Your Weekend Astrology for Dec. 14-15

The Moon’s journey through Cancer this weekend highlights all of the unusual activity in Capricorn, including the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that is exact in early January. That conjunction is a standing wave, and the Moon is about to sail through it. In Cancer, the Moon is sensitive and subject to being tossed and turned by potent … Read more

The Day of Abandon: Birthdays and Planet News

Dec. 8, 2019 | Neptune can obscure, mislead or embellish. But it also represents the kind of universality at the heart of concepts like agape: unconditional, divine love. The Sagittarius Sun is open in spirit and forward thinking […]

The Day of Confidence: Birthdays and Planet News

Dec. 5, 2019 | After picking up on some deeper insights from Mercury in Scorpio in the wee hours, the Moon slides from Pisces to Aries this afternoon. Aries Moons describe emotional impulses leading to action […]