The Day of Sacrifice — Daily Astrology for Feb. 24, 2020

If Your Birthday is Monday, Feb. 24 | The Day of Sacrifice

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Take the time to dream, play and open to your muse. You will need to lighten your load in life in order to do this. Plenty that you’re obsessed with accomplishing is simply not necessary. Success for you this year is more a matter of what you don’t do rather than what you aspire to. When you find yourself dedicating time and effort to something, check carefully whether it’s the best use of your energy. From there, you will see your best options much more clearly.
— by Victoria Emory and Eric Francis

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Written in the Planets for Feb. 24, 2020

There is energy in the sky right now, and the leverage to get things done. All day tonight and into Tuesday, the Pisces Sun forms a strong, helpful link to Mars in Capricorn.

This is creativity (Pisces) combined with practical thinking (Mars in Capricorn). For once the two work together, so take advantage of these conditions. Get busy and tackle important tasks one at a time.

Mars is encouraging you to use what you know. Remember what works and what does not work. Count on your own experience as a guide. You should not have to put too much effort into solving any problems. Relax and let your mind do the labor.

Despite Mercury retrograde — which is now at its peak, and therefore a little less annoying — the planets are in many ways describing cooperation, leverage, and the potential for clear thinking. Still, Mercury reminds you to leave yourself extra time and extra budget.
— by Eric Francis

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Almanac: The Sun forms a sextile to Mars tonight at 9:06 pm EST.
Mercury’s interior conjunction with the Sun takes place Tuesday, Feb. 25, at 8:45 pm EST.

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