The Day of Laconic Authority: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is Monday, Dec. 30
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In a year when working through accumulated weight from the past is a universal theme, you’re especially well-positioned to courageously open up to others, and heal outstanding issues that can no longer be put off. History involving your family or relationships is ripe for resolution, and every step you take in that direction can have greater impact than you suppose. Compassion, for yourself and others, will help open doors that must be opened.
— by Victoria Emory

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Written in the Planets for Monday, Dec. 30

New Year’s Eve and Day spell another disorienting workweek. Thankfully, the current astrology is offering ways to get a foothold. Keep in mind that we’re approaching first a lunar eclipse on Jan. 10 and then, two days later, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that’s been building all year.

The tense uncertainty hovering over this eclipse window becomes more palpable under the influence of today’s conjunction of the Sun with the lunar South Node. We’re poised between the weight of accumulated baggage from the past, and an urgent need to jettison what has held us back. The good news is the potential to become more aware of the sticky emotional charge that’s kept old patterns held in place.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Mercury just entered Capricorn. It is conjunct Pholus and Quaoar (deep connection to your roots), and square Chiron and Salacia (talk about sex, and if you can’t, you’re not ready to do it). More than talking about sex, Mercury-Chiron says talk about your healing needs regarding sex; your actual history; what you struggle with; and what you actually want.

Most people either react against familial attitudes and patterns regarding sex, or repeat them — often some combination of the two. Beginning to separate out the threads of these influences means that your clearer thinking can lead to clearer choices and actions.

Although the sentient mind of Mercury might be overwhelmed by so much that seems necessary to do in these final days of 2019, it is possible to proceed methodically. Mercury in Cap is a diligent, detail-oriented placement. Add to that an acknowledgment of your personal truth, and committing to radical honesty (experiment by experiment), and the rest will follow more easily.
— Eric Francis Coppolino and the Planet Waves editors

Almanac: The Moon enters Pisces today, Dec. 30, at 10:41 am EST.

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