The History of the Nuclear Crisis, and Nuclear Astrology

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As you probably know, there is a crisis being created at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe. Many are wondering what is going to happen.

One of my areas of study is the world nuclear crisis. My best summary is in the article Notes from Downwind where I introduce the mother of all nuclear charts — the splitting of the atom.

The proper name of this chart is The Nuclear Axis.

Also, I consider this article that came out one week before Fukushima to be relevant — With Love from Borasisi. It essentially predicts what happens several days later.

Finally, here is an old article on Chernobyl that also covers nuclear history, called Chernobyl: Witnesses Near and Far.

The study of nuclear astrology is its own field, for which it is essential to know the history of the crisis. Here is my best resource on this which includes a double interview with my friend Karl Grossman on the history of nuclear power and the closing of Shoreham nuke and the cancellation of the Long Island “nuclear park.”

These resources comprise a comprehensive introductory education to the nuclear issue and its astrology.

They are all open-access resources. Please share widely, and use this link to donate to Chiron Return-Planet Waves.

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