Scorpio 2019 Monday Morning Horoscope Selection

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Monday Morning Horoscope #159 for Jan. 14, 2019
Be careful to regulate your finances carefully over the next few weeks. Don’t overestimate your cash reserves, and don’t take chances speculating. You will want to spend on luxuries, but you can keep it down to a dull roar and still have fun. Yet you need to watch the numbers carefully, including short- and medium-range income, your bank balances, and the pace at which you spend. Use credit with extreme caution (zero interest rate preferred). But the real matter seems to be making sure your immediate priorities are in line with your long-term vision for yourself. If you’re going to make an investment, choose from a list of things you’ve had in mind for a long time — more than a year or two. Now is not the time to be spontaneous but it’s a good time to gradually engage your more important plans, particularly if they involve putting you in a better position to produce whatever it is you make. That said, there is a very good chance you already have everything you need — so check before you spend.

Monday Morning Horoscope #167 for March 11, 2019
If your amorous desires are off the scale of “normal,” you might consider going with the flow. The Kinsey Scale (one through seven, straight to gay) needs to go in about five more directions, such as monogamous to polyamorous, attached to not attached, not curious to very curious, and so on. Lately, your relationship patterns may be outside of what is typical for your peers: you may want things they don’t have an interest in, or be curious about taboo subjects. You may also be in a position to help another person work out what seems like a complex situation, and your ability to assist will be seeing it in some of its underlying simplicity. Remember that your main role is to hold space open, not to fix anyone. Holding space mainly means listening without judgment, and offering your support and encouragement. It’s best to minimize your personal involvement with people you’re assisting this way, though that’s not always possible. Be gentle and do what you feel is right.

Monday Morning Horoscope #183 for July 1, 2019
Mars crosses into the powerful 10th house of your solar chart Monday, which is full of vim and vigor and the energy of a soccer player smashing her second goal of the game. However, there is need for caution, as Mercury is about to turn to retrograde movement in just one week, and the effect is coming through right now even if you’re not noticing it. So you want to plan your moves carefully, and place them on hold pending additional information. Some cosmic or physical file is about to spill open in your direction right around July 7th or 8th, and you will want to save your best moves for then. If you act too soon, you will close off certain important options, or make decisions based on incomplete, incorrect or plainly irrelevant information. So stay in research mode, map out the power structure of whatever it is that you plan to invade or conquer, and make sure you know who is your friend and who is not. Till then, keep it buttoned.

Monday Morning Horoscope #189 for August 12, 2019
This week’s Full Moon highlights the professional and reputation angle of your chart, which is Leo. The lunar event takes place in Aquarius, which is where you experience events related to your home and your security. From both angles, this lunation is reminding you how much you depend on people for your success, your grounding, and your overall wellbeing. Celebrate that fact, and let people know how much you appreciate them. Be the rare person in the professional world who does people solid favors: who helps them get ahead by introducing them to someone or inviting them to an event; who writes a recommendation rather than makes a phone call; who makes sure you are a resource and an example to younger people. You are a kind of rock star. Be the kind who gives a valuable guitar to the leader of your road crew, as a small gesture of thanks for all they do.

Monday Morning Horoscope #197 for Oct. 7, 2019
Take full possession of your thoughts and ideas. That is to say, they’re yours, so own them rather than deny in some way whatever it is you may be thinking, or assume it’s coming from somewhere else. It’s now vogue to claim someone “made” someone else think or feel a certain way, without a hint of irony. It’s true that other people may provoke, inspire, surprise, disappoint or intrigue you, but that’s not making you do or feel something. Anyway, your chart is bursting with what looks like an inventive, creative and fun idea. That’s yours to use, if you want it. Everything I just wrote works the other way too: if you have an idea that shakes people up, or is a little too real, there comes a time when that must be everyone else’s problem. Therefore, give yourself permission to say what you need to say, even if certain people get a little itchy and scratchy, or go into reaction.

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