PS — Neptune in Pisces: Parallel Worlds

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Published Feb. 13, 2020 | Link to original

Dear Friend and Reader:

I keep forgetting to factor Neptune in Pisces as a major element in all we are experiencing. Neptune first entered Pisces on April 4, 2011, and makes its last ingress into Aries on Jan. 26, 2026. The halfway mark of the transit was in 2018.

Neptune in Pisces would serve to inform the discussion of the political changes we’re witnessing, the impact of digital technology, the out-of-body experience we are currently calling life, the delusional bubbles so many people are in, and many other elements we tend to discuss as separate phenomena.

It’s still my observation that our total immersion in digital technology is what is driving the destabilization of culture and of intellect, though there are many ways to consider that. The illusory quality of both Neptune and the digital realm is something to consider carefully; they have many parallels.

The sum total here is our current condition — true for many, not all — where the guiding ethos is, “If I believe it, then it’s true.” You might say that belief is the ultimate illusion of Neptune.

Planet Waves
The great rivers crossed, are painted with fire signatures. Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Write It On The Wall

First, a bit about Neptune. Early in my studies, my teacher David Arner, one of my hands-on, in-person practical instructors (and the person to introduce me to then-nascent Project Hindsight), cautioned me about Neptune.

He said, “Write the delineations on the wall. They’re easy to forget.”

They include a lot of D words: delusion, denial, dreams, disguises, deception, disappearing, distortion, disappointment, distraction, dilution, and diffusion; plus drink, drugs and dependency are among them. We could add one more these days, digital.

I’m not sure the connection to the letter D. We might check in with Kabbalah for information about that. One might surmise that the letter associated with the number 4 might have some more substance to it, though apparently not.

Galileo’s notebook entry from Jan. 28, 1613, marking the position of Neptune. He did not identify it as a planet, so this is a pre-discovery sighting, not the discovery. Its position was approximately 28 Virgo 41.

It’s true that there is a creative and mystical side to Neptune, though my observation is that it’s easy to deny or corrupt. It is rare to see Neptune working well in a person’s life or in their chart.

Most people live in some state of alienation from their creativity. Those who master Neptune tend to be artists and musicians. This takes discipline, and tapping into one’s inner realm. And often in the lives of true artists, there is a measure of chaos that comes along with the program.

The creative control drama known as lying is a more typical expression. Rarely is Neptune left to do its quiet work of gently illuminating the mind from within.

The inspirational element of Neptune is often subverted, either by practical concerns of life, lack of discipline, or obsession with one’s delusions.

More often, Neptune’s gifts are contaminated by overuse or dependence on substances that seem to induce its presence: most often (and most available) alcohol, though any mind-altering substance will do. To understand the nature of any “addictive personality” type, study natal aspects and transits to Neptune carefully. Remember it has a very wide orb of action — wider than any other planet.

It is fair to say that Neptune is involved in most self-destructive astrological patterns. At the same time, it represents contact with inspiration in the truest sense, and with the creative god-force within.

And it’s also fair to say we could use a lot of teaching, learning and practice how to turn this energy to constructive and wholesome ends. This is known as spirituality, and also as art. Potentially our most beautiful search for inner truth, it has a way of being co-opted by religion (or alcohol) and dissolving into the haze.

Neptune has a way of vanishing. This story is told back to its pre-discovery, which begins with Galileo mistaking it for a fixed star in his multiple observations the winter of 1612-1613, despite the fact that it moved (he noted its movement in his notebook). So in an odd way, Neptune defies another D word, documentation.

Then, Neptune’s story is one of being seen and unrecognized, appearing and vanishing before the eyes of even great astronomers, over and over again up to the time of its actual discovery on Sept. 23, 1846.

Finally, its existence was inferred not from these observations but rather by mathematical calculation. Then it was finally sighted, recognized, and put on the map and into the ephemeris. It was seen in the invisible realm of math and then brought into the physical.

It works in a similar way astrologically. I have seen Neptune disappear from charts: that is, I would scan the chart over and over till I finally saw it. And through the years of Neptune in Pisces, I’ve treated it as a background factor much more than an active one in the foreground. I keep seeing it. I keep wanting to say something. And then I go back to talking about Pluto in Capricorn.

Planet Waves
Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Netflix, Hulu, Showtime Ad Nauseam

I tuned into the issue this week when contemplating the astonishing amount of fictional content that is available today, and with which many people are obsessed. There are hundreds of series available, mostly dramas, adventures and science fiction. Sometimes it seems like every single conceivable plot has been thought of and they’re being rehashed over and over.

This goes far beyond mere entertainment. All of this fiction creates endless parallel worlds and dimensions in which viewers seem to get stuck or lost. Everything we witness in the supposedly real world has had its story told in some imaginary realm. The world we live in therefore becomes just one more story. In some absolute sense this is true, though while we are in bodies we had best tend to our relationship to the physical world.

As for these endless serials — all of this — all of it — is being watched on backlit screens, rather than projected screens. Rear-screen projection is another thing entirely than what we see projected from behind. One of the properties of backlighting (beginning with television) is the inner trip, akin to taking mushrooms. It is not experienced as something independent of us or our minds. It is happening inside of our imagination, and is therefore difficult to see or to consider objectively.

Therefore, it tends to lack meaning, which comes from context-framing. To the extent that movies might have an impact, sitting in a theater is an experience of projection from behind rather than being shot at us, though it’s still in the realm of digital. There is no actual image, as from photographic film. It’s all a mosaic of ever-changing pixels.

Most of this inner-trip entertainment is at the expense of reading. Many times I’ve tried to make lists of movies that have changed my life to the depth that books have, and I come up short.

There are a few, though they barely parallel the number of books that have profoundly evolved my thinking; that have helped me rethink who I am on a deep level. Even my very favorite films I appreciate for their artistry, though they still linger around the realm of wholesome entertainment and helpful journalism training rather than ground-shifting experiences. (Contact starring Jodie Foster is one exception. Waking Life is another. Dr. Strangelove is a third.)

Maybe this is just me. Reading is a lot harder work, and requires a different kind of concentration than watching a film or TV series. Therefore, it has a different kind of effect; it shapes the mind differently, and in a different way. Books engage the use of the imagination rather than take over for it.

Does anyone actually learn anything from all these series? What did you learn from Game of Thrones? And what have you done with the information? If you learned something you feel is relevant, and that changed and informed you, please write to me.

Planet Waves
Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

The Realm of Pure Fantasy

All of this digital illusion is the realm of fantasy, which is an idle form of imagination. For most people the digital realm happens to them. They don’t do much to create it.

To imagine is to take an assertive, creative role in one’s experience. I went digging in my library this morning for an old interpretation of Neptune in Pisces, and found the complete astrological writing of Aleister Crowley in my hands. This is a compilation, so we don’t know when any one piece was written, though I would estimate in the 1920s and 1930s. (Notably, much of it was published under the by-line of Evangeline Adams, uncredited to Crowley until many years later.)

“Pisces is a distinctively passive sign, and this is a completely passive position for Neptune. Pisces is also not a sign of great active strength and assertive power; its forces are more negative, receptive and reflectively benefic,” he wrote.

“Thus, while in its own sign, Neptune does not possess nearly so much power to affect the material plane as in either more active or more material signs. In fact, the very spirituality of the planet and the very psychic passivity of the sign inevitably do not make for strength of manifestation on a physical Earth.”

In other words, it can serve as a huge distraction. This placement can be overwhelmingly psychic, therefore blurring boundaries between what is real and what is not.

While there are many potential grounds on which to debate those little five-minute videos you can find on the internet (called porno by some), one thing we can agree on is that they are fantasy. And that for many people, fantasy is the only form of sex. When that is true, something is missing.

Planet Waves
Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

One closing thought. In my media studies these past years, I learned that the technology currently in use describes changes that occurred to values and attitudes when it was brand new and barely noticed or considered.

Today, we are discussing the significance and impact of the smart phone and social media — though the actual effects of those things had already taken hold 20 years ago, long before most people knew about them. Therefore, to understand what is happening today, we need to be considering the influence of technology that is not generally available now, but which will be soon.

This is virtual and augmented “reality.” There exists the ability to not only holographically recreate a concert experience of the past, but for the synthetic, robotic mind of artificial intelligence to come up with its own “original” writing and performance.

Taking this from other angles, we are entering total immersion in the virtual, and the “augmentation” of our minds with plasma-based nano-computers, or implants, is right around the corner: and this is what we are experiencing today, in terms of the values and attitudes of our time.

One way to think of this is overstimulation without risk.

Everything is so very exciting and irrelevant. That explains a lot of what we are experiencing in terms of political and social values and attitudes. If people thought it were all real, they might do more. They might care more, and take physical action.

What exactly does someone gain by ordering coffee by way of an app, and running into Dunkin’ Donuts to pick it up? Well, they miss standing in line with their fellow humans and chatting with the cashier for 30 seconds.

We still have the option open to live and to live well; to love and love truly.

That has never been especially easy, though at the current rate, it won’t be long before nobody remembers what I mean.

With love,




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Dear Friend and Reader:

This is Amanda’s last week as our astrology editor. We will miss her and her one-of-a-kind mind.

Amanda Painter.

I’ve known Amanda a long time, which I’m happy about. She is a Taurus and they get better with age.

Once when we were fairly new friends, I was up in Portland, Maine, and asked her on a journalism date. Pres. Obama was in town, and the TEA Party was planning a big protest outside the venue. I wanted to see what that was about, so we went and roamed around the weirdness.

At some point she asked to borrow one of my cameras, so I handed it to her and put the sling around her neck, gave her the 1-2-3 instructions and she wandered off into the crowd.

An hour or so later, she came back with a photo of the President of the United States. First time at the rodeo! The president! I thought that was just brilliantly funny at the time, and it’s even better today.

As for funny, this is one of Amanda’s strong suits. The thing is, she’s also polite, being a true New Englander of respectable breeding. So she will feel out a topic first, gently.

Then she gradually dials up the intensity to Sagittarius Moon, nothing spared, take-no-prisoners, full-throttle (but still extremely polite) assault on all that is untrue, until I am in stitches.

Photo by Amanda Painter.

Amanda is a woman of many talents. She is more of a nature photographer than political; she is an excellent model, which is undeniably a subset of acting, requiring actual ability.

All the time I’ve known her, she’s pursued her theatrical work, which has so far extended into co-creating one full-length play. Like many actors, she can also sing and dance, and has a diversity of other gifts stashed in her kit.

Knowing her has changed my perspective on TV commercials. Now when I see one, no matter how much I might hate it, I think, well, at least actors are getting paid.

Amanda learned and to a real degree mastered astrology at Planet Waves. She has been integral to my writing process for many years, coordinating the fact-checking and proofreading of my articles and many other features. She is leaving the editorial department of Planet Waves organized and in excellent shape.

We will miss her; her gifts and intelligence will serve many in this world; and as ever, new talent is on its way up at Planet Waves.

With love,

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This year’s astrology calls for respect: for where you are in your life, and for the uncertainties that we now face. With RESPECT, our new annual edition, you can orient yourself and embrace it all. Get instant access to the full reading, or order individual signs.


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Mars will enter your sign on Sunday, representing another emerging perspective on last month’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Mars can help instigate any changes that are needed; it has a tendency to silence caveats, and just get on with the job at hand. This can be somewhat rough around the edges, but also very useful if you’re feeling stuck or confused. While Mercury is retrograde, you’ll want to seek a happy medium between this influence of Mars and your various doubts and questions regarding the best way forward. It’s important that you know as much of your route as possible before venturing forth. However, you also need to avoid letting fear prevent you from moving at all. Summon your courage, and keep it stoked.

RESPECT is now available for instant access. This far-sighted yet immediate 2020-2021 annual edition tracks the story of the astrology as we cross the bridge into our new era — which is beginning now. You may order the full reading or select individual signs.


Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Humans, pretty much by definition, rarely have the capacity to predict future events with any certainty. Too many factors tend to be involved in most scenarios for the outcome to be clear. That said, at times one can guess what is likely to happen in specific situations. An opportunity is about to arrive on your doorstep — or perhaps it has already made itself known. This has arisen from an organic sequence of events. You seem unusually aware of what it means, and what will probably result if you take it up, and likewise if you don’t. Where you might be unsure is in precisely what is complicating matters. During the next month or so, that question would be worth investigating.

RESPECT, our new annual edition, takes you deep into the astrology of 2020-2021. Old challenges are about to give way to new opportunities, and this reading will help you meet them. Order now for instant access, or choose your individual signs.


Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — As Mercury stations retrograde in your sign this weekend, note that you may experience one or two circumstances where things don’t turn out quite as you expected, or where something surprises you. Occasionally this type of event is necessary to help you re-examine particular beliefs or assumptions. For example, you might (as we all do) become carried away with a specific theory, such that you lose sight of the initial idea or reality from which it sprang. The process of rectifying this may be discomfiting at times. However, it’s worth seeing that through rather than clinging to false concepts, and potentially facing another confrontation on the same subject. Keep an open mind instead.


1 thought on “PS — Neptune in Pisces: Parallel Worlds”

  1. Hi Eric,

    Thank you for your brilliant outpouring about Neptune in Pisces.

    While reading your article, I could see added layers to your powerful perspective.
    You were wondering what all these D words that seem so illusionary and dissolving have to do with 4, Structure.

    Here’s what I see, perhaps it can add to what you see:

    By example, all of the Neptune D words you mentioned seem negative at first sight, but they are tools or action words, which can be used in all directions (another D word, direct) . As these tools or inspired actions, they can also be used as benefactors to…

    Dissolve structure before it gets too rigid, so that new fresh life can flourish again.
    Defy gravity and lies and so-called ‘reality’ where it’s not as real as we might think, and Neptune can see right through that, having access to the Beyond in and of all
    Direct Divine Design from our Dreams into form by anchoring this and focusing the unmanifest into the manifest by taking action, in collab with other players
    Dilute energies that are too dense, too strong, too acidic
    Deny access to the unmovable or untrue
    Disappear into delusion or imagination or their dreams to stay sane when life gets too hard or neglectful. By doing just that and holding the intent and vision over a long period of time, the seen/perceived impacts/overwrites the subconscious, which begins to project the ‘in there’ as the ‘out there’ and manifests differently
    Dream up all kinds of creation and invite others to disappear into the arts, movies, music, poetry, sculptures, architecture, visions of a better world, magic
    Disguise to survive (like inviting others quickly into your house for their well-being and safety)
    Distort reality, which is like a print out of what we collectively co-created in the past, so by distorting it, course-correction becomes possible
    dis-appoint from what wasn’t your appointment to begin with, not aligned
    dis-entangle (similar)
    diffuse what as too concentrated

    There’s plenty more to play with, but it’s a good nudge to see things in a sphere, 360, not just black and white, 180.

    Have fun exploring more?

    To me, it makes perfect sense that it’s very timely that Neptune is blending illusion/imagination/ideas/inspiration into creation as structure. Also to show expanded perspective to look up from the 3D in our hands and in our faces and see a kaleidoscope of opportunity that we could create.

    Some stand against what is.
    Neptunian’s stand for what can be.

    Grab people by their imagination to co-create and collaborate it into being.

    The Ds, divine or contrasting, can mold and weld the unmanifest into the manifest, as I see it from my perspective.

    The Ds may act as a covering mantle pregnant with structure yet to emerge with the core or taste or taint of the very energy that’s driving each individual or collective emotion and intention going into it. And doesn’t even the letter D look pregnant?

    Neptune seems to represent the delusional – or does it dismantle the delusional?

    … what if Neptune’s much bigger job is to dismantle, dissolve, disregard, defy, disentangle, dis-appoint, diffuse etc. all that structure that’s too rigid, perhaps intended to stifle our imagination and creative life force as well as our human creative self-expression, our Creation?

    Neptune can create fog, that’s right. Absolutely.
    Like an octopus spraying ink (!) to become invisible and vanish before a persecutor can see where s/he is/they are going?

    So many things are not what they seem and who says that what we think is ‘reality’ isn’t the real delusion, and the Beyond that Neptune has access to is what’s real. Or the balanced blend of both, and now’s the time to bring that forth?

    True dreamers anchor things.

    Like you said: When the visionary and planner/manager combine into action, big things can be achieved in the world.

    Oh, and you might enjoy checking out Evangeline Adams Wikipedia.
    Aleister Crowley was her ghostwriter, they did collaborate only much later, but there were issues of copyrights.

    When I read the Wikipedia article, I cringed just the same as in CONTACT with Jodie Foster,
    when that guy just stepped forward to claim the rewards for her hard work, her persistence and perseverance (karma or not).

    Pierre Rodin, the sculptor, was also said to have taken credit for some of Camille Claudel’s work.
    They had a passionate affair, and there’s an old movie called Camille Claudel (a bit sombre, but well done).

    You were so generous (as a team), this is how I give back, teehee.
    May this open a whole new plethora of insights and inspiration, new layers, and new doors for all and for your fabulous research and writings.

    With gratitude and lots of love,
    Blessings and blooming,



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