Somewhere in Between for Gemini – Written and Video

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An introduction to Somewhere In Between

Please note a correction: Pluto is entering Aquarius, not Capricorn. That was so 2008.

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Further down you’ll see last year’s video reading Pluto in a Strange Land as well as Your Future. Your Life. along with An Aquarian Era 2022-26 and The Dharma 2020 – video reading.

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age


Download PDF: A4 / US Letter

1 thought on “Somewhere in Between for Gemini – Written and Video”

  1. Oh my! That was like reading my diary. The shifting of the Houses (I’m Aquarius Rising with my Gemini Sun in the 5th) can be a bit confusing, but you’re correct when you say it “just works”.
    Any questions I have would pertain to me and my personal transits (Chiron Return at 20°20′ Aries feels big), so I shall save my money and try for a personal reading.
    As always, I seem to be ahead of the times and this year’s reading is an excellent reminder of thoughts and emotions that while at the time were profound, got lost in the fog.
    Thank you, friendly neighborhood astrologer! You’re a potent weapon to carry on this field.

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