The Day of Earthly Chemistry: Birthdays and Planet News

If Your Birthday is Dec. 17
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This is your year to focus an organized, methodical approach to career advancement. With an eye on long-term objectives, you’re well-positioned to build stronger foundations for personal and material security. Dedication, attention to detail, and skillful communication are key strategies for success. Hone your process to eliminate non-essentials and streamline efficiency. Stay alert to opportunities that arise — and be prepared to act on them.
— by Victoria Emory

If you have a Sagittarius Sun, rising sign or Moon and could use some insights on such real-life matters as work, relationships and career, your 2019-2020 Sagittarius Astrology Studio reading by Eric Francis covers your ruling planet Jupiter’s conjunction to the Galactic Core, Jupiter in Capricorn, and many other potentially life-changing facets of your astrology.

Written in the Planets

The Moon enters Virgo today at 2:16 am EST, but this is no ‘simple desk-organizing’ Virgo Moon. It connects with all the powerful planets in the other two earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn — forming what’s called a grand earth trine.

Grand trines are great for keeping a flow moving, but they can also act like whirlpools. You’ll want to be careful about what you commit to today, since it could be hard to get out of what you’ve gotten yourself into. Listen carefully to the intuitive tugs of your inner ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

The Virgo Moon is also in a wide opposition to Neptune in Pisces through Wednesday. Be cautious of people who could be lying; make them show you what they’re talking about. Remember that you have the power to check facts (Virgo Moons are great for this!). If you’re not sure everything’s adding up, delay important decisions for a couple days to see what your research reveals.

At the same time, Mars — the planet of motivation and action — is in a supportive aspect to Saturn and Pluto this week. You can lean on this energy to deal with unreasonable people, but be reasonable (and honest) yourself. Use these moments of harmony while you have them.
— by Amanda Painter with Eric Francis Coppolino

Almanac: The Moon enters Virgo on Tuesday, Dec. 17 at 2:16 am EST.

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