Pluto in a Strange Land for Capricorn

Hello Capricorn! Thank you for ordering Pluto in a Strange Land.  Your reading is directly below.

Further down you’ll see last year’s video reading Your Future. Your Life, along with An Aquarian Era 2022-26 and The Dharma 2020 – video reading.

Aquarian Era, Aquarian Age


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1 thought on “Pluto in a Strange Land for Capricorn”

  1. Pluto going through 1st House in Cap (5 degrees, so a little 12th) has been a bitch. Moved 4 times from ’07 – ’09. House flooded 9/21/09 causing relocation and easy breakup (we floated apart) of 14 year relationship. Two more broken relationships (one that was on and off for 40 years since Freshman year of college). Got with a man for almost 7 years now, after 40 years of lesbian relationships (always bisexual).

    Totaled car in Nov. ’13 followed by a broken wrist at 60 (first broken bone). 2 used cars later, Prius needed new transmission (very rare) and had catalytic converter stolen 2x (12/6/21 & Aug. ’22). Forced to split from business “partner” after 22 years in 2010. Two bankruptcies.

    But things are looking up! I can feel the changes! Although I do have a very large 1st House (16 degrees Aquarius 2nd House cusp), it includes not only Chiron in Cap at 17 and a half degrees, but also Aquarius North Node in 1st at 3 degrees 26 minutes.

    So help is on the way! I’m feeling very Aquarian right now. Also have Aquarius Solar Eclipse as per Jan Spiller. Cancer Sun in 7th, Scorpio Moon in 10th and a nice Nepune/Saturn conjuction in Libra within 3 minutes in 9th near Midhaven, trine Venus Jupiter conjunction within 3 degrees in 5th & 6th respectively.

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