Planet Waves Weekly for July 4, 2024 by Eric Francis

Textbook for alt American history class, John Dewey High School.
Chart for the Cancer New Moon on Friday.

Aries (March 20-April 19) — You have the strength and the wisdom to stand up to your own past. You no longer need to rely on exterior sources of emotional support; and as you confront certain facts of your past, you will learn how to summon your confidence and sense of wholeness. That is the nexus, the nucleus, the vibrant core of your strength: confidence emanating from your sense of being whole. Wow, wouldn’t that be wonderful! You might think you have that confidence first, and use it second. I don’t think so. It would seem that you summon it by choosing to stand up to what is pressing on you. It would start with your sense that anyone around you (or in your past) is morally ambiguous, or treated you like a member of their cult. The lure was not a reward, but a web of pain and chaos. That is what you are choosing to reject in exchange for something much more solid.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — You will have several occasions to be bold this weekend, and it’s likely they will be spontaneous events. You may feel out of character saying what you really feel right when you feel it, and if you experience any psychic backlash, let it pass through you. It’s far more important that you learn to be real than it is that you continue any early teaching of being a good boy or a good girl and not ruffling feathers. Your views might not be personal or directed toward anyone; you may just be having fun letting it rip. However, pay attention when you’re coming from a place of pain, and consider not translating that into aggression or sarcasm. In those situations, it’s better to say that you’re hurt and leave it at that for a while. The same astrology encourages you to notice any form of emotional avoidance, and go the other way — toward what you would usually step aside from.

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Gemini (May 20-June 21) — You will come to some deep revelations about money this weekend, though I hope that one of them will be that when food, shelter and transportation are covered, you’re doing pretty good. Know that you have more potential than that, and remind yourself that others are not doing so well. However, it’s important to have a baseline and work from there. I get that conventional ideas about success are not working so well for you these days. You may feel like you’re under some pressure that you don’t understand and cannot identify the source of. Stick with that feeling rather than trying to dodge it. Whether the feeling is ‘real’ or not, it’s pointing you toward something that will be helpful to know about and understand. Meanwhile, you may have some excellent ideas for how to increase your cashflow over the weekend, which as you know, tends to run in cycles.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22) — If you’re getting the feeling that everyone suddenly thinks you’re their mother, you’re not dreaming. They may be so convinced that you even fall for it. The whole planet is in a severe empathy crisis right now, and somehow you still have plenty. But you won’t if you’re getting drawn into various family and social upheavals that have little or nothing to do with you. You might try a walking meditation as you move through your day. Any time you encounter someone (other than potentially an actual son or daughter), whether you already know them or not, quietly say to yourself, “This person is not my child.” That at least will remind you that you’re aware where you stand. You may choose to be helpful or supportive, though it would best be on terms other than parental. When someone shows up demonstrating the properties of an adult, that’s a sign you may want to stick around.

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Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Pressure from business or financial commitments is likely to be relaxing a little, and this will also influence close partners to take a deep breath. It’s been difficult to avoid thinking about the worst possible consequences, and you now have time to work out a particular challenge well before you lose your grip. But don’t expect any lingering problem to solve itself. Get to the actual roots of the matter and it will be easier to see what to do. Other factors suggest that you’ve figured out how much you’re influenced by your emotional state lingering in the past, which could manifest as ‘not knowing how you feel’. You may be avoiding admitting your real opinion so you don’t speak up and offend anyone. But you cannot hide from yourself, and the thing that may set you free is opening up to people around you about what you really want. This will have the added benefit of reminding you, too.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — You will do yourself a great service if you stop keeping score. This may seem like a natural thing to do, though it’s not helpful to collect resentments. The bone of contention may seem like a useful tool, but all it does is divide you from people. If someone is not appropriate for you, if someone’s presence is upsetting, if they have in some way harmed you, then you don’t need to relate to them. They don’t need to be in your life. However, you will still carry with you the internalized version of who they are, which is arguably a more powerful thought form than the real thing. Here is where the real issue lies: All of this scorekeeping and contention and resentment is going on within you. The characters in the puppet show of consciousness are usually substitutes for where your genuine concerns — and your need for healing — need to go. Really, this is about your parents.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — You seem to be carrying a lot on your back. Much depends on your actions and how you conduct yourself in unpredictable situations. You are right that there will be moments when a decision you make counts for a lot — but much more depends on how you feel. Your inner emotional realm has so much going on that it might seem best to avoid it. However, if your astrology means anything, certain very old family scenarios are bubbling to the surface. This is setting off what I would describe as a crisis of balance between what is old and what is new for you personally. You are starting to figure out what you don’t want, and at the same time, you’re figuring out that if you’re not going to have it, you are going to have to change in some deep ways. You don’t need to do this quickly — only steadily, one tendency at a time, as you notice it.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — The most outstanding feature in your solar chart right now is the asteroid Pallas, also known as Athena. She is the great and wise guardian of Athens, and in astrology, she represents political skill. This translates to a political approach, which can mean strategic, and it can mean ‘double’. You seem to be working on a plan, you seem to be keeping it stealth, and you may be taking a kind of two-faced approach: but why? My reading is that you seem to be concerned about the consequences of having fun, or expressing your creative ideas. You are unlikely to be applying for a grant from the National Foundation of the Arts. What you want is to have some fun on your own terms, even if that means staying up late glazing pottery or drawing a portrait of your kitty long after everyone has gone to sleep. You want to take risks on your own terms as well; such are not negotiable with anyone else.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — It’s not easy to claim your space emotionally — to feel what you feel because you do. There are so many influences trying to get you to think or feel something else. This is made more complex by a sense of obligation that you’re supposed to respond to certain things certain ways, which is likely to be stemming from your family background. Once you see this for what it is, it’s possible to slow down and conduct an honest evaluation. Yes, your choices and responses to your experience influence others and theirs influence you. Yet there is excellent compatibility with the people close to you as long as you stay present for one another. Keep it physical as much as you can — you need actual closeness. You may experience a temptation to avoid certain feelings because they are the ones that compel you to be right with your immediate and present situation, including any discomfort — yet what you might avoid you will benefit from most greatly.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — The New Moon in your opposite sign Cancer is indeed offering you something new. Human consciousness is such that there are certain things that people will not allow into their awareness, and this can go on for years. But those things are right there, available to feel and see and work with. You will recognize them because they defy cynicism and negativity. They reveal new possibilities that may not seem possible. But what is possible? It starts with what you think might be, and then do something about. Love is calling you, by which I mean a world in which you feel trusted, and trust the people around you. There is plenty of evidence that this is not really possible, but it may all turn out to be irrelevant. You will not be able to reason yourself into or out of much right now; your movements and your decisions will be easier if you feel your way to the place where you feel good.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Be aware that unseen forces are driving you in directions you might not understand. As soon as you acknowledge that, you’ll have a much greater sense of control over your affairs. This pertains to something I’ve been referencing on all channels lately — a configuration that is flooding the current space/time environment with the unfinished business of past generations. You can make good use of this influence, as long as you see it for what it is. Long ago, my then-therapist Joe suggested that whenever I meet a woman, I should look at her and silently say to myself, “This woman is not my mother.” We are in a moment when mother-daughter relationships may be overpowering, and when there are many who will masquerade as having undue maternal or matriarchal influence. Note that modern woke theory deceptively pretends this does not exist. That just opens a side-door to yet more undue authority. Be alert, as well, for the rage of the daughters.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Friday’s New Moon in your resonant water sign Cancer is an invitation to be bold — especially about your ideas. If you can, set aside all routine work for the weekend, and let yourself be the abundantly creative person that you are. If you encounter emotional resistance, remember that we are currently in a storm of ancestral baggage coming through, specifically for the purpose of being addressed and resolved. For you, this could manifest as concerns about public opinion or what your friends might think. These things seem real, but they are imaginary in the sense that nobody cares that much; they are karmic in that they are a replay of what others who lived on the planet before you were worried about. Be happy that so few people give a darn about what you do; be grateful that a few truly appreciate who you are. And remember, remind yourself, and stay alert to the fact that this does not matter so much either. Life is your relationship to yourself and nobody else.

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