Rolling reference for daily planetary movements

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 Sunday, November 29 (The Day of the Instigator)

Moon in Taurus trine Jupiter (2:53 am EST) opposite Mercury (3:33 am) trine Pallas (6:24 am) trine Saturn (7:48 am) void until Moon enters Gemini at (11:16 am) square Ceres (6:13 pm) sextile Chiron (9:22 pm)

Sun quincunx Uranus (3:20 am)

Venus trine Nessus (12:55 pm)

PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLIPSE IN GEMINI TOMORROW subtle: 11 deg orb from mean node

Monday, November 30 (The Day of Measured Attack)

FULL MOON in GEMINI trine Logos (4:27 am)  (4:30 am EST) OPPOSITE SUN  Actual Penumbral Eclipse (4:43 am) square Nessus (7:31 am) square Vesta (2:00 pm) opposite Great Attractor (3:36 pm) sextile Mars (9:30 pm) square Neptune (11:22 pm) Moon officially void until tomorrow night

Mercury sextile Pallas (5:54 am)

Mercury sextile Saturn (2:01 pm)

NOTE: Mercury rules this lunation

Tuesday, December 1 (The Day of Mirthful License)

Moon Void in Gemini quincunx Pluto (9:26 am EST) sextile Eris (10:02 am) quincunx Jupiter (3:22 pm) opposite Galactic Center (4:58 pm) quincunx Pallas (7:17 pm) quincunx Saturn (7:37 pm) Moon enters Cancer (10:33 pm) quincunx Mercury (11:40 pm)

MERCURY enters SAGITTARIUS (2:51 pm)

Sun square Nessus (4:36 pm)

Wednesday, December 2 (The Day of Larger-Than-Life)

Moon in Cancer opposite Pholus; Quaoar (3:56-7:50 am EST) trine Ceres (6:22 am) square Chiron (8:18 am) sextile Uranus (1:00 pm)

Saturn conjunct Pallas (2:55 pm)

Venus sextile Vesta (3:24 pm)

Thursday, December 3 (The Day of Ingenuity)

Moon in Cancer sextile Vesta (1: 49 am EST) trine Venus (2:43 am) square Mars (8:28 am) trine Neptune (9:32 am) opposite Pluto (7:22 pm) square Eris (7:48 pm) trine Juno (10:48 pm)

In Effect/Building Mercury square Ceres (1 deg. orb. exact tomorrow)

In Effect/Building Mercury trine Chiron (1 deg orb. exact tomorrow)

Building: Venus trine Neptune (3 deg. orb) exact Saturday

Friday, December 4 (The Day of Fortitude)

Moon in Cancer opposite Jupiter (1:52 am EST) opposite Saturn (5:29 am) opposite Pallas (6:08 am) Moon enters Leo (7:33 am) trine Mercury (4:52 pm) trine Chiron (5:12 pm) square Uranus (9:38 pm)

Mercury square Ceres (12:43 pm)

Mercury trine Chiron (7:40 pm)

In Effect/Building: Venus trine Neptune (2 deg. orb, exact tomorrow)

Saturday, December 5 (The Day of Confidence)

Waning Gibbous Moon in Leo trine Sun (9:41 am EST) square Venus (4:47 am) trine Great Attractor (10:15 am) trine Mars (5:28 pm) Void until Moon enters Virgo tomorrow afternoon

Venus trine Neptune (11:53 pm)

Sunday, December 6 (The Day of Extraction)

Void Moon in Leo quincunx Pluto (2:56 am EST) square Juno (7:32 am) quincunx Jupiter (9:53 am) quincunx Saturn (12:53 pm) quincunx Pallas (2:23 pm) Moon enters Virgo (2:46 pm) trine Pholus, trine Quaoar (8:00 –9:39 pm) quincunx Chiron (11:37 pm) opposite Ceres (11:53 pm)

Venus trine Neptune still on though separating (1 deg. 0rb as the day wears on)

Monday, December 7 (The Day of Idiosyncrasy)

4th Q Moon in Virgo trine Uranus (3:45 am EST) square Mercury (6:24 am) opposite Nessus (8:49 am) square Sun (7:37 pm) conjunct Vesta (5:52 pm) opposite Neptune (10:45 pm)

Pallas enters Aquarius (7:12 am)

Building: Sun square Neptune, 2 deg. orb (exact Wednesday)

Tuesday, December 8 (The Day of Abandon)

Moon in Virgo sextile Venus (3:21 am EST) trine Pluto (7:52 am) trine Jupiter (3:09 pm) trine Saturn (5:35 pm) void until Moon enters Libra (7:01 pm) trine Pallas (7:49 pm)

Mercury square Nessus (3:40 am)

Applying: Sun square Neptune (1 deg. orb, exact tomorrow)

Building/In Effect: Pluto square Eris, exact Thursday

Wednesday, December 9 (The Day of Flamboyance)

Moon in Libra square Pholus, Quaoar (12:09 – 1:40 am EST) opposite Chiron (3:25 am) sextile Mercury (4:13 pm)

Sun square Neptune (2:41 pm)

Applying: Venus sextile Pluto (1 deg. orb) exact tomorrow

In Effect: Pluto square Eris: exact tomorrow

Building: Sun trine Mars, exact Friday

Thursday, December 10 (The Day of Inner Fervor)

Moon in Libra sextile Sun (2:22 am EST) opposite Mars (3:31 am) square Pluto (10:21 am) square Jupiter (5:58 pm) square Saturn (7:56 pm) void until Moon enters Scorpio (8:59 pm) square Pallas (10:50 pm)

Venus sextile Pluto (6:52 am)

Pluto square Eris (5:11 pm)

Mercury conjunct Great Attractor (5:32 pm)

Applying: Sun trine Mars, overnight (1:01 am EST)

Friday, December 11 (The Day of Intensity)

Moon in Scorpio sextile Pholus, Quaoar (2:22-3:28 am EST) trine Ceres (7:04 am) opposite Uranus (8:43 am) trine Nessus (1:40 pm) sextile Vesta (11:41 pm)

Sun trine Mars (1:01 am)

*Sun opposite North Node* (7:53 am) TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE MONDAY DEC. 14 @23 Sag.

BUILDING: Mercury square Neptune (3 deg. orb) exact Sunday morning

Saturday, December 12 (The Day of Body Language)

Balsamic Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune (2:35 am EST) sextile Pluto (11:17 am) conjunct Venus (3:59 pm) sextile Jupiter (7:23 pm) sextile Saturn (8:58 pm) conjunct Juno (6:36 pm) void until Moon enters Sagittarius (9:39 pm)

Mercury square Vesta (3:38 am)

BUILDING: Mercury square Neptune (2 deg. orb) exact tomorrow

Sunday, December 13 (The Day of Exacting Craft)

Moon in Sagittarius sextile Pallas (12:32 am EST) trine Chiron (5:39 am) square Ceres (8:31 am) square Nessus (2:16 pm) conjunct Great Attractor (8:44 pm)

Mercury square Neptune (6:38 am)

In Effect/Building Venus sextile Jupiter exact tomorrow


Monday, December 14 (The Day of the Selective Exhibitionist)

Moon in Sagittarius square Neptune (3:15 am EST) conjunct Mercury (5:42 am) trine Mars (7:14 am) conjunct Sun NEW MOON-TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE (11:17 am) void until Moon enters Capricorn (10:35 pm)

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE at 23 + Sag: within orb of conjunct Mercury; trine Eris, within orb of trine Mars; quincunx Pluto; within orb of conjunct Galactic Center

Venus sextile Jupiter (3:35 pm)

Mercury trine Mars (11:24 pm)

NOTE: Eclipse also tightly conjunct Varda, though wary of imposing an interpretation per such an obscure TNO w/out much real documentation. Sedgwick notes that: var is blessing and da is one who bestows. Does correspond with Venus sextile Jupiter.

Tuesday, December 15 (The Day of Expansion)

Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pholus, Quaoar (3:58 – 5:21 am EST) square Chiron [stationary D] (6:47 am) trine Uranus (10:22 am) sextile Ceres (10:40 am)

Venus sextile Saturn (8:00 am)

Venus enters Sagittarius (11:21 am)

Chiron stations Direct (5:17 pm)

Wednesday, December 16 (The Day of Soaring Imagination)

Moon in Capricorn trine Vesta (3:43 am EST) sextile Neptune (5:12 am) square Mars (10:32 am) square Eris (2:12 pm) conjunct Pluto (2:33 pm)

Mercury trine Eris (3:25 pm)

Jupiter sextile Juno (9:32 pm)

Thursday, December 17 (The Day of Earthly Chemistry)

Moon in Capricorn conjunct Jupiter (12:34 am EST) sextile Juno (12:36 am) void until Moon enters Aquarius (1:27 am) conjunct Saturn (1:27 am) sextile Venus (5:16 am) sextile Chiron (10:07 am) square Uranus (1:50 pm)


Friday, December 18 (The Day of Mammoth Projects)

Waxing Crescent Moon in Aquarius trine NN (12:21 pm EST) sextile Mars (5:08 pm) sextile Eris (7:35 pm)

Venus sextile Pallas (5:18 am)

Sun conjunct Galactic Center (9:30 am)

Juno enters Sagittarius (12:25 pm)

Venus trine Salacia (2:44 pm)

In Effect/Building: Venus trine Chiron exact tomorrow

In Effect/Building: Sun conjunct Mercury exact tomorrow

Saturday, December 19 (The Day of the Hellraisers)

Moon in Aquarius sextile Mercury (2:49 am EST) sextile Sun (3:45 am) Void until Moon enters Pisces (7:39 am) square Juno (8:09 am) sextile Pholus (2:04 pm) sextile Quaoar (3:32 pm) square Venus (5:40 pm) sextile Uranus (8:50 pm) conjunct Ceres (11:43 pm)


Venus trine Chiron (10:22 am)

Sun conjunct Mercury (10:26 pm)

Sunday, December 20 (The Day of the Generator)

Moon in Pisces conjunct Nessus (3:14 am EST) square Great Attractor (10:42 am) conjunct Neptune (6:34 pm) opposite Vesta (6:37 pm) square NN (8:46 pm)

*Neptune opposite Vesta* (2:34 pm)

Mercury enters Capricorn (6:07 pm)

*Building: Mars conj. Eris (exact Tues.) and Mars square Pluto (exact Wednesday)*

Monday, December 21 (The Day of the Great Enigma)

Moon in Pisces sextile Pluto (5:25 am EST) Long Void until 2nd Q Moon enters Aries (5:32 pm) sextile Saturn (6:33 pm) sextile Jupiter (6:36 pm) square Sun (6:41 pm) trine Juno (7:40 pm) square Mercury (9:04 pm)

SUN enters CAPRICORN (5:02 am)

JUPITER conjunct SATURN (1:21 pm)

IN EFFECT: Mars conjunct Eris exact tomorrow

Building/In Effect: Mars square Pluto exact in 2 days


Winter Solstice [Northern] Summer Solstice [Southern]

Tuesday, December 22 (The Day of Continuity)

Moon in Aries square Pholus (12:31 am EST) square Quaoar (2:00 am) sextile Pallas (2:52 am) conjunct Chiron (3:24 am) trine Venus (10:56 am) trine Great Attractor (10:00 pm)

*Mars Conjunct Eris (6:45 am) final pass of Rx cycle 1st pass: Aug. 17, 2nd pass Rx Oct. 4*

Venus square Ceres (10:57 pm)

Chiron sextile Pallas 11:23 pm

*IN EFFECT: Mars square Pluto, exact tomorrow morning*

Wednesday, December 23 (The Day of the Groundbreakers)

Moon in Aries conjunct Eris (4:42 pm EST) square Pluto (5:37 pm) conjunct Mars (5:51 pm) Void until Moon enters Taurus early tomorrow

MARS square PLUTO final (9:53 am) 1st pass: August 13; 2nd (Rx) pass: Oct. 9

Venus square Nessus (7:20 pm)

Mercury square Chiron (9:11 pm)

Thursday, December 24 (The Day of Complex Emotions)

Moon enters Taurus (5:55 am EST) square Saturn (7:31 am) square Jupiter (8:10 am) trine Sun (12:48 pm) trine Pholus, Quaoar (1:15 – 2:43 pm) square Pallas (5:09 pm) trine Mercury (6:57 pm) conjunct Uranus (7:56 pm)

Sun conjunct Pholus (6:19 pm)

IN EFFECT: Mercury trine Uranus, exact 2:05 am EST

Friday, December 25 (The Day of the Supernatural)

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Taurus sextile Ceres (2:10 am EST) sextile Nessus (3:07 am) sextile Neptune (7:10 pm) trine Vesta (8:57 pm)

Mercury trine Uranus (2:05 am)

In Effect: Sun square Chiron (2:37 am tomorrow)

Saturday, December 26 (The Day of the Indomitable One)

Moon in Taurus Moon trine Pluto (6:32 am EST) Long Void until Moon enters Gemini (6:33 pm) trine Saturn (8:41 pm) trine Jupiter (9:54 pm)

Sun square Chiron (2:37 am)

Venus conjunct Great Attractor (8:38 pm)

Building: Sun trine Uranus: exact tomorrow night

Sunday, December 27 (The Day of the Clever Contributor)

Moon in Gemini sextile Chiron (4:31 am EST) trine Pallas (7:15 am) square Nessus (3:23 pm) square Ceres (3:53 pm) opposite Great Attractor (10:47 pm)

Sun trine Uranus (10:25 pm)

Building: Venus square Neptune, 3 deg. orb (exact in 3 days)

Monday, December 28 (The Day of Simple Sophistication)

Balsamic Moon in Gemini opposite Venus (1:47 am EST) square Neptune (6:59 am) conjunct NN (8:13 am) square Vesta (9:29 am) sextile Eris (4:50 pm) sextile Mars (10:01 pm) opposite Galactic Center (11:57 pm) Void until Moon enters Cancer tomorrow

BUILDING: Full Moon in Cancer exact tomorrow at 10:28 pm. Full Moon sextile Uranus / closely square Logos

Tuesday, December 29 (The Day of Preeminence)

Moon enters Cancer (5:28 am EST) opposite Ixion (5:34 am) opposite Pholus, Quaoar (12:46 – 2:02 pm) square Chiron (3:07 pm) sextile Uranus (6:32 pm) FULL MOON opposite Sun (10:28 pm) square Logos (10:28 pm)

Sun square Logos (10:31 pm) NOTE: given the exact sq. at Full Moon including Logos today

—- FULL MOON sextile Uranus / square Logos —

IN EFFECT: Venus square Neptune exact tomorrow 5:19 am

Wednesday, December 30 (The Day of Laconic Authority)

Moon in Cancer trine Ceres (3:24 am EST) opposite Mercury (11:04 am) trine Neptune (4:31 pm) sextile Vesta (7:26 pm)

Venus square Neptune (5:19 am)

Venus opposite North Node (2:26 pm)

IN EFFECT Venus square Vesta, exact tomorrow

**Neptune square the Nodes ongoing**

Thursday, December 31 (The Day of Aesthetic Promotion)

Moon in Cancer square Eris (1:52 am EST) opposite Pluto (3:10 am) square Mars (8:45 am) Void until Moon enters Leo (1:58 am) opposite Saturn (4:56 pm) opposite Jupiter (7:05 pm) trine Juno (9:51 pm) trine Chiron (11:16 pm)

Venus square Vesta (1:16 pm)

Sun sextile Nessus (2:05 pm)

IN EFFECT: Mercury sextile Neptune exact tomorrow morning