Planet Waves Weekly for June 13, 2024 by Eric Francis

My favorite Catskills motel, in Tannersville. Photo by Eric.

Aries (March 20-April 19) — You have many ideas you might consider small or ordinary, though they connect to something much greater in meaning and potential. Everything starts as a concept, a sketch on a napkin, a few words scribbled in your day planner. Those are seeds, and right now they are truly fertile. Notice what you resonate with; when something piques your curiosity, follow it. Your best thoughts will follow your preferences, and those include what you perceive as beautiful or inspiring for reasons you may not understand. As you express yourself you will learn more about the nature of your ideas, and what is motivating you. Thinking out loud will be highly productive in these days, and one or more choice people can serve as helpful sounding boards. You will be at your most brilliant; keep a pencil and pad handy.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Priorities are everything, and you have so many of them. Yet most of them are either an active part of your life, or readily available. You don’t need to focus much on the ordinary. Although there is something special that you have in mind, and you may be wondering whether you deserve it, whether it’s possible, or what you would do if you realized that potential. Don’t trouble yourself too much with any thoughts that might erode your faith in yourself and your natural instinct for what is right for you. Be ready to step into something larger than you thought you might ever have, or be able to handle. This is about you actually understanding something about the nature of your existence, and it’s taken a long time to figure out. Step into your future gently and with trust.

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Gemini (May 20-June 21) — The thing you want is likely to be something you have to work for; one year to reach this goal is a good estimate. On the timescale of a human life, that’s fairly quick, but also requires consistent dedication and commitment. To create or accomplish this thing, you need to take all the steps along the way and skip none. Cultivating respect for time is controversial, because that contains the idea that eventually, time runs out. People who live like they have infinite time have no motivation to take action and make their visions and ideals real. Pluto is reminding you that all things come to an end; Jupiter is reminding you that you have the vision and the energy to create something beautiful for yourself and truly enjoy the results of your dedication. Along the way, you will learn once again that the journey is more important than the destination.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Over the next week, you may experience a series of personal revelations that cast away your obsession with self-limitation. Your doubts and your focus on self-preservation will be overwhelmed by these developments, and I suggest you enjoy every moment of this process. Not only that, align yourself with the idea that learning is the discovery that something is possible. Once you actually witness, feel and embrace the truth of a possibility, you will have no need to bind yourself to small ideas, such as the notion that your most important goal is survival. Yes, that is a foundational priority, but you’ve evolved to the point where you know how to do that as second nature and can invest in your dreams. Assert your desires; be bold about who you are. You are being invited to test your reality and prove to yourself that you can live fully and freely.

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Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Learn to see yourself as a source of benefit for others. It’s true; you are connected to influential people, you have wisdom, and you’ve built up some unusual resources in your time on Earth. The central role of Sun-ruled Leo is to hold the solar system together. You have your resources to use lovingly and creatively. They are not for your benefit alone: you are a conduit, and the more you allow yourself to provide this function, the more energy you will be able to carry. Therefore, solve any problem you can. If you know someone who can be helped by someone else you know, contact them. You are safe doing these things as long as you take responsibility for the outcome. That means knowing exactly what you’re doing, and asking inwardly whether this serves the greatest good for all concerned. Let those words be the code that you live by.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Imagine all the times you were swayed by some idea of what people would think if you made a certain choice, and then you chose what you thought would please the crowd (or your mother, father, partner or whoever). It takes practice to make decisions on your own terms, though you seem to be riding that bicycle without training wheels. Go a little further this time; allow yourself the privilege of not even wondering what opinions others might have of you, even if it’s something you can spin on your finger for a few moments at a time. You’ve been at this point before — realizing you simply cannot have your choices determined by what anyone else thinks of who you are or what you should do. What usually stops you is guilt. But guilt is nothing more than old resentment at allowing yourself to have been controlled in the past. Snap out of it.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — You often have ideas that are so big, you cannot put them into words. At times they exist as an underlying layer of knowledge that you can tap into like cosmic fire but which has no available form of expression. You may experience something different over the next few days, as if you’ve got a kind of dream-catcher that can harvest what would normally be running wild in your mind. That, and you may feel like this is the time to have all kinds of great fun with other people, meaning purely recreational activities. However, if you feel the need to sit in front of your notebook or laptop for hours on end, I suggest you opt for that. You may get to feel the rare satisfaction of skipping over social activity and giving yourself something tangible in the form of a story, a song, a painting or a drawing.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Sometimes it seems that people match your values and your priorities exactly 50%. That is to say, you’re good at finding people who are exactly half right for you. However, you might consider your current situation and find out where people really stand on some matters you’ve been reluctant to talk about. If you don’t express your priorities and your desires, it will be impossible to know how other people feel about them. I would propose that it’s time to take the risk of being entirely upfront about your emotional weather, your desires and how you feel about everyone in your life. You cannot lose. Either you will find that there is a real meeting between you and a primary partner, or you will find that there isn’t one. Under both outcomes you will have the chance to engage with reality. Then, see what you do; notice how you respond and what you choose.

Photo by Eric.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Listen to what people say to you, and take it in. They are offering nourishment in the form of affirmation, trust and faith in your potential. The question with many humans is, can you receive the positive vibes? Can you absorb the light, the water, and the minerals in your environment? Give it a try; there is certainly plenty available, and you cannot rightly say that you’re being ignored or that nobody cares. If you find yourself resisting, you have the perfect therapy moment. What is the element of distrust? Is there some part of you that feels unworthy of love? If so, you’re not alone. This is a problem that many people experience. However, where you excel at the moment is having the ability to do something about it. You actually can make a decision. You can recognize that you don’t want the conditions of the past affecting your life today. This is an essential matter of spiritual growth.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Pushing back against the limits that were imposed on you has a way of stirring up guilt. Last week, I described guilt as resentment turned on itself. This is a simple concept. As infinitely creative children, we are often pruned, shamed, limited and chided into being much smaller than we are. This provokes resentment against the people doing it. If you take on that resentment and turn it toward yourself, that’s guilt. Sadly, guilt holds much of what we consider “the world” together — whether relationships, or economic institutions like corporations, or the social fabric itself. Often this is unconscious and sometimes it bubbles to the surface. But what if you inherently recognized that guilt is a form of resentment at being controlled? And that you don’t need to direct this at yourself? If you understood that, the actions you would take in the world might be radically different from what you’ve done in the past. And you will benefit greatly.

My pedal board on the floor of the Blast Room at 30th Street Guitars.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Pluto in your sign is moving retrograde and heading back for one last (very brief) visit to Capricorn. You now have what you can correctly call the beginning of Pluto in Aquarius. The conditions at the outset are essential to the understanding of the whole process. Aquarius is about the stable patterns of your life; Pluto rearranges whatever it touches. So what, exactly, has been rearranged the past year or so? How are you adapting to the pressure, movement or sense of enforced progress? Where Pluto is concerned, how you respond determines what you experience. Pluto always represents forces outside of our control. Yet that points you to the elements of your life that you have control or influence over. Therefore, you are learning to always do what you can, based on the options you have — and if you run out of options, use your creativity to make a few others.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — One approach to life is to be at home wherever you are. You can live in a city if you spend one night in a motel. You can live in an airport waiting area, if you feel at home there, and that is an art. As you move around experimenting with your sense of place, you’ll start to notice what is special and distinctive about each of them. You may decide that one feels right enough to stay for a while. This is all the benefit of Jupiter in Gemini, your 4th place of house and home. Many cycles are also renewing, which is encouraging you to bring certain matters to an end, without any special need to move on. Your body and emotions are calling for closure. Make sure you do your completion work with anyone where you feel unresolved, even if that means mailing a letter you know may never get a response.

Tribute to Walter Becker of Steely Dan in the Blast Room at 30th Street Guitars in New York City. Walt spent a lot of time in that room, and spent a lot of money at the store.

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