Somewhere in Between for Cancer – Written and Video

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An introduction to Somewhere In Between

Please note a correction: Pluto is entering Aquarius, not Capricorn. That was so 2008.

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Further down you’ll see last year’s video reading Pluto in a Strange Land as well as Your Future. Your Life, along with An Aquarian Era 2022-26 and The Dharma 2020 – video reading.

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age


Download PDF: A4 / US Letter

2 thoughts on “Somewhere in Between for Cancer – Written and Video”

  1. Thank you so much, dear Eric. Your reading is truly amazing, uplifting and inspiring – and so very needed (born right at the end of Cancer with my natal Saturn in Capricorn – ouch!).

    “I am not the victim of the world I see.” Wonderful.

    Love ya! <3

  2. Eric, I’ve been wanting to ask you this for years. I hope you will answer. I have trouble rectifying your whole house system with my actual houses (where two are included and I don’t even have Aries and Libra on a house cusp.

    But I listened to my Cap Rising reading first this week and believed you when you said that even if we’re not used to it, we should just understand that the Equal House System is relevant anyway, so I let it go.

    Then (just like over the years listening to the products I buy from you), I listened to my Cancer Sun sign reading, and now it’s all in reverse. At first I don’t care because you talk about Cap and how that is my 7th, but I’m interested because I have a packed 7th with 4 planets and my South Node.

    But then you get going through the 12 houses and I don’t know how to rectify the two readings? Just when it was safe to get in the water again, and I’m getting with the program of my Rising sign reading, which is close to my chart, you turn it 180 degrees and read me as if I’m Cancer rising???

    I need a way to rectify this in my mind. I’ve been wanting to ask you for years. I can’t wait any longer.

    Debbie Unterman

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