Planet Waves Weekly for June 20, 2024 by Eric Francis

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Astrology Note to Readers

This is the week we usually run the monthly horoscope. I’ll have that for you next week. For today, I wanted a column devoted specifically to the combination of the Northern Solstice into the Capricorn Full Moon. The accompanying article also works with this astrology, going into detail on what the Cancer-Capricorn axis is about. I share some ideas about a very old astrology document called the Thema Mundi, which places Cancer on the 1st house of “the chart of the world.” It’s rare that you will find any coherent or accurate information about this topic, and I’ve got plenty in the article (sent separately), including an interview with Robert Schmidt. — efc

Aries (March 20-April 19) — You are finally gaining the confidence to succeed in the ways that mean the most to you. And that confidence comes from your emotional grounding rather than any headstrong tendencies associated with the sign that rules the head. Proceed slowly, and feel your way through situations. Give people a chance to reveal who they are before you decide who they are. Collaboration is becoming a deciding factor in your ability to succeed, though not all partners are equal. Learn to spot the people who offer something creative to your life; notice the ones who keep you centered on your purpose; welcome those with an old-fashioned approach to success. There can, however, be no substitute for your determination to live your truth in every moment. Yes, this is challenging, and requires practice. But it’s not like reality is an option; and your reality is all you have.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Often your ideas get mixed up in your feelings and become difficult to express — or so it seems. Actually, all you need to do is open your mouth to speak, and trust that you will say the right thing at the right time. Given the choice, most people err on the side of saying less rather than saying more. Yet this will not serve you. Speak out loud so you can hear what you’re saying, and so that others can hear you as well. Be a full participant in your life by making your needs, desires and priorities known. They do no good tucked away in a hidden room or secret drawer. And too often in the past, you’ve regretted remaining silent when you knew that you had your one chance to speak when it mattered the most. Practice opening up your voice every opportunity that presents itself.

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Gemini (May 20-June 21) — The Sun, Mercury and Venus have left your sign, leaving behind two much steadier influences: Sedna and Jupiter. This development will help you align more fully with who you are becoming in the long-term rather than what is quickly passing through you. At this stage, cultivating trust in yourself is a top priority. You have important decisions to make. You have many options to choose from and only a few of them that matter to you in a profound way — and those are the ones you want. Stick to your core principles and most important goals, and the small stuff will find its way back to you. And plenty that would only be a distraction will be deflected by the massive gravity that is represented by Jupiter. Under its influence, I would remind you that you have considerably more influence over your total environment than you may imagine. It’s OK to be persuasive.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22) — The Sun has entered your sign, bringing Mercury and Venus with it. This describes you in possession of your feelings, your state of mind and your ability to express yourself. Other factors, such as Mars moving through your second home, Taurus, are inviting you to be bold and come on strong. You’re likely to find this works well in social environments, where you can enjoy having your options open. There is more to life than having fun. Yet you tend to overdo the responsibility end of life, and would thrive on placing much more emphasis on pleasure and celebration. There will still be plenty of work to do. You still are driven to accomplish important goals that go past your own personal idea of success. Practice giving yourself lots of space to be yourself, feel your desires and taste the life that you want. You can afford to; you’re unlikely ever to lose sight of your true priorities.

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Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — You have the power to grant wishes. And there are a few people who could benefit from what you have to offer. So tune in carefully, listen to what people say, and choose where you might intervene. Never assert your will on another person. Allow people to guide your use of resources — as long as you keep your pulse on whether any harm is possible. That is the only time when it’s safe to offer yourself to a situation. Involve yourself with people who have proven to you that they have durable ethics, and stand by them. That said, you now have the power to do a lot of good, and most of it will come from being a kind of social facilitator. You are currently at the center of your world, you have earned the benefits that are coming to you, and people will see you as a beacon within their less hopeful situations. That alone will be enough to be helpful.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Here is a thought form to consider: people respect you the most when you make the choices that are right for you. This is acknowledging that respect is important to you; we know that. What many miss is the compelling power of independence of thought. You might worry that you’re going against some norm, either social or professional. You might be concerned that you’re violating unwritten rules, and worried that this may have some negative consequences. All of those things may be true, and the bottom line remains the same: respect and admiration follow you along the journey to your personal truth and in no other direction. This begins with respecting yourself: seeing yourself again and again and honoring your truth and your calling. The way is still open. And that means your way is still open, which is ultimately a path nobody else can travel with you.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — This season will be an important time to sort out a certain factor of your relationships, which involves toxic chaos. You know that there are people where this exists, and either they find you, or you keep going back to see if anything has improved. However, it’s important to notice when you’re with someone who brings out the best in you, and when you’re with someone who brings out the worst in you. Then, who to socialize with is a matter of what facet of yourself you want to express. As healing presence Chiron aligns with chaos-maker Eris, the distinction becomes more significant with each passing day. Note that much toxicity is a playback of some element of a childhood relationship, usually involving a powerful caregiver. The dramas that people go through year after year are these issues begging and pleading for resolution. Please — respond to yourself.

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Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — The Sun enters your empathetic fellow water sign Cancer today, which is an important time for a major life re-evaluation. Here is the challenge: Normally you assess your existence in the context of your relationships. But what if you were to also conduct an entire review of your life plans as if you had no special bonds that would prevent you from making important decisions? What options would you be considering? In other words, what options are you leaving out of the question due to the presence of a commitment to another person? You can afford to be real with yourself about this, because you can only afford to have real relationships. For all the guts attributed to the Scorpio personality, too often you don’t speak up about what matters to you the very most. And just about every single time, you wish you had. Yet living your truth is not a part-time job.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — No matter what you may experience or receive through another person, it is ultimately your gift to yourself. You are the mediator of your reality. This is the secret to human consciousness. It does not take a mountain of books or 20 years in an ashram to understand this. Your mind is the filter of your existence, your senses, your thoughts. This includes all elements of your awareness, such as noticing your emotions, instincts and intuition. While you cannot control the world, you can influence how you experience and perceive it. This may not seem like a lot of power, though in fact it may be all the power there is. What you need, and can give yourself, are more options for how that experience and perception manifests. How do you record your observations? How do you remember what you learned? Slow down a little and devote your attention all incoming information: anything you see, hear or touch. Really notice.

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Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — The Sun enters your opposite sign Cancer today, and you may feel like your life is at the fulcrum. It is — seemingly small decisions can have profound effects, far into the future. Therefore, notice when you’re choosing, slow down and decide carefully. Such can be as seemingly minor as “shall I go left, or right?” Or, “shall I stay home, or go out?” No decision is too small for careful consideration, and each evaluation you make is practice for doing it better next time. You want to be good at this when you reach the point of truly momentous choices, and it’s not the kind of skill that comes automatically. There are many elements of the past that are vying for your attention, trying to drag you out of the present. One of the most effective ways of staying focused right now is the process of actively making your choices.

Capricorn Full Moon, part one.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Self-care is more important for Aquarius than for most other signs. You are durable; you can take some abuse; you have a lot of energy. Yet you need periods of deep maintenance, nourishment, rest and repair. The Sun’s passage through the sign Cancer is the perfect time for this — a water sign and you are the water-bearer. Think of yourself as filling up your pitcher, such that you have enough for yourself and to share with others. We live in a time when many people practice extreme self-neglect as a way of life, coupled with over-dependence on chemical solutions. You would be wise to reverse these trends for yourself. Get the physical and spiritual nutrients you need, avoid chemicals (all of which are addictive), and get time alone. That last element is the key to your health and sanity. Spend time in your inner sanctum and don’t come out until you’re ready.

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — You may be wondering how it’s possible that you now have so much space to express yourself in ways you never would have dared. The answer to that is because you are daring. It’s rare that anyone is invited to open up, and such invitations barely matter to most; they go unnoticed. However, you can notice when the energy around you is presenting you with an invitation — and it looks like that’s exactly what you’ve got. You can afford to overindulge a little. You can afford to be extra real. You are flexible enough to stretch and tease a little deeper truth out of yourself. Saturn in your sign is still providing a guardrail, so you’re unlikely to go over the edge. If there is one question, it’s about what to do with your fear. It can seem a millimeter way, and yet it does not need to touch you. Much of what seems solid is really just a shadow.

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