Capricorn Astrology Studio 2024



The Solstice Point — 2024 Astrology Studio for Capricorn — will be a special edition helping you put the pieces of Pluto in Capricorn together. I will look forward, but this is mostly a review and debriefing of your experience since 2008. I will highlight key dates and take a close look at what this transit has meant. I will include a review of Chiron in Aries as well as new factors now in Capricorn that will be present well into the next decade. This is a distinct reading covering different material than Somewhere In Between for Capricorn.

This reading is like an extended, personal meditation on your life. I also include access to last year’s reading so you can review the past 12 months and check my accuracy. And I include the charts I was working with, in case you want to research further. I have a way of covering the waterfront and going into specific matters that will resonate for you.

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