Schedule Update :: Solstice Soul Hiatus

Dear Friend of Planet Waves:

I sat down at Broadway Lights diner Wednesday afternoon to write the weekly horoscope, and it wasn’t happening. So I’m going to do something that rare for me, which is to connect a few days off and return when my creative well is refilled.

My current work plan is to be back after the Cancer New Moon (and before the July 4 weekend) with the July monthly horoscope and Cancer Astrology Studio — and potentially, Planet Waves FM for late Friday, July 1. If you’re awaiting a Chart Key reading, we will contact you directly.

All recent past horoscopes articles are available under My Account. My horoscopes are worth reading slowly, a few times. There is more to these than the ones from the Daily News.

Plenty of astrology available for you right now

Until that time, I’ll be going silent on my various channels, but I’ve left plenty for you. Here is my video presentation for the Northern Solstice. I did not get to my comment about Mars retrograde, though this supplement to the recent Aquarius reading will get you started.

We have all just worked diligently to bring you the Midyear Reading, Your Future, Your Life. That’s a series of 12 videos plus an introduction and in the Quaker tradition, afterthoughts.

These are readings designed to guide you through the next nine months of complex astrology, through March 2023. The most relevant guidance here pertains to the upcoming Mars retrograde in Gemini, after which three important planets (Mars, Saturn and Pluto) change signs simultaneously. It will help you to have this information.

You’ll be hearing from us often in the coming few days, reminding you about this useful and grounded set of readings.

Here is the link for all-12 purchase; here is the link for single sign purchase; and here is where you may upgrade or extend your subscription and get the readings at no extra cost. We try to under-charge and over-deliver.

Your Future, Your Life are low-cost, high-value readings that offer you calm, rational and spiritually-aware astrology. If there’s something about which you want clarity on, you may contact me.

Thank you for participating in Planet Waves through these strange and uncertain times — the very moment for which I have designed the work that we do.

Back in a bit.

With love,

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