Texas governor lifts all mandates – chart reading below

This just appeared in The New York Times:

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas said on Tuesday that he was ending his statewide mask mandate, effective March 10, and that all businesses in the state could then operate with no capacity limits. “It is now time to open Texas 100 percent,” he said.

Governor Abbott took the action after federal health officials warned governors not to ease restrictions yet, because progress across the country in reducing coronavirus cases appears to have stalled in the last week.

“To be clear, Covid has not, like, suddenly disappeared,” Mr. Abbott said. “Covid still exists in Texas and the United States and across the globe.”

Even so, he said, “state mandates are no longer needed,” because advanced treatments are now available for people with Covid-19, the state is able to test large numbers of people for the virus each day, and 5.7 million vaccine shots have already been given to Texans.

Brief Reading of the Chart

The chart below is set for the time stamp on the governor’s Executive Order. I think the question is, will other states follow suit? Will this get the dominoes falling?

There are two distinct features in this chart: the Moon is void of course in Libra, though making a quincunx aspect to Mars; and the Sun is conjunct Nessus, the centaur of “where the buck stops.” This chart is a wildcard in that the Moon void is cautionary against prediction. It could work either way: the order will have little effect, or the opposite, it will set a chain of events in motion that end masking and mandates around the country.

Nessus always describes consequences, and the Sun’s conjunction to this centaur is most significant. It means that the Texas governor was feeling the repercussions of the needless lockdown and yielding to pressure. Over the next month or so, Nessus comes into focus as the lunar nodes make a square aspect to it, which will emphasize the theme of consequences and repercussions.

The historical pattern associated with the release of a vaccine (in this case, gene therapy) is that the crisis is long over by the time the drug comes out. The current situation is complicated by a case count that is admittedly ten times any real threat because by the admission of authorities involved in the “pandemic,” their PCR test gets 90% false positives. So imagine how this situation would look if 90% of the cases vanished overnight.

All they would need to do is turn the PCR down from its current level of 37 to 40 down to 30 — which would have no medical consequences, only cut out all the fluff and confetti. Even if you think there is a contagious virus, and a valid test for that virus, it is ridiculous to have it exaggerate the case count by tenfold.

Texas governor lifts mask mandate and orders state fully open.

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