Planet Waves Monthly for June 2024 by Eric Francis

The Edge of a Cliff over the Ocean

Dear Friend and Reader:

There is an aspect in today’s Sagittarius Full Moon that describes the transitional nature of our moment beautifully. Venus, Jupiter and Neptune are aligned in a nearly-impossible aspect pattern.

From left to right, they are Venus, Jupiter and Neptune.

The Full Moon is a divinatory moment, and we get something to consider here. When planets have a 29 next to them, they are getting ready to change signs. So this chart describes the transitional nature what we’re living through, long-range and short.

These points all move at radically different speeds. Venus moves faster than the Sun sometimes; Neptune can move more slowly than Pluto. Jupiter chugs along one sign per year. Yet in the Full Moon chart, they all seem to pause in acknowledgement of one another, right before they take up their new signs. (For Neptune that beings next year.)

Planets in the very last degrees of their signs are called “anaretic,” and are sometimes referred to as void-of-course. There is no certainty at all with anaretic planets, and the sense of being on the edge is palpable from moment to moment.

These are all emotional, sensual and creative planets, associated with Taurus and Pisces, located in those two signs; both are feminine signs; there is a need to balance feminine energy right now, though it may feel like doing the tree pose next to the edge of a cliff over the ocean.

You don’t have much choice but to breathe and keep your balance.

With love,

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Aries (March 20-April 19) — It’s time to mix it up, by which I mean add some diversity to your daily experience, get out more, and experience the life that you want to have. Planets in Aries (including your patron saint, Mars) are saying it’s time to connect with your motivation and your sense of direction and purpose. Do yourself a favor and surround yourself only with those who share a similar sense of derring-do and the faith that life is for living, not waiting around. Stick close to the people who are inspired by you rather than those who are spooked by your determination and creativity. The big news of the moment is that (as of May 25) Jupiter is now in Gemini. A dense concentration of planets centered in Aries is starting to fan out a little, and Jupiter’s new home will bring out your best social qualities. It will also bring out the salesman in you, and if you’re involved in any form of business, you know that success is all about selling yourself. That, in turn, calls for the gift of gab and the ability to tell a good story — perfectly described by Jupiter spending the next year in your 3rd house of commerce and communication. Make a business plan and get started putting it into action. You don’t need a stock prospectus for an initial public offering. You need a page or two that outlines your goals, your potential customers, and your approach to connecting the two. If you’re in a more conventional career, refresh your CV and your LinkedIn forthwith and make the future real — starting now.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Before Venus and Jupiter leave your sign, they form a conjunction in the very last degree of Taurus. This represents some kind of late-breaking news about how fortunate you are to have the life that you do. You are in possession of all kinds of personal gifts and attributes. Some of these, you have inherited. Some of them, you have earned. While I do not suggest you strut around like a peacock, be mindful of your tendency to conceal who you are and the personal attributes you possess. To do anything well — the ultimate reward of life — means in some way revealing that you can in fact do those things. Let me say this differently. You may be reluctant to do your very best out of fear that others will see your personal attributes. I recognize you may be a somewhat private and even introspective person. But if you’re going to express your talent, wisdom or abilities, that means others will be on the receiving end of it. This is a different thing from showing off or bragging. And you will not sacrifice your privacy if you keep your focus and stay on-mission. Speaking of — when Venus and Jupiter enter Gemini, that hints strongly at the possibilities opening up. Therefore, give yourself time to reassess your agenda before you home in on a specific point of focus. And note that refining your purpose does not actually foreclose other possibilities. You just need to work in a logical order, and reach a point of completion before you move on or expand your agenda.

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Gemini (May 20-June 21) — For the first time since mid-2012, Jupiter is about to return to your birth sign. This will last a year. Not only that, Jupiter arrives with Venus, and recently (as you may know) the small, strange, and meaningful planet Sedna arrived in your sign for the first time in 11,400 years. And while we are at it, so too did the comet (now classified as a Chiron-like centaur planet) Oterma, named for its discoverer — the first Finnish woman to earn a Ph.D. in astronomy. These minor planets might be subtle influences on an ordinary day, but when they are joined by the giant Jupiter and sensitive, gift-bearing Venus, you know something special is going on. There is a positive message here for everyone, though a special message for you. And that is to put your faith in the unlikely, the unseen and the unknown. In times of crisis, people tend to stick to what is familiar to them, to existing expectations and what they had in the past. These aspects describe a new life dawning for you, with possibilities you’ve never dreamed of. Yet you must stay tuned to your subtle senses and your inner being. The information you need to navigate this new territory will not appear on an app. I recognize that in 2024, “subtle senses and inner being” verges on meaningless for most people, but it cannot be for you. Yet to experience these things involves entering (or re-entering) human territory that has been rendered wholly unfamiliar and invisible by the digital environment. And you are being given tools to find your way into yourself. There and only there is where the real information is.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22) — If change comes from within, you’re in the process of experiencing the dawning of a new world — and a newfound sense of purpose. Your mind is becoming a different place, with different properties and facets of awareness you’ve never noticed. Think of it as an expansion of the range of your senses, though not the normal ones. I’m doing my best to describe inner senses, and inner awareness, in a world where these aspects of consciousness have become difficult for nearly everyone to access; and impossible or unheard of for most others. Yet you are being granted access to your full spectrum of introspection and intuition. A portal is opening into what Jung called your “individual unconscious,” which in turn opens to the collective unconscious — a realm we all share and that few notice. Here is the challenge: this may, for some, be overwhelming. Some may think this is amazing and beautiful; for others it will be too much pressure. So part of your challenge is learning where the valve is; which is to say, learning how to decrease the flow. That, and learning how to process the information. At this time above many others, avoiding or eliminating mood-altering substances is important. This applies equally to those with Cancer rising and the Moon in Cancer. It will be challenging enough sorting out what is real from what is not; what is true from what is false; what material is yours and what belongs to others. There has never (and I use that word cautiously) been a time when self-awareness in inner reflexiveness was more vital than now.

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Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — I’m not big on the idea of “luck,” but it sure does seem to have an influence from time to time. However, at the moment, what seems like random forces working in your favor are anything but happenstance. There is spiritual agency of some kind; how you might describe it depends on your framework, though there is a large and encompassing quality to the protection and guidance that’s surrounding you. In my reading of your solar chart, the keys to tapping into this quality are pleasure and creativity. These qualities of being are at the essence of what is described as Divine, as they are (or can be) worthy end-goals of living. I realize that spirituality is often confused with what is tedious, obligatory, unfun and unfucked — yet living joyously and engaged with your calling. Creativity and pleasure are often viewed as the hedonistic activities of endorphin chasers. But that’s only partially true: anyone who is highly successful loves what they do, and takes pleasure in being good at it. What passes for luck is often the creative principle: creativity is spiritually active. It energizes something in consciousness and in relationships. One last thought — you don’t need to make a division between success in a tangible form and doing the right thing for yourself and the world around you. The division is artificial, often used as a wedge to numb people to the effects of greed, or to make them feel guilty and vulnerable. You can take pleasure in good things coming to you and use a light touch when it comes to attachment or motivation. Dharma is its own reward.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — How do you define success? Make sure that you know, because that will determine the success that you get. You’re being given a hand of wildcards, in the form of Jupiter moving over the midheaven angle of your chart: visibility, success and the power to take action. So think carefully what you want to accomplish. This is not so much about luck coming to you as it is about you having the space to make your moves. One temptation will be to proceed forward in all directions. That would not get you very far. I propose that you choose an idea, a project or a task, and go with it. On what basis do you choose? The depth of your wanting; the duration and intensity of your desire; and an idea that something you do must be about you and not for the sake of someone else. Depending on how you’ve responded to recent aspect patterns (such as the April 8 eclipse), what is truly yours will be more or less easy to discern. It appears that someone in your life is trying to assert their will or desire toward you, or over you. This feels natural enough; you’ve experienced this often in your years on Earth. There is a particular challenge of identifying with another person so much that you adopt their desires as your own — often without knowing it. However, you’ve developed a sixth sense about this, an inner warning system that tells you when this might be happening. Deep down, you know who you are and what you want. Now would be a good time to bring your knowledge to the surface. I would remind you: your life is your own.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Venus, the Sun, Jupiter, and two subtle planets entering your 9th house — Gemini — are calling on you to expand your horizons and see the greater possibilities that existence is offering you. Yet the most significant of these is the vast and unexplored territory within yourself. Older people are beginning to forget that it exists. Younger people are being offered electronic versions of an inner life, in the form of obsession with seemingly personal media, streaming shows, games and anything else that can substitute for an inner life, or for the imagination. We are all drowning in this environment, and must learn how to swim, or breathe the air even when submerged beneath the digital waves. One might ask, what’s the difference with this new environment and why does it matter? Here is what I would say: The prevalence of pain, depression, loneliness and free-floating rage have never been like they are today. Most people have no means of comparison. The idea that someone might work through their feelings is barely a thing. Medication and self-medication suppress the feelings, desires and needs that make us human. There is always another source of anger and another excuse not to connect. Jupiter in Gemini is about feeling good, within your own mind and your own skin. The more this is under the guidance of your own creativity, the better. And even as you look out at the world around you, recognize that what you’re seeing is at least halfway to a dream you’re dreaming; a mirror in which you’re ultimately looking at yourself. The world is a map of your consciousness.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — This can be a profoundly fulfilling time for you, though that comes with the recognition that all we perceive and experience is a kind of fleeting dream. Your pleasure and sense of beauty will be greater if you don’t cling to it, or to anyone, or to yourself. Then you will feel the grandeur of life, and of your existence — a fact often obscured by attachment and a narrow view of oneself. The movement of many planets, especially Jupiter, will help facilitate that, though you may find yourself distracted by your involvements with other people. Focusing on their desires can and will get in the way of your growth. However, if you place your attention on your emotional needs, creative desires, and personal healing crisis (lately, associated with authority), you may find that it feels like too much work and it will be easier to go back to various approaches that sort of worked in the past. And if you decide that it may be worth the effort to unravel some of what is blocking you internally, you will get to have that experience. Freedom is a state of mind. And given the complexity of life and the number of commitments most people have, real freedom in the physical world comes in measured portions. But they are only possible if you confront your own history and the things about it that persistently disturb you. As you clear those spaces, they become where fulfillment enters — of a kind you’ve felt only rarely. You might think of it as standing up for yourself.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Sagittarius is perhaps the ultimate sign of pursuit: the hunter who goes after what he or she wants. And you can do so with single-pointed determination represented by the arrow (in the words of Alice Bailey). However, no matter how much of a sporting mood you may be in, the time has come to learn the power of attraction. Direct your energy not outward but inward, and explore your creative process; you have a passion, many passions, and developing what you love will turn up your attractive energy and draw people and things to you. You will find what you’re looking for in the studio rather than the exhibition; in the making of the movie, the photos, the music, the book — than in some public expression. The astrology I’m describing is much burning in the fire signs, coupled with cool, cool Jupiter in Gemini lighting up your house of relationships and the ‘total environment’. Your world is growing bigger, and in truth, a little stranger. Jupiter will be magnifying subtle influences that might otherwise be difficult to feel. So the ‘what you want’ that you are seeking may not be any kind of ‘what you want’ that you’ve ever known before. Therefore, stick to the doing rather than the seeking; the activity you love, and the healing process you need, rather than the questing. There’s one other very special thing about your astrological picture: you are becoming highly sensitive to your environment, in a way that is entirely new. It’s almost on the level of vibration. Your state of mind will affect your ability to sense who and what is around you. Monitor that carefully.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — You will never be one of the crowd, so you might consider having some other social goal. It isn’t that people don’t like you; they do, but you see the world your own way, and you have ways of doing things that are not the usual ho-hum. More than anything, you aspire to a kind of self-determination that makes people nervous. I’m not sure why so many feel they need to march to the same drumbeat as everyone else — when many interesting, fun and lucrative options are available. However, they involve willingness to take risks, and self-discipline, and those qualities are often seen as unappealing to those who take conventional approaches and emphasize survival rather than doing something exciting. The particular discipline you need right now is to confront a problem, or the artifact of one, lingering from the past. This is shaping your state of mind, bending your thoughts in a negative direction. The sooner you start to unravel this, the better. This is mostly likely to be a thought form: an idea, stuck in your mind, from early childhood. This idea is shaping who you think you are. It sneaks into your emotions and your choice of words. Changing your words might serve as a reminder of some kind, though it is not, in itself, going to get to the core of the issue. But you can: when you come across a disturbance you know is related to what I’m talking about, you can ‘follow it in’ and see where it goes. This is a little like observing a penny sinking into a pool of water, and seeing where it lands. If you can do this, you will learn something each time.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Yours is an air sign, and it’s now being lit up by Jupiter’s arrival in your fellow air sign Gemini. Just to give you an idea how rich this is, if you’re looking in an Aquarius chart for fun, pleasure, personal expression and the kinds of daring that we wonder how kids survive, check Gemini. This is your 5th place, which also covers art, competitive sports and games. Where is all the good stuff kept in astrology? One place is the 5th (which also covers sex in the style of teenagers — expressing passion and curiosity, rather than ‘adult sex’, which involves commitment and obligation and is found in the 8th place. This is one of the most important and overlooked contrasts in the chart. End of astrology lesson.) So, back to Gemini: The Sun has arrived, and so has Venus, and now Jupiter, and this has got to feel like the best case of spring fever you’ve ever had. Your chart is bursting with the impulse to experiment with life — real life, direct experience in the physical world, with actual people who have actual bodies and conduct conversations in spoken words, not thumb-typing. This is as good as it gets in the digital age. There is more going on — two subtle planets are also newly in your resonant air sign Gemini. This describes unusual opportunities to experiment with life, and the awareness to make them real. Yet what dissuades people from opening up to experience, and what may dissuade you, is that real experience comes with a risk factor. Only you can decide if life is a risk worth taking.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — While there is much that will unfold before the summer solstice of June 20, you are headed in the right direction. Your charts between now and then come with two bold messages. The first is to keep your affairs in order, and work toward that every single day. That means your emotions and the life that is supported by your physical surroundings. The state of your physical life, from your belongings to your papers to your data, will closely be reflected by your state of mind. Right now the two are so closely intertwined as to be the same thing. So when in doubt, tidy your space, organize your computer, clean your phone, back up your data. This is an excellent time to reflect on the past, and that, too, is intertwined with your physical space and the aspect of your brain that is kept on various forms of data storage. There are many things that you possess that you don’t need, and you can make excellent progress by passing a bit of them forward every day, or otherwise purging what you don’t need. This is also an excellent time to reflect on how fortunate your life is, and to recognize the many ways you are in a state of abundance. Take care of your inner life and as the month progresses, the opportunities in your outer life will begin to become evident. Yet always remember that everything stems from your inner life and where you stand with yourself. Never allow yourself to think you’re “of two minds” on any matter. You are always one self, united with your Creator.

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  1. Eric,
    May your eyes be filled with beauty in nature, and your joy increased by the small miracles of flowers and daily life, and your heart be comforted by the feeling of the sunshine on your face, rightness in yourself, and a deep sense of ease.
    I have much gratitude for the intelligent way you interpret astrological symbols. It is delightful to listen to, or read, your voice and feel both intrigued and inspired by your unique perspective. I often feel like I want to make a big pot of tea and sit on the porch and chat to you.
    I’m tired of the simplistic, and often vaguely incorrect, astrology memes that seem to have become so common.
    I appreciate your intelligent use of rhetoric to explore some of the possible meanings of symbols, and your offering them to me through your creative output.
    If you want to visit Prince Edward County, Ontario, I welcome you. Come and explore, chat about astrology, recharge and refill.

  2. “..though it may feel like doing the tree pose next to the edge of a cliff over the ocean..”

    Your gift for language and expression never ceases to amaze and delight me.
    There is a sense of grounding for me when I read your horoscope work. Which is funny
    since we are talking about space and planets and motion. But grounding is how it feels to me.
    Jennifer’s comment above is so good!

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