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Pam Popper at the World Medical Desk

August 9, 2020 | Pam Popper Interview

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For those of you who like a good, strong cup of coffee, I have an interview with Pam Popper. Founder and president of Wellness Forum Health, Pam is a naturopathic doctor who has gone into medical journalism and a kind of citizen action data collection. You may be familiar with her YouTube videos, which focus the issue of civil liberties. This is the topic that few people want to talk about, being the good citizens that we are, we do what is necessary for the whole. But just one thing: without our rights and our freedoms, we have nothing; we cannot take care of ourselves, our families, our health, our communities or our businesses.

Here is the report on the nurse from Palm Beach who died of kidney disease, and had been propped up as a symbol of Covid-19 afflicting the supposedly young and the healthy.

Here is the Department of Homeland Security document on psychogenic illness mimicking a chemical or biological attack — based merely on the fear of terrorism.

Here is the New York Times article from 2007 on the phony pertussis outbreak at Dartmouth, caused by the polymerase chain reaction test. That’s the perfect name for the assay isn’t it? The chain reaction? It’s a fake test. It proves nothing. But it’s being used to justify this kind of thing.

Here’s a link to our coverage of the same incident, researched by Spencer Stevens.

These people are involved in a Covid vaccine and have been charged with manslaughter in France.

This website is reporting that four Ukranian soldiers have died after receiving an American Covid vaccine.

Here’s a new article by me called The Branching of the Road.

Documented problems with using the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 | From Covid19 News on Planet Waves, August 8, 2020

Excuse me while I grab a little who knows what from your nose.

August 8, 2020 | from Covid19 News on Planet Waves

PCR is an amplification method. It amplifies the signal (its target) and the noise (anything in the background). As with amplification, turn it up high enough and the signal and the noise blend into one thing.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Since the beginning of the covid crisis, I have focused my energy on unraveling problems with the tests being used. This is a large and unwieldy topic, though there is historical precedent for the discussion, which I’ve documented in this article.

I have said before that the “case” count is being done improperly, against all guidelines, and is therefore grossly inflated. In order to maintain the illusion that there are currently 6,282,369 (as of this writing Saturday) currently infected patients, a tool called the polymerase chain reaction is being used — the PCR test. Any time you hear the word “test” without the word “antibodies,” this is what’s being referred to.

This is the machine that can create the mirage of an infectious disease outbreak without one single person being infected. I know this sounds ridiculous. It is ridiculous, and it’s also true. I am not saying that there’s not a disease outbreak happening right now. I’m not saying there is no SARS-CoV-2. I am saying we have no way of knowing the extent of the problem for sure based on the PCR test. We also have no way to know the extent of the spread, since if there is viral material in any person’s body, PCR does not tell you what it means — and most of the time it means nothing.

But to understand that you have to do some reading and get a sense of how different scientists describe this well-known problem.

If you want news from an official source covering this issue, check this article from The New York Times, which we have verified personally. The quotes from epidemiologists are priceless, one after the next, and worrying that their warnings have been ignored.

Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR test, warned against its use as a diagnostic tool. This test caused many problems during the HIV/AIDS era as it was falsely used to “detect” viral load.

Many Protocols, and Many Possible Interference Sources

PCR is an amplification method. It amplifies the signal (its target) and the noise (anything in the background). As with amplification, turn it up high enough and the signal and the noise blend into one thing.

“The test” is one of many, many varieties PCR tests, which are being lumped together. There is no one protocol. Different labs in different jurisdictions used different methods and most significantly, leave the machine for different numbers of cycles, each of which doubles the amount of material that is measured.

Notably, this is not the actual virus in the machine. As we learned famously during the HIV crisis, the PCR test does not measure viral load. And even if it did, viral load, in turn, does not determine whether a person is sick or well.

The test does not find ANY virus at all. This is important to recognize. It is supposed to finds bits of evidence of DNA or RNA that supposedly show up in the genetic sequence of the virus.

But that leaves a lot of room for error. It’s kind of like searching a novel for a four-letter sequence of the alphabet and thinking you know how the story turns out. For example, someone whose immune system processed the virus five months ago can still test positive based on residue in their body, even though they have no infection. Our best discussion of this is from Prof. Beda Stadler (interview and transcript here).

The test might pick up any coronavirus (there are many) or according to one document we have, all Asian viruses. It could pick up viral remnants from a previous cold. It might pick up remnants of a previous successful bout between the immune system and covid. But as you will read, it can pick up nothing at all and call it a positive result.

Essentially the Gold Standard is the series of experiments that prove they are looking for the right thing, and they know how much of it causes disease. Without that, there is no foundation or baseline established to calibrate the test or its results upon.

The Lack of the Gold Standard

The first problem is that the PCR test has not been calibrated for the virus they are supposedly looking for. This is the Gold Standard. Essentially the Gold Standard is the series of experiments that prove they are looking for the right thing, and they know how much of it causes disease. Without that, there is no foundation or baseline established to calibrate the test or its results upon.

The PCR device is so sensitive that for important research, entire laboratories that have never had the substance being looked for must be used, to prevent the possibility of cross-contamination. The test is looking for molecular fragments that match the virus, not for viruses. Said another way, it is a chemical assay invented by a chemist — not a biological or medical test.

Today, hundreds of thousands of samples are being run through labs around the clock with no time to clean the facility. This all falls under the general heading quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC). There must be negative and positive controls used to test the machine on a daily basis, or even several times a day. These labs are currently working like the Chinese sweatshops that are making masks.

Invented by a chemist named Kary Mullis in the early 1980s (for which he won the Nobel Prize), the PCR was never intended as a diagnostic tool (which is now it’s being used today). It was intended as a research tool.

FDA Admits the Problems With the Test

How do we know this? Well, everywhere but MSNBC. Let’s start with the FDA, which admits the problems in its updated emergency memo on the use of the test. This document is a grand tour of the sausage factory:

“Positive results do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses. The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease.”

That bears repeating: The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease. They go on:

“Negative results do not preclude SARS-CoV-2 infection and should not be used as the sole basis for patient management decisions. Negative results must be combined with clinical observations, patient history, and epidemiological information.”

The reason that PCR is not a diagnosis is that it may not catch the thing that is actually causing the illness, such as a bacterium. That has to be diagnosed through other testing, which is rarely being done.

The FDA in this document leaves out the serious problem with false PCR positives from other coronaviruses such as the common cold, influenza viruses, and absolutely nothing at all causing a positive test result. But their comments leave room for the possibility. For example, someone who briefly had coronavirus four months ago may have residue of the virus but be non-infectious, pefectly healthy, and still test positive and be a confirmed case.

This is the central fraud: a positive PCR is called a “confirmed case” of Covid-19, even if the “patient” is perfectly healthy with no symptoms and is out climbing Mt. Everest.

Here are some prior articles if you are interested:

Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus? by Celia Farber, who was the first journalist to address this issue, with HIV in the 1990s.

Corona: creating the illusion of a pandemic through diagnostic tests, by Jon Rappoport, who was the first writer to document this for the Covid campaign

Faulty COVID-19 tests: Why prisoners love their jailers and never-ending lockdowns

COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless, a classic from Off-Guardian

PCR Tests are a Total Fraud, a new one from Dr. Serge Gregoire

Here is what can go wrong: the Dartmouth Incident, by Planet Waves

The Dartmouth incident problem was documented accurately by The New York Times. The quotes from epidemiologists are priceless, one after the next. We have verified this story ourselves (see link above).

Birdsong by Robbi Cohn, Planet Waves subscriber since the dawn of time.

August 2, 2020 | The Jerry Edition

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Welcome to the first five-hour Planet Waves FM. Tonight’s edition combines my regular program with the Deadhead Hour with the Music Appreciation Hour, and features Daniel Marc Sternstein — one of my collaborators on the Vision Quest project and a little or a lot of everything else.

Here are the time dividers: Fucking through a wall rant begins at the top of the program, leading into a discussion of the PCR test being used to prop up the phony case count. Read more about that in this article by Celia Farber.

Astrology begins at: 58 minutes

Intro to Beda Stadler interview begins at: 1:40

Beda Stadler interview begins at: 2:24

Conversation with Daniel Marc Sternstein begins at: 3:33

The outro is actually Eyes of the World >> Saint Stephen >> Sugarmagnolia/Sunshine Daydream. No Estimated Prophet this time!

The program is long! I’ll divide the file in half for easier playing on slow connections. That will be later Friday evening.

Here are the smaller files, dividing the program in half:

Part One


Part Two

Here are some resources:

Prof. Beda Stadler Interview and Transcript. I’ve now listened to this four times — the fourth was the most interesting when I could put the most pieces together.

Chiron: Key to the Gemstone File, about the IBT Labs scandal. Stay tuned for Investigative Reporting from the Kitchen Table, part one featuring Peter von Stackelberg.

Here is the article from Childrens Health Defense on how the death rate would be 90% lower if CDC guidelines on deaths were used.

Here’s some data on deaths staying stable while the phony case count goes up exponentially — which means that case fatality is going down, not up.

Canada wants you to fuck through a wall to stay safe from Covid-19. I wish I had made that up.

Tony Fauci wants you to wear goggles.

Some notes on the Dead at Barton Hall, Cornell 1977 and the newish release Get Shown the Light.

Did I forget anything?


New from Vision Quest: This is a Developing Story

Jerry with Bob Hunter, his friend and lyricist. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Here is the Jerry music lesson part of the program in advance

Prof Beda Stadler Interview and Transcript

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen

July 26, 2020 | Conversation with Dr. Angelo Castello

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Tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM is a conversation with Dr. Angelo Castello, someone I’ve known 25 years and with whom I’ve had an ongoing discussion of holistic health. We talk about “terrain theory” as the thing that makes the difference — that is, the condition of the person rather than the alleged power of the pathogen. This is an exciting, unusual discussion between two people well-versed in holistic health issues, and who understand one another’s points of view.

Sunshine is the Best Disinfectant

Photo by Lanvi.

July 19, 2020 | How To Think For Yourself

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Resources listed below!

Tonight’s program is called “How to Think For Yourself.” I begin with a discussion of thinking for yourself in the face of fear and deception. In the second segment (beginning at 1:05), I cover the Cancer New Moon. I do not cover the Leo ingress; that will have to wait for Monday’s edition. Then is the Andrew McLuhan interview (beginning at 1:48) and Vesta Studio on involuntary celibacy (beginning at 2:48).

Planet Waves
At my desk in the Planet Waves office earlier Friday. Photos are (from left): gelatin print of Andy Warhol, Lou Reed and the Velvets by Billy Name; horoscope columnist Patric Walker; Ray Glass, co-founder of the Student Association of the State University of NY; the Hudson Valley Renegades; and canines Jonah and Henrietta.

My conversation is about the influence of digital technology on the Covid situation: this is digital from top to bottom, except when someone actually gets sick. The test is digital, the idea of the pandemic (as opposed to the actual epidemic) is digital, the “news” is spread digitally and so on.

Planet Waves FM is a project of Chiron Return, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our projects include our internet radio program dating back to Radio Woodstock in the late 1990s, as well as Covid19 News, The Gemstone File document repository, and now in actual development, Investigative Reporting from the Kitchen Table.

We are sponsored exclusively by your contributions, whether large or small. If you feel moved to sponsor this program, you may do so here. All donations from the US are tax-deductible.

Thank you to the many listeners whose generosity makes our work possible.

Correction, the article I was referencing was not Dioxin Critic Sued (which is on a similar topic), but rather See No Evil by Vicki Monks. They are both about fraudulent reporting on dioxin in the mainstream press.

As for your resources: The “forgotten” one is Kary Mullis describing his invention of the polymerase chain reaction. SEE VIDEO BELOW THE MUSIC TRACK!! Here is the article on cell line contamination, about Dr. Christopher Korch, the article about Gardasil injury, Joshua Halinen’s article Living in Hell about sexual repression in his childhood evangelical church and finally, Mercury, Weaving the Story of Nessus (my best article about Nessus). I forgot one!!!! Let me know and I’ll post it.

New guitar composition: Music for Masturbation

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen

July 12, 2020 | Where We are Headed

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In this weekend’s edition, I consider the astrology where “this all” is headed — the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, about which I probably did not say enough. This is the final resolve of all we’ve experienced in 2020, yet the outcome is not certain: like many things right now, much hangs in the balance. And that balance is the willingness to be aware. The mid part of the program is a conversation with Spencer Stevens, who has been coediting Covid19 News with me the past couple of months, and doing an excellent job. You will hear some shop talk about what it’s like to be tracking this issue day to day, confronted with an onslaught of lies, chaos and confusion. In Vesta Studio, I take another look at the astrology — including Venus in Gemini — and consider the matter of sexual ambivalence: of not knowing which way you might lean. In politicized sexuality, everyone is perfectly confident and marches with their faction. In actual sexuality, there is the possibility for doubt, a good use for curiosity, and the potential to explore yourself and others; your feelings, and those of others.

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