Taurus 2019 Monthly Horoscopes by Eric Francis


Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2019 (#1232)
Taurus is considered the sign of stability, of etiquette, and of determination. You reach for impeccability, whether with the passion of an artistic master, or the steadfastness of an oak tree that drives its intention to exist deep into the ground, and into the sky. Yet few see what you go through to maintain this state of being. To say the least, it’s not easy. I would remind you of what Alice A. Bailey said of your sign in the well-known but little-read work Esoteric Astrology. She describes Taurus as the blacksmith shop of the soul. It’s dark and smoky, hot and loud. Down at the core is not the elegant Aphrodite but the limping Hephaestus, whose mother threw him off of Mount Olympus due to his apparent imperfection. Then, as the metalsmith of the gods, he made all the weapons of the Olympians. He served a profound purpose, though it was in no way glamorous, or related to appearances. It was born of practicality and of honor; his singular role emerged from the agony of abandonment and misunderstanding. With Uranus entering your birth sign for the next seven years, you are now in a new phase of fashioning yourself, and the tools of your consciousness. Keep in mind that this is not a delicate or pretty process. There’s no pageantry and no accolades, and few who will even notice the progress you’re making — so that must come from you. Remember: you are not only constructing tools. You are developing the skills to do so. You will need to be patient, and accommodate the potential for change every single day.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February 2019 (#1236)
Current aspects may have you feeling on edge, as if something is about to happen, but you don’t know what it is, or even have a clue what to expect. This sensation is related to Uranus about to enter your sign, to stay for the next seven years. Yet the anticipation in many ways carries more tension than the experience itself. The 12th house, where Uranus is currently lurking for a few more weeks, can feel like a blind spot within yourself, and this particular planet is a big presence, with a lot of energy, now squeezed into a tight space. So it’s natural enough that you may feel like a whale is about to break the surface. That may be enough to ease your mind, though I suggest you tap into intuitive methods of sussing out the interior and the subtle realms — the most helpful being your dreams. What are they telling you? Your dreams are your most effective method of divination, not of what will happen, but of how you feel below the level of cerebral awareness. Allow your desires, your anxieties, your anger, your needs, and all that kind of stuff, to bubble out to the surface. Work the boundary between the ‘conscious’ and the ‘unconscious’ until it is permeable, such that information can pass back and forth in both directions. Uranus has been transiting through your 12th house since the spring of 2010. This has come with a certain kind of restlessness, and a drive for self-discovery and self-creation, of which you are approaching the full embodiment.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2019 (#1237)
In just two weeks, Uranus ingresses your sign (on March 6), to stay for the next seven years. It is unusual to have two slow-moving outer planets change signs so close together (see Aries, above), though that’s what we’ve got. Taurus is presumed to be the sign of tradition and stability, yet this transit will put you in touch with your fiery, daring, creative core. The first change you’re likely to experience is feeling more alive, and more willing to take chances. You may have challenges in holding down routines, though that will teach you minimalism and discipline — and these will grant you the efficiency you need to use your time and energy wisely. It’s fair to say that you’re entering an extended phase of self-reinvention. This is better if practiced as a daily experience. When you wake up every morning, ask yourself what you want to do — even if you already know what you have to do. The idea is to give yourself the opportunity to choose between options, even if it’s what order you want to do things, which way you travel to work, or what you want for breakfast. Under this influence, using disruptions as opportunities to pause and redirect yourself is a helpful skill. Uranus is self-inventive, and it can also bestow the gift of the creative flash. If you’re short on an idea, pause and ask for some guidance. This is not your “normal” mind working; you will be summoning the spark of the eternal spirit.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2019 (#1240)
Usually you are someone who values your privacy and is not interested in too much public exposure. Lately though, you seem to be thriving on being known for who you are, and the reward is a new kind of self-confidence that will be helpful and informative. Concealing your reality consumes energy; revealing your inner truth will have a way of refreshing your soul. In many respects, this is an experiment. The more you open up, the more you discover who you are, and who you are not. That’s the thing about being truthful: you get to peel back one layer at a time, and make observations about yourself that may be uncomfortable. At times, you may feel like a phony, or awkward, or like your deepest vulnerabilities are being exposed. This is not like a walk down the red carpet, though. What you’re doing is transcending image rather than indulging in it. The things being peeled off, and the sense of awkwardness, are all about what is not real or true, and seeking contact with your deeper layers. Image: that’s a serious problem our world faces, as is people believing their own press releases, and acting as their own publicity agents. You can happily forget all that now. All that counts is who you are inside, and that being the only thing you’re interested in anyone else knowing about. Therefore, you can push your limits. You can be brash. You can say ouch. You can let your love out.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for May 2019 (#1244)
The key is to give yourself permission to do or not to do anything; to be or not be with anyone; to be open to any and every possibility. Then, from that place, choose the obvious thing to do. This is a thought exercise in giving yourself the freedom to be yourself. However, you don’t need much of the stuff; in reality, you just need the ability to make each decision in accord with your true being. If you start by granting yourself a very wide berth, and feel out many different potentials (whether they seem available or not), making focused decisions won’t seem so daunting. This is a little like reading the whole menu before you choose what to eat, only making sure you consider many things that are not listed. At this stage in your astrological development, you need to be aware of two things. One is the human tendency to be afraid of freedom and one’s own potential (the two are related). The other is the fear to look and feel within and arrive at an understanding of what one really wants. The typical result of this is living a narrow life, lacking both worldly vision and inner vision. And thankfully for you, Uranus in your sign is encouraging you to take a wide view of life and notice things you would usually consider revolutionary or ridiculous. This will loosen up the grip that you and seeming reality have on one another. Chiron in Aries, set within the house of your inner experience, is encouraging you to be impeccably observant of yourself. If you can do both at once, you will discover how much is possible.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for June 2019 (#1248)
You’re in a delicate space of figuring out how your sense of the way that others perceive you undermines your confidence and self-worth. It is true there is a connection between the value you think others put on you and the value you place on yourself. That link is entirely in your mind, and you begin to lose the moment you make the connection. The loss of energy comes, among other ways, in the form of thinking that if you can only change someone’s perception of you, you can change the way you feel about yourself. Yet this verges on hallucination; it is all in your mind. And this is particularly challenging when the opinion you think you’re trying to change, or that matters, is that of everyone. The place your antennae must perk up is the moment you stake your self-worth on anyone else’s point of view. I don’t mean the value of a product you make, which has a relationship to one marketplace or another. I mean your value as a person. Even the most successful public figures have a hard time with this one. And now we are all living in the hall of mirrors of the internet, and many of us are heavily invested in social media. It may seem a contradiction, though it helps to seek understanding of yourself through relationships — by which I mean real ones; honest ones; ones wherein your value is tangible, to you. Yet even that will only get you so far toward coming to an understanding with yourself that only you can reach.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2019 (#1252)
There is a subtle message coming from your solar chart, which you may recognize. It involves your relationship with the technology you use, and how it changes how you experience yourself. By “experience yourself,” I mean your relationship to your own consciousness: your thought process, your memory, what you externalize that was previously only deeply personal material. In other words, what are you saying in online environments that you would never, ever have said 10 or 20 years ago — and why are you saying it? This is not merely about technology or devices; it’s about what they do to you, what they do to who you think you are, and how you relate to yourself and others. I reckon you are onto these issues to some extent, though I suggest you bring them to the foreground. The forthcoming solar eclipse is a factor that gives you unusual ability and added leverage to change your mind, along lines you know you want to. You face many questions about what to do with old, outmoded beliefs. Those, too, have a trend of controlling you in ways you have surely noticed by now. You might say the forthcoming astrology is a moment of truth, in a time when the truth is the only thing that rightly matters to you. Over the next month or so, you will be reclaiming many things about yourself that you seem to have surrendered, though your greatest fortune is held in your ability to be utterly and only real with yourself.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for August 2019 (#1254)
To be vulnerable, or not to be vulnerable? That is the question. The opportunity you have to open up to someone may feel like a life-or-death situation. Really, you are faced with the choice to be asleep, or to be awake. The whole world is teetering on this brink, though there are many reasons — and many ways — to stay asleep. One prevailing sensation of our time is a little like sitting at your desk feeling drowsy, wondering whether you want to lie down and take a nap, but not wanting to, but not quite able to be fully alert and present. Yet sitting there is torturous. You have to go one way or another. Another theme that may teeter in the balance is “to be partnered, or not to be partnered.” This may come up if you get into that zone where you think it may be time to take the relationship to another level, i.e., to move in together. That’s actually a good time to consider the scenario, before the moving in actually happens, though don’t let it already having happened stop you from thinking about it. It’s never too late to think about something; and it’s never too early. The more you provoke yourself into any form of original thought, the more you will contribute to your process of casting off orthodoxy, purism or any form of pretentious holiness. You are indeed holy, in the real sense, which means your desires, your needs and your confusion are all evidence of the fact that you belong on Earth and in the universe, right here and right now.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for September 2019 (#1259)
It’s time for a more creative approach to everything. This calls for a combination of observation and originality: working like an inventor. Such an approach defies everything we’re pushed into being, feeling and thinking at this moment in history. Notice the way everything is being reduced to an algorithm, or a mindless routine. You are not a script, a processor or a machine, and the challenges you are confronting are distinctly human. When you open up your bottle of truth and smell it, you must be turned on. Craving, desire, curiosity, and delight in experience are the feelings to follow and to encourage. On the other side of this equation is identifying everything that qualifies as a belief. The Taurus mind has a strong tendency to get wrapped up in religiosity, whether we’re talking about politics, style, creativity or existence itself. When you notice yourself believing something, trace the idea as close to its origin as you can. Rather than assume it’s correct or true, phrase it as a question, and argue both sides of the issue. Large, sweeping concepts, principles or convictions are not flexible or adaptable enough to be of any service in your present environment. One other thought: there is the solitary aspect to creativity, and there is the relational one. You want others around who you can bounce ideas around with. Too much seriousness will not serve; a sense of play is essential.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for October 2019 (#1262)
For the past year and a half, the big news is that Uranus has been in your birth sign; that is still relevant. At the moment, though, there is another point, which may be having a significant influence, and that is Vesta. This is something of a subtle influence that people often notice years after it’s been having an effect. The gist is that in collaboration with Vesta, you take the role of holding space for others. You become a kind of facilitator, yet doing so with minimal intervention. Basically, you hold space and allow, reflect and, to some extent, protect the journey that your fellow humans are on. By contrast, Uranus is rather bold about mixing yourself up in the affairs of others, or acting on your own behalf with little care how others might feel. So we have some contrast here, and two approaches you might take when investing yourself in any situation. Uranus will be around for years; you’ll have plenty of time to master it, and its art of self-reinvention. Vesta grants you the gift of assisting others in their self-reinventions, though with little or no direct benefit to yourself. That is the whole idea: to allow yourself to be a vessel of transformation for others. Yet this must be done with the utmost care, and without injecting that thing known as ‘ego’. What you are doing, more than anything, is allowing. This could be in the context of an intimate relationship, where it’s clear a partner wants privileges that go beyond your agreed-upon scope, or what makes you feel comfortable. You might offer yourself in service of someone’s artistic development. This is not necessarily a permanent state of being; rather, it’s a temporary privilege.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November 2019 (#1266)
You may be ready to see someone’s point of view, or they may be ready to see yours. However, you might step back from expecting anyone to agree with exactly what you’re saying or thinking, because it’s so subject to change. Said another way, your current environment does not support fixed points of view. The Earth generally is a place where you must keep your perspective moving, though particularly now, in your one-to-one relationships, communication needs to be a dance. Take the space to make up your mind a little differently every day. Give others the space to have ideas that evolve over time. With Mercury retrograde in your relationship zone, “over time” might be a little quicker than you may think. That could mean progress on key issues that have been stuck or delayed, which takes place over a few weeks rather than a few years. The important thing is that you actively seek an understanding of where someone is coming from at any given time, and that you have a sense of your perspective at any given time. Then remember everything is in motion. One potential direction of travel for you is from the need for attachment to the need for freedom. Particularly in your relationships, there’s often that unacknowledged but deep element of wanting to have your options open. This may seem to contradict the usual concept of Taurus as a fixed sign, who demands perfect fidelity. Take it easy there — Venus is about to enter Sagittarius, which will boldly expand your horizons.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for December 2019 (#1270)
You are changing, faster than may be comfortable for you. But this has been going on for a while, in the form of your most rigid, antique beliefs being dismantled by the combined efforts of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. You no longer have those old concepts fully intact to stand on, get lost in or distracted by. You may be feeling the competing impulses to cling to a notion of tradition or old ideas about who you are, and at the same time rebel against, well, something. I would propose, however, your true role is to invent: to see problems (yours or those that seem to be collective property) in new ways, and to invest yourself in developing helpful approaches to them. Though it may have worked for you in the past, you can no longer go from day to day following some rote program. You can no longer use your “personality tendencies” or being “set in your ways” as an excuse. And dependence upon conditioning and belief must finally give way to full reliance on your knowledge and your learning process. In fact, no two days are alike. No two projects are the same. Relationships evolve from day to day; reality forever changes. Therefore, face the unknown with courage and love in your heart, and allow something new, different and potentially better to happen.

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