healed the sick, raised the dead, and to have personally transcended death.

Then there was the censorship. Some, but obviously not all, people who believed in the virus and the pandemic and who got the shot were outraged that anyone who had a contrary view was banned from the discussion. (My father was one of them.)

How ridiculous was this? I was banned from YouTube for four months in late 2022 for mentioning the word “monkeypox” in an astrology interview.

Yet mostly, this disturbing trend of censorship was given not just a pass but a green flag. After all, if you questioned the government, you wanted to kill grandma. Forget that the government was the one doing just that — keeping her isolated from her family and friends in a nursing home.

Coffee bar at Mother Earth’s in Kingston, was closed for more than two years. It and the salad bar (the only one for miles around) finally opened in 2022. Photo by Eric Francis.

The Many Shocks to Existence

There are other issues. If we focus only on the claimed death rate — which was the emotional trigger and the “selling point” for the crisis — we are not looking at the agony driving increased suicide, drinking, domestic violence, poverty, overdoses, and endless disruptions to family and social life — and grief over the people killed.

Then there was the shock to people who were just barely clinging to their routines. Then there is inflation, driving food costs through the ceiling.

That society is ignoring these persistent problems is deeply distressing. But there is something else.

My observation is that a great many otherwise functional people have been distracted from their personal development. Many have abandoned the very idea. In fact, the concept of spiritual existence, of growth and of functional community, all seem to have evaporated into the digital haze.

The highly addictive digital environment is rapidly consuming the interior space of personal, private human existence. Anyone who thinks you can do “therapy” via SMS text message is an idiot.

Borrowing a notion from Carl Jung, spirit (meaning booze) has taken over spiritualreality. Today, the prevailing intoxicant is measured in bandwidth. For addicts, the substance consumes their whole notion of themselves, their inner life and their relationships.

There is some meek discussion of “wellness” and “fitness” and “nutrition” — but not of the meaning of these things. We talk about empowerment, not vulnerability. There is some minimal discussion of “healing” — but not of healing the fragile trust that was destroyed by this whole mess.

I have heard no serious discussion of the damage done to an entire generation of children, taught to be terrified of their friends, and told they could, yes, kill grandma. What if she died? Will they drag that with them for lifetimes?

Turn your back on your brothers and sisters — by government fiat. Photo by Eric Francis.

A Troubled Evolution: The Solution is Not Political

Sting said, there is no political solution to a troubled evolution. (He got the shot.)

As you may know, I’ve been covering “health freedom” issues and all the surrounding science and politics every day for the past three years. I’ve done this not only from my office or the press box, but from the dugout and the playing field — on the ground, here in New York, where so much has happened.

Those challenging claims and policies of public officials have shaken out into two camps, one very large and powerful, and very one small, dedicated and persistent.

The small, persistent group has done the work on issues with the existence of “SARS-CoV-2,” the fraudulent PCR test, and challenging the theory that “germs” jump between people and cause disease.

They have evaluated every study claiming that viruses exist and cause disease. Once you actually “follow the science,” as in read it, you’re not exactly left feeling confident the studies actually prove what they claim. I am being polite. It’s perfectly outrageous that you find no proof whatsoever of contagion, or causation. All that’s left is fear.

I have provided an easy map to the groups and individuals who have done the very best work. I have published my own extended investigation here. I know personally and have interviewed ALL of the people I write about in the article I link to, and have confirmed their methods and their findings.

Sharing their work with you means I am vouching for them. I have suggested that the fall of germ theory raises more questions than answers. Those advocating for better healthcare and health education have their work cut out for them, as every disease and condition must now be re-evaluated.

Except that no government can provide a scientific paper proving that the claimed virus exists. You have a right to be angry about this. Photo by Eric Francis.

Lab Release and Gain of Function — Really?

The other side of this standoff has latched onto the “lab release theory” and the idea of “gain of function,” meaning the government intentionally making the virus worse.

That used to be called a conspiracy theory. If you suspected lab release of an enhanced virus in 2020 or 2021, you were a paranoid moron and deserved to be de-platformed — that is, to have your social media (meaning social) privileges stripped. Many people did.

The leading influencer of this viewpoint is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who is now running for president. Kennedy pays people money and favoritism to spread disinformation on the internet, several of whom I have interviewed. They cling to germ theory and tell us over and over that SARS-CoV-2 leaked from a government lab.

They say they’re upset about the “mismanaged pandemic.”


We know who the bad guys are!

We finally got them!

They let it out of a jar, and also needed to manage it better.

And meantime those who have done the work on the missing virus problem, in the minds of the lab leak brigade, verge on being criminals. They are shut out of the discussion. When have we heard of this before?

If there was a lab release of an enhanced virus, show me the lab, show me the virus, show me how it got out, and show me the part about it being so especially deadly that nearly every “infected” person did not even get sick.

Yes, I know, I live in “The Show Me State.” Every day, all the time.

I would like to know who calculated the safe number of occupants in the Hudson River as being exactly 112? What if half of them were “infected”? Photo by Eric Francis

Follow the Leader. Espouse (not Expose) the Lies!

Now we are supposed to all get behind Kennedy for another episode of unity at all costs; we are to “believe” what the charismatic powerful (or rich) guy says, even if it’s not true. Just forget what you have learned, at whatever cost, and put your trust in the government — the same government he recently said killed his father in 1968 (during a presidential run).

Kennedy and his many minions have outright censored or dissembled the problems with virus existence, the test and germ theory. They ban the discussion, or bail out. They go the extra step and ban the people who want to have the discussion. So much for free speech.

More people are latching on to the lab release and “gain of function” every day — including many who actually do understand the depth of the problems with RFK’s position on the claimed pandemic.

So we are back to “following the leader” and accepting bald lies in the name of the “greater good.” We are back to censorship, if we ever left. And worst, division is being fomented and we, all of us, are encouraged to fight one another instead of dealing with actual problems.

By the way, this is not about two sides not agreeing. It’s about them having entirely different foundations in consciousness and ethics.

Hygiene Theater, Farmer’s market, Kingston, NY, April 2020. My readers tell me there are places where this is still going on. Photo by Eric Francis.

The Professor of Propaganda Studies

This week, I received an email from a prominent professor and public figure who has received substantial funding from Kennedy. His academic specialties include studying propaganda.

He was and is upset — extremely upset — that I am not throwing out my own journalistic findings and going along with the program. He was outraged that I would question the views of writers and other figures who are making plainly deceptive claims to the public.

Read what the professor of propaganda studies wrote to me:

“This kind of thing is not just wrong, but will do far more damage to the health freedom movement than anything [a certain writer] has done, or, for that matter, anything that Bobby’s doing, either. This is shameful. Take it back, or take me off your list.”

He’s threatening to cancel his free subscription?

Was it something I said?

The “movement” he references is rallying around a lie — and by this proposition one must take part, or else be ashamed to stand in one’s hard-earned truth. Ashamed? Come on. Have we learned nothing from all this?

Unmasking the Masked — Portraits. No. 07.” Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

The Sincere Quest for Truth is All That Matters

Personal development is the quest for the truth. Growth is based on honoring the truth. Sane relationships are about being honest. Peace of mind is about being honest with oneself.

Whether we are talking about inner or outer truth is irrelevant. It’s the approach to reality that counts.

So I say to the professor: sorry to disappoint you buddy, but I am not going to lie to my readers and betray the public trust to support your political candidate, whose payroll you are on. That is your karma, not mine.

Where do you — you to whom I am writing — stand? Do you dare to ask the difficult questions, and strive to make the difficult changes— or do you solve the whole problem by choosing a plausible story, or looking the other way?

Do you dare consider the reality of issues that might make you unpopular?

Yes, mere sincerity these days is confrontational. Keeping one’s sanity as the madness increases is a constant challenge. This is where we find ourselves. We are participating in the sum total of all of human history.


Where do we go from here?

There is no easy answer. Meanwhile, I choose to remain true to myself, and as a result, I can remain true to you.

With love,

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  1. Thank you Eric. I had no idea when I logged on to read this article it would be quite lengthy. Not complaining. Thank you for remaining true to yourself. And giving me the writings that you compose.
    I did not take the j** and if anyone comes near me with one for the rest of my lifetime they will get the best punch I can deliver. Though I might take some Novocain for dental work. Sigh. I can’t imagine dental work without a pain reliever.
    You have taught me a lot over the years since I found you after 911, which until now, in my opinion was the first great scheme on humans to suck it all up or die. Branded as a terrorist at airports, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Now humans are branded as terrorist if they didn’t get the …
    But the whole idea that humans are becoming hunch backs ( I wrote hunch banks which may be equally equivocal) with their heads and posture drooping down from looking at electronic devices disturbs me, only because I catch myself doing this head down thing myself even as I write on a laptop.
    Still have to read a book I bought authored by Marshall McLuhan.
    Whatever the situation of difficulty I find myself in though, is that old Karmic principle I learned from teachers long ago: I chose to live the life I am living now. I truly believe I did. And the older I become, the more I know this.
    One thing that comes with aging I think is that I am not afraid anymore. Except for the small stuff, like making sure my doors are locked, etc, etc, etc.
    I figure it’s the BIG stuff. I worry more about what’s going to happen to me if I refuse to become part of the electronic BORG (Star Trek)..
    I’ll let know how that turns out. Someday I guess.
    May God/dess bless and protect you and grant you and you Dear Father LONG LIFE. Its all so very interesting, don’t you think?

  2. Wow!! What a staggering stream of consciousness and conscience. I am a new subscriber and regret I did not have this line of questioning while participating in the grand illusion. The scope,depth and manipulation of our fears has saddened me. The collective imprint is the scariest of all. I am resolute in maintaining my sanity ( with your help) and initiating meaningful discussions with my loved ones. Thank you

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