Weds., Feb. 5, 2020 – The Day of Quiet Eloquence

If Your Birthday is Wednesday, Feb. 5
The Day of Quiet Eloquence | Order the Aquarius Astrology Studio | All Other Signs

Stay tuned for opportunities, or flashes of insight, regarding resources that support your need for greater freedom. You’re in a transformational stage involving your roots, family, where you live or with whom; and that tends to cost money. Changes on the scale you have in mind require work and patience, but you’re primed to receive important clues you need to move forward. Prioritizing self-care over the coming year may feel like a challenge, but will help pave the way for the liberation you seek.
— by Victoria Emory

Written in the Planets for Wednesday, Feb. 5

When the Moon enters Cancer today at 2:03 pm EST, it indicates a few things. One is that we’re approaching a Full Moon: that happens Sunday, Feb. 9, with the Moon in Leo opposite the Aquarius Sun. Begin tracking your emotional currents, especially in group situations.

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Another thing is that over the next couple days the Cancer Moon opposes the planets still in Capricorn. There’s an image here of cycling through emotions related to family stuff, to old patterns, or to the changes you’ve initiated with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Cap. It might feel confrontational, or it might be more like dancing with a new layer of insight.

This afternoon’s Cancer Moon also makes harmonious aspects with Mercury (mind) and Uranus (the awakener). How you feel might surprise you, but chances are you’ll be able to work with it intuitively — and possibly inventively.

Finally, note that the mid-Aquarius Sun is in a square aspect to Vesta in Taurus. Vesta carries themes of devotion and sacrifice (and sometimes unorthodox sexual relationships). Squares describe inner tension that prompt action.

What really keeps our inner flame lit — sexually or creatively — does not always appear to match our most public personas. If there’s a discrepancy between ‘who you are in your social groups’ and ‘who you are deep inside’, how can you bring those versions of yourself into better alignment? Can you begin to create a space where you exist as a single, whole person?
— by Amanda Painter

Almanac: The Moon begins the day in Gemini, and then enters Cancer today (Wednesday, Feb. 5) at 2:03 pm EST.

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