Scorpio New Moon: Turns in the Plot Line

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THURSDAY, Nov. 4 at 5:14 pm EDT, the Moon and the Sun form a conjunction in mid-Scorpio, which is the New Moon. This takes place close to the cross-quarter — the midpoint between equinox and solstice. The Sun passes the cross quarter at 12:59 EDT am on Sunday, Nov. 7. (Note, daylight time ends an hour later.)

Last month’s New Moon in Libra.

Events that occur near the cross-quarter can resonate loudly and have more influence than they otherwise might.

That’s another way of saying that what we are witnessing now is more significant than it seems. While this would only seem to affect those who are paying attention, those who are not are more likely to be blindsided by events as they develop.

The cross-quarter is Samhain (pronounced sah-wen), which shows up in the calendar as Halloween, Days of the Dead, All Soul’s Day and All Saint’s Day. We are in the time of year where “final harvest” celebrations are held. Early August is the time of “first harvest” or “second planting,” which is another cross-quarter called Lughnasadh or Lughnasa (pronounced lunessa).

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Planets in the Mix: Mars, Saturn, Uranus

This New Moon has two additional distinctions, besides the connection to the cross-quarter. The somewhat obvious event is the opposition to Uranus. If this were being covered by The New York Post, the headline would read:


Uranus, the first planet ever officially discovered with a telescope, is the planet of surprises, unexpected turns of events, and developments that carry a before-and-after effect. With an aspect of this nature, I look at the degrees and minutes. This one splits a single degree into very small slices; it’s exact to just seven minutes of arc. Precision matters: this aspect is talking about something specific that is now in motion.

Simplified diagram for the Scorpio New Moon opposite Uranus. The New Moon also forms a grand cross with Varuna, Mars, Saturn and Uranus.

I consider the 1781 discovery of Uranus to be the point of demarcation between “pure science” (that of Isaac Newton) and commercial science (that of the early industrialists, leading to the situation we have in the 21st century).

Saturn is the science of labor and toil, and the invention of logarithms and calculus. Uranus is the bright, shiny object of the electrical era.

Today we assume those we call scientists have the integrity of Sir Isaac. Among later-era inventors, we remember Thomas Edison and we tend to forget Nicola Tesla.

We remember Jonas Salk and we tend to forget Samuel Hahnemann, the inventor of homeopathy (see interview with Katy Bray, who tells the story). There were scientists with integrity in the 19th and 20th century, but they don’t count unless their inventions built an empire traded on the stock exchange.

Anyway — New Moon opposite Uranus can bring news (and direct experience) of science and technology. Here’s a fine idea that just floated into my inbox: allow computers (AI) to diagnose patients and write prescriptions. If Saturn is the planet of boundaries, Uranus is the planet of “there’s no such thing as going too far.”

Mars Square Saturn, and Opposite Uranus

Mars is now in Scorpio, after making a dramatic curtain call in Libra a few weeks back (Mars passed through the last contact of the Pluto-Eris square with a bang). I have not said enough about Pluto-Eris — spanning January 2020 to October 2021, it’s an aspect integral to the history we’ve lived through (and are living through, mostly unconsciously).

Saturn is in the news.

Mars is moving into a square with Saturn (a primary topic of the horoscope column below). That aspect is exact Nov. 10, though with any square, the pressure is gradually doubling, to a point of either frustration, release, or both.

We are under its influence now, and it’s a key factor in this New Moon. However, the Moon and Sun’s opposition to Uranus may describe trying to release the tension and attempt a resolution to a difficult matter too soon for your benefit. Most people cannot deal with tension and will do anything to get out of it.

For its next act, Mars in Scorpio will make an opposition to Uranus in Taurus. That is another one that qualifies for “with a bang,” and it takes place Nov. 17. In my experience, when you mix up Saturn, Uranus, Taurus and Scorpio, you can get an effect on the economy.

The Real Tension of Mars, Saturn and Uranus

The prevailing theme of the astrology — from many angles — is the individual versus the group. We see this in the Sun and Moon (representing private interests) opposing Uranus (groups). Mostly, though, the group dynamics are represented in our extended moment by Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, which is tending to lock down what would seem to be an intractable position.

Former American heroes, now allegedly selfish assholes. I saw a newscaster ask whether FDNY was concerned that a fireman might “give Covid” to someone while carrying them from a burning building. The union spokesman said, “We have a different idea of danger than you do.”

The individual in this equation is (as is often true) represented by Mars. Our closest neighbor (and a relic of the previous solar system) is in Scorpio, where it is soaking in the values of others (a Scorpio theme). That is challenging enough.

Now it’s about to make a square to Saturn in Aquarius, which can feel like the individual slamming into the group, or what is pretending to be a group.

We hear a lot about “others,” “the collective,” “the community” and various pretensions of “we’re all in this together,” but who is calling the shots? Who is setting the terms of this individual versus everyone else game?

Who is the party deemed selfish, because they go against the group? Who decided who is in the in-group, and who is outside? Who stands up for the rights of the minority in a time when the rallying cry is majority rules? These are critical questions, especially when you could end up on the outside on five minutes notice.

Former American heroes — now alleged villains. They survived the “pandemic” and are now being fired for refusing to take an experimental injection — when they are personally eyewitness all the vaccine injuries coming in.

It’s fine when you’re on the winning team, or the side that happens to hold power and be in the majority. But we are not living within a strictly defined structure, and the terms are constantly changing.

Recently, firefighters, police officers and nurses were all heroes. This week, we are throwing them under the bus if they do not comply with an experimental medical procedure.

The guy who was, just yesterday, searching the bedrooms in a burning apartment building is now an asshole. Yesterday he was risking his life searching for children and a kitten in a structure about to collapse. Today he is a threat to the health of someone he rescues.

The nurse who lived through two years of a supposed pandemic (and who was the subject of pots, pans and cheering at 7 pm every night) must be fired for not complying. This is evidence of how fast the rules can change, and would best be taken as a warning to all who are willing to go along today. You might not be so willing tomorrow. Uranus is in the picture: today’s heroes are tomorrow’s outcasts and enemies.

Crypto is not really so tangible.

Taurus and Scorpio are About Money

One last idea. We’ve all heard of “cryptocurrency,” though the vast majority of people know nothing about it. What most people do not know is that all money is going digital — or that is the current plan. There are long-standing plans to end cash and the use of conventional dollars, and make all money “smart,” meaning, programmable cryptocurrency.

This is not the original idea of crypto, nor what happens with it today. The concept of crypto is a non-centralized currency that is based on people’s mutual investment in one another, rather than in debt. It has an agreed upon value rather than an arbitrary assigned value. It can be used anonymously, worldwide — wherever there is internet access. Ordinary people can “mine” it, or send it privately to one another without interference.

Bright, shiny object, or sound investment?

If you have ever thought there was something inherently criminal about the monetary system, you will find many answers in crypto and the philosophy of those who are invested in it, and who create it.

The new concept for central-bank digital currency (CBDC) is evil. It is subject to total control; it is a perversion of the idea, taking it out of the hands of people, centralizing it rather than allowing a much safer, more useful and freer decentralized form of the concept. Decentralized means there is no central control over the supply or the value. Rather, it is subject to human agreements about its use and value, and transacted with no oversight by the government.

The CBDC version would create a surveillance system rather than an anonymous system. That means that someone whose personal file indicates they are on blood pressure medication could be restricted from eating certain places. It could mean that you may only be able to conduct transactions within so many miles from home. It could mean that your account is turned off if your vaccination record is not up-to-date.

Uranus in Taurus is the perfect image of “computerized money.” The New Moon opposite Uranus is the perfect image of things changing very, very fast. [See interview with financial advisor Catherine Austin Fitts.]

Who thinks any of these things Ive mentioned in this article are a good idea? How far is too far? Who is counted in, and who is counted out? Who benefits from the radical division of society? Who benefits when the people lose?


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