The new Aquarius pattern; Controversy over ICAN claim that CDC removed autism denial — developing story; interview w/ leader of Free Press; Tantra Studio

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We are still sorting out the ICAN / CDC autism issue though there may be merit to the statement. I’ll update you on next week’s program.

Here are some resources:

Statement about “misinformation and disinformation by Free Press

ICAN autism update

Christopher Korst on cell line contamination – MUST READ

Steve Bustin on problems reproducing experiments done with the PCR — focusing on errors introduced during the the Reverse Transcriptase phase of rt-PCR


Nancy Pelosi walks from the House chambers to her office back in December — with the Capitol locked down — surrounded by five plainclothes officers of the Capitol Police. Photo by Stefani Reynolds. She is not a person who is ignorant of security protocols.

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