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Thing zero is the source of the original genetic sequences.

Peter Daszak — Eco Health Alliance

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1. Not from the Wet Market — Lancet and associated coverage, plus there is no actual science behind the “pangolin or or something” conspiracy theory. Legitimate debate as to the origins, and whether GMO. Dr. Sona Pekova and HIV guy Montagnier.

The Chinese CDC announces the virus did not originate at the wet market:

  • The Chinese CDC now says the coronavirus didn’t jump to people at the Wuhan wet market — instead, it was the site of a superspreader event | Business Insider, May 28

Study on early attempts to contact trace at the Huanan wet market:

  • Real-time tentative assessment of the epidemiological characteristics of novel coronavirus infections in Wuhan, China, as at 22 January 2020 | PubMed Central, Jan 23

Jan. study on how out of 41 of the first cases hospitalized in Wuhan only 13 had ties to the market, including the first case:

  • Clinical features of patients infected with 2019 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China |The Lancet, Feb 15

Director of Wuhan Institute of Virology wonders aloud if virus came from her lab:

  •  How China’s ‘Bat Woman’ Hunted Down Viruses from SARS to the New Coronavirus | Scientific American

Additional confirmation that the Wuhan wet market cannot be connected to the early cases in Wuhan via contact tracing:

  • Wuhan seafood market may not be source of novel virus spreading globally | Science, Jan 26

An inside look at the Wuhan Institute of Virology:

The Washington Post cites The Lancet and confirms that the Huanan seafood market story does not hold up to scrutiny:

Dr Richard Ebright on the lab safety issue:

Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel-prize winning discoverer of HIV, says virus was lab created with a possible goal to make AIDS vaccine:

CNews interview where professor Montagnier makes his claim, subtitled in English. (Second link is the full interview):

  • Nobel Prize Winning Scientist: Coronavirus was leaked from a laboratory and has HIV DNA |CNews* via Youtube
  • (En Subs) – Nobel Prof. Montagnier : COVID-19 caused by a vaccine experiment gone bad – 2020.04.17 | CNews* via Youtube

Czech medical doctor, molecular biologist, and geneticist Sona Pekova says “the genome sequence of SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19) is unlikely to be natural, and its characteristics suggest it was genetically engineered”:


2. PCR test is bullshit — never had its validity established. THE GOLD STANDARD ISSUE. I have that article; Kary Mullis talking to Gary Null 18 min video. For many of the same reasons, antibodies tests also are; CDC says half antibodies tests are false. This renders the case count and the death count irrelevant. [There is also monetary incentive to claim covid cases – Spencer] [Well, not really. There is now a 20% addition in the new bill. However, the initial claim that hospitals would get an extra 13K or 39K per patient is not, as far as I can make out, correct. Medicare pays out based on the average cost of treatment; a non-Covid pneumonia patient would trigger a similar sum. Lots of good info in this video. – Amy]

A chapter on the invention of PCR from Dancing Naked in the Mind Field written by Kary Mullis, the inventor of PCR:

Gary Null, Ph.D. interviews Kary Mullis on whether or not HIV is the probable cause of AIDS:

The test kits shipped were also untrustworthy:

The CDC announces that antibody tests are wrong half the time:

  • Antibody tests for Covid-19 wrong up to half the time, CDC says | CNN, May 26

Celia Farber, journalist who covered the HIV/AIDS issue mentioned above, recounts interview with Kary Mullis, and brings up the issue of The Gold Standard:

The CDC admits to over-counting ‘cases’ by counting recovered people along with ‘active infections’:

Study from the Journal of Medical Virology showing the high rate of false positives and false negatives in internationally used test:

The CDC and WHO’s own official literature says that PCR does not diagnose for the disease:

Eric’s understanding of real time PCR etc.


3. Not very contagious — Princess Ships — Spring Break Antibodies testing in Sweden and Iceland. Antibodies testing in NY.

An analysis of the Diamond Princess data:

  • COVID-19: Updated data implies that UK modelling hugely overestimates the expected death rates from infection |, March 25

USS Theodore Roosevelt, 1000 infected, 1 death:

  • Pentagon ENDS the career of USS Theodore Roosevelt Captain Crozier after upholding decision to fire him over leaked letter and blames HIM for coronavirus outbreak that infected 1,000 on ship | The Daily Mail, June 19
  • What we could learn from the coronavirus outbreak on aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt | Los Angeles Times, April 26

4. Intentional infliction of paranoia. For ex masks with no admission of the issue there’s a division of opinion. Parties opposed: Fauci, WHO, AMA, CDC said so till April. Creating confusion and panic — total fail on initial estimates —


5. NYC is Outlier. 11.5x national death rate, 5 standard deviations above median etc. NYT comment on story on 20,900 extra deaths. We don’t know all that occurred, but NY is the intubation capital of the world. Iatrogenic and nosocomial deaths.


6. Rollbacks in death rates. No autopsies, presumed covid deaths.

  • Overcounting Covid Deaths Greatest Hits | Planet Waves, originally posted May 22

CDC admits to test counting error:

7. Vaccine gold rush, including conflict of interest.


8. Demolition of privacy and civil rights. Contact tracing and draconian threats to seize people.

And so contact tracing begins:

Bloomberg and contact tracing:

Contact tracing and civil liberties:

9. Event 201 predicts the entire scenario.


10. Government suppressing health information. Vitamin D and zinc are major contributors to recovery and yet they are cast aside.

|Not from the wet market|

|PCR test|

Mullis interview with Knull
Link to Mullis; chapter of PCR test


Eric’s understanding of the realtime polymerase chain reaction assay being used to count ‘cases’ of Covid:

When you hear the term “Covid case” or “confirmed case,” that means someone who has tested positive for what is being called the “novel coronavirus.” Actually, they have tested positive for a fragment of RNA, converted to DNA, that is said to be associated with the novel coronavirus.

The test does not actually measure viral load. It measures debris that is believed to be the result of viral load. Let’s go through the main problems with the test and how its used as a diagnostic tool. Note that per its inventor Kary Mullis, it was never intended to be used as such; it was designed as a research tool. Here is a web source explaining these same things in a slightly different way. Evaluate the facts for yourself.

First, to be meaningful, the test must find the thing known to be the pathogen, or it’s useless. It searches for a target fragment of DNA (or converted RNA) which is a marker for the supposed pathogen. However, SARS-CoV-2 has not been isolated and shown to be the cause of the disease. We do not know if there is a direct connection between what is being tested for and what is being found, and then attributed as a cause of disease.

They could be searching for anything. To say that someone is a “case” of Covid because they test “positive” for some RNA is like saying someone is a case of cirrhosis because they test for alcohol on a breathalyzer. But that’s an exaggeration because we know that excess alcohol causes cirrhosis.

Another way to think of it is like police radar that says you’re going 60 mph, but nobody knows how long an hour is, or how far a mile is. Therefore the concept of a “mile per hour” has no meaning, or it can mean anything except an honest measure of how fast one is going.

Second, few “positive” people even get sick, which argues that the stuff being sought out is NOT the pathogenic agent. The concept of a pathogen is that it dependably causes an illness. In biology, the fact that so few people with this stuff in their nose get sick can be used as proof that what they are looking for is not the pathogen. This is not difficult to understand.

As for those who do get sick, we don’t know what is making them sick. It could be some other virus or bacteria or environmental insult that’s not being looked for by the test. Even FDA and CDC documents about the test admit that PCR testing is not definitive: it’s not evidence of disease, of infection or of being infectious.

Other factors must lead to the actual diagnosis.

Third, since Gold Standard (as defined by Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR process, and Nobel winner for his work), we don’t know how much of the substance causes disease, if it does at all. All assays — Western Blot, ELISA or PCR — are judged on a gradient.

Without the Gold Standard, the line between negative and positive must be drawn arbitrarily. Without isolating the substance and proving that it is the pathogenic agent, they have no idea how much causes disease and therefore where to draw the line between negative and positive. So the net effect is the test is a work of fiction in its entirety, beginning with not knowing whether they are even testing for something relevant, and ending with not being an actual indicator of anything.

Now you know that the “case count” on this device is vapid of any meaning or relevance. And if that is irrelevant, so too is the “death count.” People are dying, but we do not know of what. And if we want to solve this problem, that matters.

|Not very contagious|

|Intentional infliction of paranoia, confusion, panic, and exploitation of ambiguity|

Masks no admission of the issue; don’t help links — (BBC, CDC, Fauci, AMA)

The Government Cannot Say Do Nothing by EFC

What are the obvious reasons to give people erroneous guidance? 

Government agencies must recommend some action be taken by citizens. In a crisis, they cannot say “do nothing.” All they are recommending is hand washing, face rags and distancing (the same things in 1918, which is a clue). They could recommend many other ideas that they know would be helpful, though they are all banned from discussion by the FDA. This is because they are not official patented drugs manufactured by the corporations that it regulates AND represents (historically, both — by very important precedents).Nothing, no prevention or recommended by officials now can get in the way of the demand for the vaccine. There can be no prevention and no cure till then because that would obviate the direction this is all headed at the moment: a mandatory vaccine. Billions of federal and investor dollars are being allocated and there must be a return on investment. It is that simple: when you’re developing and marketing Coke, you don’t give out Pepsi first.

Kawasaki Disease / Children’s Health Defense 

At this juncture, it is likely close to impossible to determine whether “PIMS” is brand-new and whether it is related to COVID-19. Certainly, the increasing descriptions of COVID-19 as a “whole-body” rather than merely respiratory disease have persuaded some clinicians that SARS-CoV-2 is capable of attacking blood vessels and multiple organs. On the other hand, neither PCR nor antibody testing for SARS-CoV-2 is terribly reliable, and a significant proportion of affected children has tested negative on one or both. Why, therefore, have most researchers—along with the entire mainstream media—decided to go on record with their belief that the new pediatric syndrome is linked to COVID-19?

Speaking to the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee on May 12, Dr. Anthony Fauci cited the Kawaski-like inflammatory syndrome as a reason to throw cold water on legislators’ desire to reopen schools this fall, while continuing to beat the drum for a rushed and dangerous COVID-19 vaccine. Although “it is possible the novel coronavirus is playing some contributive role in this rare illness in children,” it is also quite possible that it is playing “absolutely no role” and is, rather, an expedient cover story that may needlessly frighten parents about a rare disease (about 5,000 cases a year) that, before COVID-19, few were talking about. Answers to these questions are hugely important, as they will affect children’s daily lives, shape how the U.S. carries out education and determine so much more.

Experts struggle with ambiguity

|NYC is outlier|

|Rollbacks in death rate|

|Vaccine gold rush|

|Demolition of privacy and civil rights|

|Event 201|

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