Planet Waves Inner Space Horoscope – November 2010

Dear Planet Waves Reader:

Eric Francis.

November is under the influence of Venus retrograde, which is happening between Scorpio and Libra (in fact Venus is about to re-enter Libra). This month includes many other Scorpio placements as we approach the annual New Moon in the 8th sign this weekend.

Venus retrograde seems designed to have an emotionally clarifying effect as it guides us through a careful reevaluation of past relationships and attachments. That includes gaining an understanding of our experiences of emotional bonding, commitment and expectations. The idea here is not to rehash the past but rather to use what we have already learned to determine what we want today.

Mars is now in Sagittarius, which is a reminder to stay in the present and focus on what we want, and want to achieve. Sagittarius stops at nothing, and Mars is a motivating force. Mars in Sagittarius bends our concept of what we think of as ‘spiritual’. This concept is entirely too pious for any practical use, implying all kinds of things that don’t fully feed the spirit. Mars also implies the questing aspect of spirituality — the full-on mission to grow, explore the mysteries and immerse oneself in the authentic encounter of soul and physical.

And part of that involves taking a positive view of desire. Desire is the most significant element of who a person is, because what we want will tend to lead the course of our lives. And it suggests the most likely thing to happen, leading the way into experience. Therefore, you might say the goal of life is to use this power toward creating what we truly want, rather than anything else. That takes consciousness and discernment, which in turn implies growth.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

Scorpio Birthday/Ascendant Report Done
Dear Scorpio Planet Waves Reader:

Not surprisingly, I’ve got a lot to say about relationships in this report, particularly the theme of integrating relationships into your psyche, with two goals: one is calling back your projections, so that you can perceive others in their true form; and the other is cultivating emotional independence from relationships, so that you’re free to make your decisions unencumbered by excessive responsibility to others.

Your quest for accomplishment is also a quest for freedom, which has mental and emotional components. Yet by the time Chiron reaches Pisces, this will take on a distinctly creative, erotic and adventurous flavor.

It will be obvious that your life is about having fun, and this sense of openness will lead into a deeper sense of a healing mission. That works out to be a combined creative/healing mission — they are the same thing for you right now — though the access point seems to be less about being on a healing table and more about being in an art studio, making a film or otherwise becoming a full-on creature of the night. You’re entering a time when it will be more fun, easier and more profitable to let your passions guide you. This is in part a message from Mars in Sagittarius, your house of resources and money.

I cover the recent movement of Vesta, Mercury and Venus in your sign, as well as your ruling planet Mars venturing into Scorpio.

This recording is four segments of astrology, with a careful look at all of the houses that are highlighted, and one segment of tarot. My focus on the houses makes this report equally applicable for Scorpio rising — the ascendant implies the houses, which I look at carefully and use with some precision.

This report is different than Light Bridge, which will take a whole new look at your astrology from several different angles, as well as consider transits going further into the future.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

Aries Confidential

What you’ve experienced in some of the most intimate aspects of your life has revealed many secrets of a relationship, but really it’s said much more about you than a ‘situation’. You may still be tempted to think what you’re learning is about someone else, though I suggest you take this opportunity to deepen your relationship to yourself. The inner truths that are emerging now have been veiled for many years, and will show you how to make contact with aspects of your psyche that you crave deeply and often (mistakenly) search for in contact with others. Once you can provide these essential nutrients for yourself, you will have happier and gentler experiences with partners — if you remember that from now on, there are no compromises on truth.

Taurus Confidential

What seems to be about sex, pair bonding, marriage or romance is actually focused on healing. With that as your orientation or focal point, you will be able to make better sense of your life and better use of your emotional energy. Healing may seem like an unattractive agenda because it implies that there are injuries, or that there are past situations that need to be resolved. We’re used to either ignoring these things or considering them so deeply buried we can’t get to them. So what’s the use of trying? But your life needs focus and your relationships need focus — and the past does have a way of weighing on you. That might be the first thing to consider: what in the past has so much energy or power? What is your attachment to it today?

Gemini Confidential

You may be uncertain whether you want to retreat into a deeply private space, or proclaim your reality to the world. If you’re considering doing both, you go in the order above: private first, then outward. You’re processing some deep material, particularly around your sexuality and your way of having relationships. You’re the kind of person who says what’s on your mind and who goes for what you want, but you have inner material that’s all but begging for your attention. If you pay attention to what is percolating from the deepest layers of your psyche, your desires will change, as will your perception of your needs. Since you have a good chance of getting what you reach for, I suggest you make sure it’s what you really want.

Cancer Confidential

If you temporarily give up something you want, you may be able to figure out why you haven’t been able to have it. One clue is if the choice to give up this thing, even briefly, causes you to feel like you’re making a sacrifice. This is the knot you’re working to unravel — desire, unavailability, sacrifice. This may relate to an old story of feeling lost or entangled. You’re looking for a way into yourself that allows you to encounter some deeper sense of reality than the one you’ve been trying to decipher. The story you’ve been telling yourself is not true — not in the factual sense, and not in the spirit of the tale. Yet what is real and nourishing exists, if you will turn around and — willing to give up whatever you must give up — you open yourself to embracing your inner reality.

Leo Confidential

If your life has seemed like a window that you haven’t been able to get clean, you may finally be seeing some clear light. Nobody wants to be caught in the past, or in perceiving existence through the filters of the past. You’re fortunate to be someone committed to living in the present, and who honors the value of doing so. Those last few streaks on the glass were beliefs that may have worked in the past but which were clouding your perception of people, and situations, how they are today. And how would that be? More solid and grounded than your home life and partnerships have been for many seasons. If you need to be reminded, I suggest you orient your life around your stove and work your way out from there.

Virgo Confidential

Are you willing to give up your old ideas about sex and marriage? Our society is guided by some strict rules that are tattooed into children before they turn three. At the moment you are on a deep personal inquiry as to the nature of those influences, and there is the suggestion of an exchange — that you can give up what does not work in exchange for identifying what does. You may need to proceed in that order; or you may be able to reach directly for what you want, if you figure out that it’s an original thought. Yet that seems to be the nature of the quest: discovering whether what you think you want is what you want. Just because everyone else seems to want something doesn’t make it right for you.

Libra Confidential

Now is the time to practice devotion to that which you’re truly devoted. Remember that the object of devotion is not outside of yourself. That’s to say, if you’re devoted to a relationship, that is not as much about the other person as it is about your feelings toward them. If you’re devoted to an idea, that’s not really an idea as much as it is something, an aspect of your psyche, with life inside yourself. This is the thing to remember: that you are tending to your own devotion, and your own value of what is meaningful. Sometimes paying heed to something with that much energy calls on us to give something up, which we deem of lesser value. I suggest you do that with no sense of conflict. What is truly yours will come back to you.

Scorpio Confidential

Venus has been retrograde in your sign for nearly a month, which may be playing havoc with your emotions. In truth, this is a signal that it’s time to reevaluate a relationship. What to consider, however, is not the structure, finances or commitment status of the relationship, but rather your feelings toward your situation and toward the person involved. Do you really feel there is deep contact and empathy? Do you feel you’re getting your wants and needs met, and do you feel appreciated for what you’re offering? Relationships are based on an organic exchange and that elusive thing called simpatico. Now is the time to observe what you really feel, rather than what you think you’re supposed to be feeling.

Sagittarius Confidential

You may feel like you’re backsliding. I can see that you have a sense of something missing, or of something being just a little out of reach. Yet don’t think your doubts, if they exist, will hold up for long. A number of different movements in your life will add up to a revelation of how far you’ve come, and why it would be wise for you to be grateful for that. One of the things that this brief phase of your life is offering you is the opportunity to focus on emotional nourishment. This is typically not the easiest thing for you to get moving; yet you can now make contact with the ways in which you both need emotional contact, and need to offer the same to others. This will nourish your soul, and your ideas.


Capricorn Confidential

Winter is your season, and it’s approaching. Not everyone can appreciate the bare, stark beauty of the Earth; most people feel a sense of loss. Yet at this moment, I trust you can feel a sense of your own presence in the world. Your presence might remind you that something or someone is missing. If that is true, here’s what I suggest: consider where that person is; consider whether they’re happy, and living their true calling. We carry around plenty of judgments about what people do, based on how those decisions leave us feeling. The remedy here is to focus on your existence, your desires, and your unusual sense of soul calling that is at the forefront of your priorities every day.


Aquarius Confidential

Now is the time to ask yourself whether you’re at home in your career. By at home, I mean, does it work with or against the natural contours of who you are? Do you feel as safe and secure in your workspace as you do in your living space? And is your work emotionally gratifying? That is the most meaningful measure, though how you relate to the physical space is vital. There is one other factor, which is devotion. Devotion is something that lives through you, not something you have to do. Yes, you may need to tend the fire, but the fire burns of its own accord. This month the planets are asking: is your career related to your deepest devotion in life? If not, what would it take to get you there? If so, how can you share this with others?

Pisces Confidential

This time in your life is about taking leadership. You are a dreamer with a long list of things you want to achieve. Now many factors are conspiring to guide you to take charge of your life, and to spread your influence where it will have a creative effect. The message I suggest you send yourself, over and over again — and I do mean daily and hourly — is that your life is your own; your time is your canvas; your space is your creative playground. Most of all, what you want to accomplish is as ‘spiritual’ as anything that you or anyone else has ever done. That includes designing a skyscraper, joining the circus or recording an album. This concept also applies to your relationships. Much of what has happened in the past has involved taking a passive approach; try taking the lead, and see where you go.

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