The Day of the Formulators: Birthdays and Your Weekend Astrology

If Your Birthday is Saturday, Jan. 4
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In the context of committed restructuring that’s called for this year, your birthday chart speaks of opportunities to achieve a welcome, harmonious balance of power in certain relationships. The potential is enhanced self-worth on several fronts. To get there, you’ll need to consciously tune-in to emotional agitation stirring below the surface. Creative self-expression, letting a bit of your freak-flag fly, can help open doors to unconscious imprints from the past. With that, you’ll release inhibiting fears and resentments.
— by Victoria Emory

If you have a Capricorn Sun, rising sign or Moon and could use some insights about the challenges and opportunities life is sending your way, your relationships, career and more, pre-order the 2020 Capricorn Astrology Studio by Eric Francis Coppolino. Some of the most era-defining astrology has been centered on your sign in recent years, and that includes the biggest current astrological event: Saturn conjunct Pluto. It also makes an amazing gift for your Cap loved ones.

Your Weekend Astrology for Jan. 3-5

As we approach the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the lunar eclipse, tensions are high, and many people are worried. Top global news stories are showing us many reasons to be concerned. Yet they are also a reminder of why our personal healing and growth paths matter: this is the work that enables us to connect and continue, to ‘live as if to hold the world together’ through our seemingly small, personal interactions.

Mars just entered Sagittarius yesterday — putting a fiery, motivated planet in a fiery, friendly sign. This is an independent Mars, the kind that wants to explore without restrictions and have fun getting physical, whether outdoors (or in the gym) or between the sheets.

Mars in Sagittarius can at times get so caught up in its desire to try lots of new things that it dissipates its energy. Yet this is less likely under our current sky. The overabundance of Capricorn planets (including Cap’s ruler: Saturn, lord of limits) is offering a strong sense of your foundations, boundaries, and most ambitious goals.

Saturn and Pluto combined (their conjunction is exact Jan. 12) have been doing plenty of excavating, showing you where to focus your most important release and restructuring efforts. Channeling the optimism and intellectual curiosity of Mars in that direction could yield real results, as Mars in Sadge loves digging into a good challenge.

This morning, its harmony with the Aries Moon says, “Let’s go!” Once you get started, the Moon’s move into Taurus at 11:15 am EST should help you keep going. Taurus Moons are persistent, emotionally aware, and enjoy life’s finer pleasures. If you can roll with any surprises that may crop up, you’ll be in an ideal position to harness some good ol’ Taurean persistence as the Moon harmonizes with all those ambitious Capricorn planets.

As mentioned, we’re inching closer to the Jan. 10 eclipse. This weekend is an ideal time to get real about the direction your life’s compass is pointing toward — and any trajectory adjustments you need to make. After a day of sustained effort, an evening of sensual relaxation or a social gathering could reinforce the inner sense of security that enables your next steps — that could include stepping away from your newsfeeds for a day or two.
— by Amanda Painter

Almanac: The Moon enters Taurus today (Saturday, Jan. 4), at 11:15 am EST.

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