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The Sun is now in Taurus, joining Mercury, Uranus and Albion — the first planet in our solar system discovered beyond Pluto (formerly called 1992 QB1).

Eric Francis

I’ve said most of what I have to say about last night’s solar eclipse and Friday’s Mercury retrograde station. For subscribers today, I have a new 12-sign extended horoscope written for this moment exactly. We are now in a sensitive phase between two eclipses — there is a lunar eclipse coming up on Beltane in two weeks.

I covered the combination of eclipses and Mercury stationing retrograde in a new STARCAST Wednesday night. Many of you have never heard one of these little programs — they are fun, and I’m a good astrology teacher. That’s as rare as a teacher who can make mathematics fun. There is also a new edition giving an overview of the Sun’s run through Taurus.

And I’ve been tracking the presidential candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on my Substack page. If you have not been there, it’s worth a visit. The shortcut to that area is It is part of the nonprofit Chiron Return. For new readers wanting to explore recent articles without the need to log in, check the front page at

I am planning to have Astrology Studio for Taurus by Tuesday, and will be spending the next few days catching up on Chart Key readings and Chart Sets for new subscribers. Thank you to those who have patiently waited.

The May monthly horoscope will be out one week from today.

Today is a Strange Anniversary

Today when I opened up Facebook, I was reminded that today is the third anniversary of the price of oil going below zero. I was looking right at a chart I forgot that I had cast. Approximately five weeks into a claimed outbreak of what statistically became “the flu,” the price of oil dropped below zero on the commodities market.

Chart for oil going below zero dollars in value per barrel.

The United States’ and much of the world’s economy are based on what is called the petrodollar — the dollar backed not by gold but by the value of the blood of our society, crude oil. It is made into everything from drugs to gasoline to plastics.

Whatever you think may have happened in 2020, the claim of a virus caused the most precious commodity in the world to go to zero value. Does that mean the economy itself went to zero value? Was this part of the Great Reset?

If it was unintentional, that is to say, an unplanned, unexpected outcome, that means that world managers could not handle a disease outbreak without losing control. If it was planned, and intentional, that is worse. Three years on, it’s looking like there was no part of what happened in 2020 that was not planned.

We no longer have to theorize. We can review history. Though many do not accept this, it’s possible to get to the bottom of most issues, if you have the patience and experience to sort them out. This would not be possible for people swiping their phone while they stroll across 8th Ave. in the middle of heavy traffic.

Truly understanding something requires a more thoughtful approach.

Events of Taurus 2023

We have several unusual events in Taurus, the sign of worldly value, over the next few weeks. One of them is Mercury retrograde taking place in that sign. Second is an eclipse of the Moon right at the Beltane cross-quarter. That brings in what I call the “Aries Point,” because mid-Taurus connects right to the first degree of Aries.

And what that says is a magnified event of some kind. The last big Aries Point event was the East Palestine train wreck, which took place on the cross-quarter Imbolc (with the Sun in the middle of Aquarius, during a Full Moon). My comment then, as it is now, is that people have a hard time telling “important” from “meaningless” because the hype on everything is pushed to 11.

But there is a difference, and we know it when we see it — however, there is this other tendency to pretend things that happened did not.

Taurus is about finances. The discussion of the financial situation of the world is shifting to the proposal for a cashless society that is based on a central bank digital currency. This is a programmable form of money where central bankers will be able to control the spending and movement of every person. In case you think this is a “conspiracy theory,” poke around a little.

The next false flag event is likely to involve the economy. World society is living from disaster to disaster. That’s not how you, personally, want to live.

There is a better way.

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