Somewhere in Between for Virgo – Written and Video

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An introduction to Somewhere In Between

Please note a correction: Pluto is entering Aquarius, not Capricorn. That was so 2008.

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Further down you’ll see last year’s video reading Pluto in a Strange Land as well as Your Future Your Life, along with An Aquarian Era 2022-26 and The Dharma 2020 – video reading.

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age


Download PDF: A4 / US Letter

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  1. Darling Eric! WOW! 🤩 Your spirit fills every reading with healing, loving and soothing vibrations from Source🥰 Humanity becomes personal through your interpretation of each planet, sign and delineation and you help us understand our response-ability☺️ Through a connection with the Infinite Circumference of Source, all visions are created with our acceptance of the possibilities! Thank you for your and your team’s tireless devotion to communication and the importance of sharing😍

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