Planet Waves Weekly for April 4, 2024 by Eric Francis

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This is the last horoscope before Monday’s solar eclipse. I am leaving it open access, sponsoring it with ads for my readings associated with this exciting, highly unusual and transformative astrology. Please take advantage of those readings while they are fresh. If you were to listen in 10 years, it would be a real face-palm moment: I wish I knew then what I know now.

Well, you can know it now.

Pretty much every word I’ve written since November has been oriented on the vortex that’s about to open up in Aries. It will remain open through a series of events that stretch into 2026, including Chiron conjunct Eris beginning in 2025 and Saturn conjunct Neptune on the Aries Point beginning in 2026.

It’s time to get over what Alan Watts described as the taboo against knowing who you are. In an article related to this horoscope, I describe the ways that AI has infiltrated our definition of ourselves, which in turn influences everything else.

Venus left Pisces and entered Aries today. The Moon will enter Aries Sunday morning and soon after form an eclipse to Venus. This is called an occultation. So there are really two eclipses in the next few days.

Telescopic cameras and computer equipment are set up on Palm Cove Beach in Australia in preparation for the 2012 total solar eclipse. Photo by Mark Kolbe.

Regarding viewing the eclipse, I would offer a word of caution. I suggest resisting the temptation to look at it, even with proper Mylar glasses (assuming they are really rated for such a thing). You can do serious damage to your eyes. If I look at all, it will be for about two clock seconds. I may not bother. I’m also not planning to photograph it; I am more interested in the background environment. And that may not even happen; I’m keeping my plans loose, and traveling with drums.

People who have prepared years for this moment will do a fine job of getting pictures. The best and safest view will be on the video monitors connected to the equipment of those people. Make friends, be polite, and see if someone is open. Many places, photographers will have planned for this, bringing fairly large monitors.

But in truth, this is an inner event.

The beauty of the eclipse, to my mind, is that of the Moon passing directly past the Sun so closely that it casts a shadow. It will be a moment when you can feel where you are in the solar system. During an ordinary New Moon, the alignment is imprecise, and noticeable only through the subtle senses.

The same is true right now.

There is a video podcast above; I am planning a special edition of Planet Waves FM for Friday night; and I should be checking in from my location on Monday afternoon or evening as well.

For those seeking spiritual or other life guidance, the links below take you to my very best readings that interpret the eclipse and surrounding astrology. If you need other purchase options, leave a note in the comments.

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Aries (March 20-April 19) — Proceed with the utmost care financially. A situation seems like it may be of great promise — and that could be true, yet your life is about much more. This is the time to stand back and understand your existence in the context of something much greater than yourself, and yet still keep sight of who you are becoming. That ‘who’ is unlike any other in the world for all eternity, though that’s more than most people are comfortable with. Allow this to be a time of discovering your profound and distinct truth, and give yourself permission to live for who you are in the time that you’re alive — a phase of history like no other. Any opportunity you see is not only likely to stick around for a while; the chances are your ability to take advantage of it will improve over the coming weeks and months, giving you plenty of time to assess your situation. Invest your time and energy into learning, discovery and reading the fine print. Get in the habit of being able to argue three sides of any position and you will do amazing.

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Taurus (April 19-May 20) — What happens this week is only the warmup for what’s developing in the immediate future and beyond. Therefore, you don’t need to feel like you must rush, catch up, or do anything special other than pay attention to what you’re experiencing. For you, the forthcoming eclipse is largely an inner experience of growth, transformation and self-discovery that will have effects in your outer life as time unfolds. You don’t need to push. You don’t need to hold back. Just do what may not usually come easily to you, which is take the ride of your own life without too much concern over where events will lead you. In this world, all that really matters proceeds from your alignment with yourself. That you may feel awkward does not matter; that you may not feel perfect matters even less. The truth of who you are is flowering within you and will soon blossom all around you. Listen carefully — you will be told all that you need to know.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — In a few days, we’ll all experience a celestial event upon which the world will seem to pivot. Yet this is not so much about outer happenings of life as it is about deeply internal ones — for example, who you as an individual think you are, and what all these other people are about. Events in the news may be bursting, but the underlying message of the 4/8 eclipse is about self-actualization. That means being real in a world of deep fakes, ordinary fakes like the phony Mother’s Day photo released by the British royals, the panicking relative calling you on the phone with a fake voice, or “I am Not Morgan Freeman” and the unending rest of them. What does it mean to be real in a time when that concept has lost its meaning? That’s up to you to decide. It is your decision whether you want your life to be an elaborate game of charades, or take the risk of being your one true self at all times and with all people. It’s actually not harder. It’s much easier.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Power demands responsibility. Most of the problems we see in the world involve people wanting the first and resisting the second. This is understandable enough. Power is fun, and responsibility is inconvenient. I trust you’ve outgrown this dilemma and are open to taking up the mantle of being an influential person in the world. Consider that there is power contained in responsibility, which means the ability to respond. It also describes two essential assets: being trustworthy, and being reliable. These are only credits to your character, and I suggest you embrace them with a whole heart. None of these are trivial or transient subjects. They go right to the heart of what some call “free will.” A person is only as free as they are willing to embrace action and its consequences. One of those consequences is the success that you have earned, and continue to earn, growing ever-closer to being a whole and self-contained person in all that you may do. The more you stand up, stand out and stand apart, the more you will accomplish.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — You have a calling in life, and it’s not a part-time affair. It’s something you must do with your entire being. And it’s summoning you to step up to the challenge with a rare opportunity right now. You may have a question about other commitments in your life, and I would propose that the thing to do is either get out of them if you feel they no longer serve you — or get help if you understand it’s essential that you come through for someone, and it’s not possible to change that relationship. Yet most of the time, our limits are self-imposed. We have much more freedom than we normally think. Often, they exist as excuses for not doing what we want to do the most. You are in a position to help others and some of them are in a position to help you. This is no time to worm out of what may be one of the greatest successes of your lifetime. Be bold and assert your leadership — especially over your own affairs and your own destiny.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Next week’s eclipse of the Sun takes place in your solar 8th house. The message is: Have your own bank account. Have your own room, or your own place. Have your own name. Be who you are, not as measured by anyone else’s standards but exclusively by your own. The 8th is about transactions, including the ones whereby one person owns or has some compelling interest in another person, or pretends to. This is your moment of potentially setting yourself free from all such commitments. They don’t necessarily need to end, but rather be re-established on your terms, or truly mutual terms. That is your only option going forward from this point, and it will serve you well to keep this firmly in mind. You are who you are; and your calling is to live in your truth without compromise. If you’re wondering about strange outcomes in the past, or why you conducted yourself in certain ways you no longer approve of, look no further for an explanation.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Developments will move quickly over the next few days and through the end of the month — and your most important concern is taking care of yourself. I mean that no matter how fun your life is, or how intense, or beautiful or strange. You know the basics of self-care and now is the time to make sure that you’re putting the theory into action; the right food, the right rest, and getting outside. Be mindful of anything that distracts you from basic self-care, and emphasize what encourages you and offers you support. You are in the process of making a major discovery of how to organize your life, and whose ideas are the most relevant. You may be in the presence of an important teacher, which can include an intimate partner. Yet always, the message in all facets of life is: do what supports you and what nourishes you, and invest your time with people who do the same.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — It is amazing to me that anyone can get up and go to a job every day that they do not really want to do, or that does not express who they are in a vital way. One of my messages to you for many months is that you cannot live that way, even if you can tolerate doing so. Your vital force is coming through like thunder these days, and it needs somewhere positive to invest itself. And when you are doing that something positive, your life goes better, people recognize you because you recognize yourself, and you have expanded opportunities as a result. That is about the size and shape of your personal and cosmic picture now. Pay careful attention to how you feel about any activity. Move away from what bores and tires you. Move in the direction of what fills you with purpose, gives you interesting people to engage with. When you’re doing your best work, it comes with the feeling of “time flies when you’re having fun.”

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — To the extent you can, pause all activity except what you want to do the very most. Take time away from any boring or routine tasks, and dive into your creative process, your self-discovery and your genuine passion. A total solar eclipse takes place in the most exciting and dynamic area of your chart, and eclipses help you set patterns. Therefore, if you orient on the activities you love the most, and that feed you the best, you will root the ground of your being, and it will be easier to come back to them. Which I suggest you do frequently, and get your life going in the direction that you really want. Whatever you do in these coming days, you’re going to be doing a lot more of it — so be sure to choose based on what you value and desire the most. There are not many opportunities like this, and you have one now.

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Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Be where you want to be, the way you want to be there. The profound lesson of this time in your life is that your security comes from you, not from your outer circumstances. And while you have the power to shape your circumstances, doing so successfully usually emerges from your sense of who you are and what you want. So stay close to your most personal priorities, which may include attending to the details of family relationships. The goal there is to make sure that everyone’s basic needs are taken care of. As for your personal goals, you don’t need to do anything special except focus on what is truly meaningful to you, and give yourself the space and time to be who you are. It will be helpful if you slow down, and live every day like it contains an experience distinct from any prior day. Notice what has never happened before. Notice what happens too often and remind yourself you’re ready for something new.

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The Solstice Point — 2024 Astrology Studio for Capricorn — is a special edition helping you put the pieces of Pluto in Capricorn together. I look forward, but this is mostly a review and debriefing of your experience since 2008. I will highlight key dates and take a close look at what this transit has meant. I will include a review of Chiron in Aries as well as new factors now in Capricorn that will be present well into the next decade. This is a distinct reading covering different material than Somewhere In Between for Capricorn.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — If something is bothering you, it may involve an important matter of principle. By that I mean an actual moral or spiritual concern that you cannot ignore or withstand. These are highly inconvenient, because when you notice one and admit that it exists, the next thing you’ll want to do is take action. However, the aspect pattern involves Pisces, and that says to interpose a delay, and to think about things a little longer. You will not care less or lose any sense of commitment. Rather, you will devise more efficient ways to make the changes you want to make. And despite the massive astrology that is thundering through consciousness right now, good old-fashioned Mercury retrograde is saying that you will need to wait a few (meaning four to six) weeks for missing information to bubble to the surface. The important thing is you understand the type of change you need to make and you know why you need to do so. Do not forget.

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — You are getting a glimpse of your potential — both creative and financial, and for that matter, how much fun you can have succeeding in what you do. Yet you must consider yourself worthy of such good fortune, which is about more than the words you say; and more than your opinion. What you must cultivate is a core of existence — your life is your own. You determine the meaning of who you are and what you do. Only you can consent or compromise, and only you can claim yourself back from any prior agreement to do so. We might ask why this seems so challenging and complicated. The best answer I can give is that getting this straight involves grappling with issues at the center of physical existence: your autonomy and self-determination, and how you define your relationship to everything larger than yourself. Please make no mistake here: that is up to you, and if it has not been, make it so from this moment forward.

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