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All of Us Here for Taurus | Your 2021 Reading by Eric Francis | Download

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Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2021
by Eric Francis Coppolino


Taurus (April 19-May 20) — One of the most challenging elements in the life of a Taurus is to change your ways. This can be a source of deep conflict. For example, imagine you know there is something you need to alter about yourself or your life pattern, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot do it. This can be about anything from adjusting your diet to quitting smoking, or adopting a more positive outlook. At the root of this is changing your mind. One would think that thought would be the most flexible of all substances, but it tends to be one of the most rigid. Uranus in your birth sign is doing its best to shake you up at every possible opportunity. These are mostly minor quakes, which will compel you to rearrange your beliefs and thought patterns each time they happen. This, in turn, is designed to teach you flexibility and adaptability, which I suggest you adopt as your ongoing yoga practice. Meanwhile, Jupiter and Saturn have now reached the midheaven angle of your solar chart. This is calling forth a new level of commitment and responsibility. Such are never convenient, nor ever easy. Rather, the nature of Saturn in Aquarius is to persist, and to cultivate impeccability. And the nature of Jupiter in Aquarius is to base your mission and purpose on getting along with your brothers and sisters. The world is brimming with excuses and opportunities to disrespect people. You are now the beginning of where this ends, and where a new approach to life commences.


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  1. I took the whole day to begin to absorb this very powerful and informative reading. I gained insight on some of my traits such as what I call my “recluse” and my lifelong interest in self-improvement. My preference to be a recluse, especially at this point of the beginning of my elder years is shaken up by this call to leadership. I suppose As a former activist, I had hoped that this type of action to change was behind me. Perhaps I will be guided to serve the world in a different way. I really do not wish to see my being and energy consumed by another cause and a large community organizing effort. I really just want to paint and express my ideas and insights through art.

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