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If Your Birthday is Friday, Dec. 20
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A welcome cycle of increased social activity can go a long way toward brightening your world this year. Big changes in how you engage with others are underway: a liberation from previously restricted mores or patterns that feels like a breath of fresh air. Proceed with eyes wide open, however. The potential for confusion, projection or outright deception in communications, perhaps in some family or home-related situation, calls for extreme awareness. Honesty and transparency are watchwords to remember.
— by Victoria Emory

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Saturday the Sun ingresses Capricorn for the solstice. Before it gets there, the Sun is void of course — between signs — and this can allow for some unusual possibilities.

Pay attention and you’ll be able to feel the gyroscope of the heavens seem reverse its direction. The Sun has reached its southernmost point in its seasonal journey, and the return northward is palpable. The days will gradually get longer, even if the deeps of winter are still ahead.

Today (Friday), Venus enters Aquarius at 1:41 am EST. This is an unusual sign for such a sensitive planet, one that describes emotions and sensory experiences. Placed in Aquarius, it has a bit of being above one’s feelings. This can manifest as emotional intelligence, and the little detachment that it offers can be helpful.

However, you don’t want to detach too much; at least be aware of what you’re experiencing, how you’re responding and what you want. When in doubt, tune into what your senses and what your body are telling you. Then, consider your opinion of that.

Remember: a lot is in motion right now. The Sun enters Capricorn tomorrow, and there is an eclipse of the Sun fast on its heels.
— by Eric Francis Coppolino

Almanac: The Moon is in Libra, and enters Scorpio at 7:57 am EST on Dec. 21.
Venus enters Aquarius at 1:41 am EST on Dec. 20.
The Sun enters Capricorn at 11:19 pm EST on Dec. 21.

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