The Day of the Groundbreakers: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is Monday, Dec. 23
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You’re at the threshold of reclaiming something of fundamental importance to your genuine identity. At first this opportunity may take the form of a painful activation of what is now buried history, but that’s just to get your attention. Gently peel back a few layers and feel around. An invitation to deep healing is at hand this year, and courageously expressing more of your unique individuality is the key.

— by Victoria Emory

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Written in the Planets for Dec. 23

Today the Capricorn Sun is making aspects to at least two potent, transformational centaur planets: Chiron and Pholus. What does that mean, exactly, when the very fabric of the U.S. Constitution is seemingly being torn apart by those sworn to uphold it, and so many people can barely manage their holiday shopping lists — let alone their spiritual healing and growth?

What does transformation mean if you’re feeling lonely and in pain? What does it mean if you’re going with the flow and feeling good?

Much of our current major astrology is emphasizing a need to reckon with the past, to release what no longer works, and then set to work getting your foundations in order for the next phase of building. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction, exact Jan. 12, speaks to this. So, too, the Capricorn New Moon and solar eclipse on Dec. 26.

It might all simply feel like pressure. Yet in that is tremendous creative potential.

Currently, the Sun in very early Capricorn is in a conjunction to Pholus, and a square to Chiron in Aries. Pholus is a centaur planet associated with runaway reactions, including what’s been passed down through several family generations. Chiron acts to get your attention on something old that needs to be healed within you.

If you’re dealing with complex family events this week, or if you’re estranged from your family, you may be noticing these themes in especially challenging ways. Then again, perhaps you’ve made great strides in therapy, and you’re on the brink of a new level of insight.

Whatever your situation, “transformation” entails a process of becoming more aware: of your emotions and desires; of how you got where you are right now; of your family’s influence; of what feels fulfilling and enlivening. Most importantly, this awareness empowers you to choose more consciously what to do with what you know, in ways that support the whole of who you are — and who you are becoming.
— by Amanda Painter

Almanac: The Moon enters Sagittarius on Monday, Dec. 23 at 11:34 am EST.

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