The Harvey Weinstein verdict has nothing to do with Harvey Weinstein. It is all about business and banks.

There was every form of protection: banks, investors, legal, political — it was all cool as long as the accounts were full and flowing and the investors made their dividends, which they did. Harvey was the golden goose. He was the Vietnam War.

The jury in New York read the verdict in the first Harvey Weinstein case Monday at 11:35 am EST. We now finally have an accurately timed chart to look at. To do a reading on a mundane event, it’s necessary to have a timed chart, otherwise, the reading is speculative because you don’t have any houses, which are used to understand the meaning.

I have time for a brief analysis now. I cannot break down the technical astrology too much as it will get wordy.

There are three keys to this chart; here is the first them. Notice that cluster of planets to the far right. That’s the biggest clue — what’s really going on. As you may know we have a lot of action in Capricorn now, including the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. That all shows up in a big bold way.

Eighth house of the Harvey Weinstein verdict: business, money, business, money and sexual secrets. I know some looks like it’s in the 7th house. I am using all of Capricorn, the 8th sign from the ascendant, as the 8th house.

Capricorn is the 8th house of this chart, which is about investment capital, as well as family secrets and certain sexual matters, generally surrounding the marital bed. So it is also the house of sexual secrets and pillow talk.

Mostly, it is the house where the marriage transaction happens. It is where the daughter is bought or sold (generally with the acceptance of the whole family).

In modern terms, the 8th is about shared resources and joint ventures, originating with things like dowry, and extending into venture capital.

The 8th is also the house associated with death in the form of inheritance. This expands into the resources of others — such as banks and investors.

Because the 8th is so dominant in this chart, there were likely to have been death threats, and also I would imagine a few dead bodies here and there. A full-on Mafia business is described. In fact this chart could stand in for the natal chart of the mob. It’s that convincing.

So on the surface we have an event about a rape trial. What we ultimately get is a chart about investment value. There are a lot of planets in there, and a lot of kinds of planets, all in the same place. Everyone is there. Pallas, the only goddess figure, is supposed to be standing guard. In Capricorn, in the midst of this, she seems entirely sold out.

This Chart is About Money

There was so much money riding on Weinstein and his businesses – on a scale incomprehensible to the average popcorn-eating moviegoer – that a vast corporate structure protected and facilitated his actions. We know this, though to see it depicted in the astrology reveals the staggering dimensions of the situation.

For this to have gone on, it also had to be presumed as normal and therefore tolerable. There was every form of protection: banks, investors, legal, political — it was all cool as long as the accounts were full and flowing and the investors made their dividends, which they did. Harvey was the golden goose. He was the Vietnam War.

In the words of 20th century poet Allen Ginsberg:

These are the names of the companies that have made
money from this war
nineteenhundredsixtyeight Annodomini fourthousand
eighty Hebraic
These are the Corporations who have profited by merchan-
dising skinburning phosphorous or shells fragmented
to thousands of fleshpiercing needles

Abuse as an Industry

The abuse perpetuated by Weinstein was conducted on an industrial scale, supported by massive organizations, including banks and law enforcement. And all the apparatus is still in place. Fundamentally, nothing has changed.

You can see the Moon and Neptune at the top of the chart. Both have the number 17. They are exactly aligned. That is a conjunction, exact for two hours a month.

This is the big Silver Screen of Hollywood, the illusion of cinema, and all the glory and the glamor.

Harvey Weinstein is the distraction. He is the fall guy. Were he handsome, that would be impossible. That he is such a deranged looking guy made this all possible — including the public spectacle of his downfall, arrest, trial and conviction.

We are being told he is the subject, the main event. More like: this is the nature of the business. It was no more a secret to those anywhere in proximity than the existence of General Electric is a secret.

As for a second key: one of the most reeking elements of this chart is the glamor, fame and fortune angle: Moon exactly conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Moon, Neptune, Pisces are all up in the 10th house of aspiration and reputation. That is the glamour put over the whole thing — in the esoteric sense of a glamour (a spell) and the worldly sense of glamor (looking alluring on the red carpet, and young girls wanting to be movie actresses).

Everyone was swept up in the spell. From box office figures, and how many people watch and even care about the Oscars, they apparently still are.

Note the Moon’s rulership of the other money house, the 2nd. The sign Cancer is the second sign from the ascendant and also on the 2nd house cusp, which is about money — so in the Moon as ruler of the 2nd, we have an extra element of delineation. Everyone – EvErYOne – was driven by cash, cash and more cash, with a dash of glamor to make it all appealing, and also help it look good for a while. Individuals were in for individual payout; the concerns and corporations were in it for shareholder profit. As David Byrne said,

Think you had enough? Big business, after the shakeup.

Make a difference. Boycott Hollywood.

PS — Now the Harvey Weinstein / abuse of actresses in Hollywood thing is becoming an industry of its own — a film and documentary genre. This should be covered by the Son of Sam law.

Glamour has oft been regarded as a curious attempt of what are called the “black forces” to deceive and hoodwink well-meaning aspirants. Many fine people are almost flattered when they are “up against” some aspect of glamour, feeling that their demonstration of discipline has been so good that the black forces are interested sufficiently to attempt to hinder their fine work by submerging them in clouds of glamour. Nothing could be further from the truth. That idea is itself part of the glamour of the present time, and has its roots in human pride and satisfaction.

— Alice A. Bailey

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