Reasons to be Cheerful, One, Two, Three

Dear Friend and Reader:

Today I have a new horoscope and article for you. Here is the chart I’ve used. The horoscope and articles are based on this chart, and the following astrology:

This week represents the working-out of much astrology that dominated late summer and early autumn. We’ve just been through the Mercury retrograde, pole-shift edition, which has had the power to turn integrated circuits to scrambled eggs.

We have two other events ahead: one is a very late-degree Aries Full Moon, which takes place at 10:57 am EDT on Wednesday, Oct. 20. This is followed by the Sun entering Scorpio at 12:51 am EDT on Saturday, Oct. 23. Taken together, these represent a sea-change that will shift your perception and perhaps facilitate greater attunement to your inner life.

Looking ahead a bit, Mars enters Scorpio on Saturday, Oct. 30. Mercury exits its second shadow phase on Tuesday, Nov, 2, and enters Scorpio on Friday, Nov. 5. Clip and save.

Another spectacular version of Metamorphosis art by Lanvi. Visit the product.

From the Astrology Kitchen: Chef’s Recommendations

First, you are invited to check out our product reviews here.

I’m planning to record Astrology Studio for Scorpio this week and have it to you before the weekend. It’s still available for the preorder price. Given the long preorder period, we will raise the price as soon as it is published. Second, if you have a financial consideration about any product, please write to us.

My autumn video reading, METAMORPHOSIS, is still going strong. This is a 12-sign reading. We are randomly choosing people who purchase one sign, and upgrading them to all 12. Also, if you sign up for a one-year subscription, you get all 12 signs of Metamorphosis included.

Are you looking for a detailed but affordable written reading? I suggest Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age, which covers out to 2025.

I am about to lay down the first few segments of my How To Read Your Own Natal Chart class. I have been contemplating this topic deeply during the retrograde: how do you prepare a student to read their own chart, and minimize the potential for causing psychological damage? Reading any chart is a process best attended by care and caution.

This is a follow-up on the now-complete Philosophy of Astrology class.

Tune In 2022 – radio dial graphic Tune In 2022: The Annual Edition

Finally, I am working with our creative team to develop the 2022 annual edition. I know the title: Tune in 2022. This is a set of mixed audio and video readings that cover 2022. The main event is Jupiter conjunct Neptune. I will be looking closely at the centaur planets as well.

Tune In 2022 is a companion to the written Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age. Stay “tuned” for details.

Remember, you can call us any time at (845) 481-5616. If we don’t pick up, someone will get back to you soon. Call at an odd hour and it will probably be me, if you want to talk.

See you Friday with a new Planet Waves FM.


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