The Day of the Reality Masters — Astrology for Feb. 27 and 28

This is not an easy square to keep in balance, and the self-awareness required to do so is usually in short supply. Yet that is the thing called for.

Thursday and into Friday, the Moon and Venus make a series of challenging aspects. You will rarely hear me use that word, so please do take note. For about a week, Venus in Aries has been passing through the square pattern between Aries and Capricorn, and is now at its peak. A square means high tension and potentially inner struggle and outer drama.

Today, the Moon and Eris are also in the action — right at the top of the chart. Through Thursday late afternoon, the Moon is square Saturn. All the Capricorn stuff is to the right side of the chart.

Venus is sensitive to transits (in any context), and represents a broad spectrum of emotional experiences. One of them is fear. Venus square Pluto, and Venus square Saturn, represent fear, and the fear of loss.

Note the discussion of a global epidemic and the first public acknowledgement of a potential problem in the United States. There’s not much any individual can do at this point, except take care of yourself. (I will include my memo to Pacifica Network in the first comment.)

From a personal standpoint, aspects between Venus and Pluto can have an unusual kind of affinity with power — particularly with the signs Aries and Capricorn involved.

There is a self-centered thing going on, such as thinking of the definition of love as being about how much of someone else’s attention you demand.

This is not an easy square to keep in balance, and the self-awareness required to do so is usually in short supply. Yet that is the thing called for. Squares can be so tense that the sensation is unbearable; what most people will do is project it outward in some way — for example, as some form of anger, blame, or guilt.

That’s not a helpful approach for anyone. Keep a handle on your feelings, without denying them. If you have something to discuss with someone, keep it gentle. Find constructive ways to work it out. There is plenty of passion contained in Venus-Pluto, though Venus-Saturn could be a let down. One approach is to take the bitter with the sweet. Another approach is to mindfully take responsibility for what you feel.
— by Eric Francis

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How would you conduct yourself, if you were far more confident? What would that look like? What kinds of decisions would you make differently? What would you say to others that you’re not currently saying? What choices would you make? Take this year as an experiment in self-respect. Start from the result and work backward to the ingredients that you need. All the places you currently hold back are the place to start. Pause when you feel you need the approval of others; you don’t, or not as much as you think.
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Almanac: The Moon is in Aries, and enters Taurus on Feb. 28 at 2:30 am EST.
The Moon reaches Waxing Crescent phase today at 1:37 pm EST.
Venus conjoins Eris tonight at 11:48 pm EST.

1 thought on “The Day of the Reality Masters — Astrology for Feb. 27 and 28”

  1. My memo to Pacifica Network Station Managers:

    The angle I am taking on my program and in forthcoming article is:

    My concern is the preexisting condition of immune suppression in the United States, caused by high stress, antibiotic-laced foods, and immune suppressing drugs. These, along with the elderly and very young, are the most vulnerable. Apparently smoking has an influence.

    I am troubled by the American obsession with Purell, which means avoidance of hand-washing, and I am aware of ongoing research indicating that it does not work — that it backfires.

    Running in the background of all of this — what health professionals are aware of but not talking about — is H1N1 of 1918.

    The moral of that story is we are no further along today than we were then, and ALL health professionals know this. What they know and cannot say is that they are utterly helpless to prevent the spread of the virus.

    In 1918 it was WWI ships. In 2020 it is rampant air travel.

    Trump says vaccine is around the corner and then Fauchi (who is no prince) says, oh, that means like 18 months if it goes well. And then certain experienced science writers such as myself are not eager to get stuck with genetically modified RNA and mercury salts.

    There is plenty that people can do on the natural medicine level, though mention homeopathics, elderberry or colloidal silver and you can be accused of being a witch. And to my knowledge the homeopathic community is not responding with a genus epidemicus. I’m not sure they even do this anymore.


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