Somewhere in Between for Libra – Written and Video

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Please note a correction: Pluto is entering Aquarius, not Capricorn. That was so 2008.

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Further down you’ll see last year’s video reading Pluto in a Strange Land as well as Your Future. Your Life, along with An Aquarian Era 2022-26 and The Dharma 2020 – video reading.

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age


Download PDF: A4 / US Letter

2 thoughts on “Somewhere in Between for Libra – Written and Video”

  1. Moved to tears by the Libra video with being seen and being encouraged. Met a brown snake in the henhouse yesterday. They are universally feared for their lethal bite here in Australia. After standing still processing my fears while watching their movement away from me, it arise to thank them for showing up and helping clear out the rodent infestation I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to counteract.

    Truly a small vignette of what you are pointing to and I thank you, brother. 💞

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