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If Your Birthday is Dec. 13
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You’re ready to dive into deep emotional waters and unlock a few karmic mysteries in the process. Passion, obsession, the meaning of real intimacy, and core-level foundations for security are all on the exciting menu to explore this year. Tremendous creative potential lies in courageously examining instinctual drives and needs. Power dynamics in personal or financial partnerships have an underlying history. Uncover those roots to strengthen self-confidence forevermore.
— by Victoria Emory

If you have a Sagittarius Sun, rising sign or Moon and could use some insights on such real-life matters as work, relationships and career, your 2019-2020 Sagittarius Astrology Studio reading by Eric Francis covers your ruling planet Jupiter’s conjunction to the Galactic Core, Jupiter in Capricorn, and many other potentially life-changing facets of your astrology.

Written in the Planets

Lusty, hormonal passion is the theme of today’s outstanding aspect, Venus conjunct Pluto. Yet this may come in the wake of some sense of of loss or alienation associated with Venus’s recent visit to Saturn.

Even if you’re feeling vulnerable, you want to feel and feel deeply.

As you ride this wave, though, you may start to encounter the wider context, which is Capricorn: the sign of obligation, responsibility, parents and guilt. There are lots of times when you know something is right and beautiful, then you experience guilt. Then you wonder why it happened. You might have great sex and then wonder what your mother would think. Well, it’s not her business.

There are few people offering the idea that pleasure for its own sake is something good, and many spreading the doctrine of shame. We all have to work this out, and it can take some effort, but it’s easier if you give yourself permission to have fun.
— by Eric Francis

Almanac: Moon entered Cancer at 6:23 pm EST on Thursday, Dec. 12.

Read more about the Gemini Full Moon.

Would you appreciate a resource to help guide your personal review of 2019? We’ve compiled all 12 of your monthly horoscopes by Eric for this year.


The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is upon us, just weeks away. While this event will happen two or three times in the lives of most people, this particular event is a moment of convergence and reckoning for the world and for us as individuals.

I’m underway recording RESPECT, the 2020-2021 Planet Waves annual readings, to cover the momentous astrology of the coming year-plus. You can read more about the project, and pre-order the readings, here.

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