Planet Waves Inner Space Horoscope – June 2010

Dear Friend and Reader:

Jupiter and Uranus arrive in Aries this month, forming a spectacular, visionary conjunction on the Aries Point — the first degree of the zodiac. For all of us, this is a leap-ahead point; a chance to embrace a new dimension of potential and to release the emotional and mental baggage that has held us back in the past. I know that every self-help book ever written offers a prescription to help us do precisely this. Victor Hugo said that nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. Now, imagine this applies directly to you.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

Aries Confidential

There are times when we try to redefine ourselves, and times when we simply discover that we’re someone new. Despite your best efforts to assert who you are, events this month will give you a whole new basis for how you know yourself, think of yourself and relate to your own existence. This sounds like a tall order, I know, though the astrology is not subtle. You’re likely to discover that the most significant developments are ones that were in progress for many years prior to their becoming obvious. And they relate to whom you associate with as much as how you consider yourself: the two are closely related. Let new encounters give you the space and freedom to be a new person.


Taurus Confidential

You exist with a ‘self within yourself’, and this can be confusing, or challenging, because it’s not always possible to access that inner being. Then there are times when that entity announces its presence and gets your attention. You may find yourself making decisions based on entirely different criteria; you may find yourself in a struggle to resist or deny the inner changes you feel. It’s never easy to be at odds with who you are. True, being entirely oneself presents certain challenges, but at least they are part of a quest for authentic existence. We are entering a time of mandatory integrity — and for you, that means being true to your existence from the inside out.


Gemini Confidential

You don’t ask too much from life, but rather far too little. Life is offering you a series of opportunities to see what is possible, and to allow that to expand the bounds of your perception. Observe the extent to which you’ve allowed the groups of people you surround yourself with to define who you are. You’ve been tired of this for a while, and you appear ready for the alternative: to make your own scene. This means to step out of what’s expected of you in such a vivid way that you take leadership in your own life, and in the world around you. When you’re done, you will be surrounded by people who you influence more than they influence you.


Cancer Confidential

You now have the freedom to break through any glass ceiling that’s holding you back: particularly in your career, but in truth, in any other aspect of your existence. In your continuous quest for perfection, or truth (depending on the day), you may have overlooked the prerogative to define your existence in your own way: this, as a divine right. It is true, your parents thought of you a certain way, and as you grew older, you made a series of revisions in the name of practicality. The options you now have, and the potential that is about to come due, will help you break free from the past, and assert your freedom to choose in ways that you would have never imagined possible.


Leo Confidential

We are all limited by our beliefs, and by our idea of what we think is possible. You seem to be aware that how you define yourself simultaneously defines your potential experience. Therefore, stretch all your definitions of yourself: what you’re capable of, where you will travel, how far you will take your creative aspirations and most of all your faith. It’s true that the angle where the most spectacular astrology occurs this month is on the angle where we look for information about religious influences or ideas about the ‘higher self’. For you, I would say that agenda item one is: having faith in yourself. Logic and reason will get you so far; then you will take the leap.


Virgo Confidential

One of the most popular discussions in self-help circles these days involves the notion of ‘sacred contracts’. An extension of the idea of karma (cause and effect). Caroline Myss, a proponent of this idea, says, “I believe that we each agree to the terms of our contract before entering the physical realm of this world.” But since most of us don’t remember that realm of reality, it’s a little like waking up and telling you that you’re subject to an agreement you made while you were talking in your sleep. For you, this is a moment of choosing as regards all contracts, agreements and understandings, whether made ‘consciously’ or not, whether in this realm or some other. To do this will require being alert and awake to an unprecedented degree, though that is always the price of freedom.

Libra Confidential

Everything is a relationship, and every relationship comes back to the one you have with yourself. Now is the time to take it to heart; to see the process in action. Certain events this month will seem to be coming from ‘outside of you’ — that is, originating entirely in circumstance, or in the minds of others. And yes, you have the ability, the responsibility and indeed the privilege of responding. Yet what, that you are experiencing, has its origins in your own consciousness and life path? What choices have you made that have led you to this moment? Note, you’re subject to those choices but you’re not a prisoner of them. In fact, the more clearly you see that your vision is what you get, the more you’re likely to refine your vision and therefore create what you want.

Scorpio Confidential

After 20 years of doing metaphysical consulting I have come to the conclusion that most people don’t know they exist. I know that many think they know they exist, but thinking you know something and actually knowing it are two different matters. You are in one of those moments where you discover, and know beyond any doubt, that you are actually part of this world. Yet to maintain that awareness takes vigilance. It’s not like collecting your bachelor’s degree. It is possible to forget that you are both in and of the world, and that your awareness and therefore ability to choose is the most prominent driving factor of your experience. You are about to have some radical wakening experiences, and to make the most of your life, you would be well served to remember: that you exist.

Sagittarius Confidential

You’re entering one of the most creative, adventurous phases of your life. In the process, you’re likely to encounter shadow material: fear, guilt, hidden issues and unexpected consequences of past actions. You might say, ‘I wish I could have the creative part without the shadow part’. Yet one of the gifts of authentic creativity is to give the shadow a purpose, and to use it to advance your life rather than set you back. This, you see, is the true creative process: it not only creates what is new, it deals with what has come before, and reinterprets it. Indeed, I doubt there would be much creativity without the abundant shadow material on our level of existence. Hopefully it won’t be long before oil companies figure this out, but if your chart means anything, you can get the benefits of this equation right now.

Capricorn Confidential

You are likely to have a vision this month for what would set you free emotionally. You might even experiment with taking action, though one thing at least is clear — you will feel the bounds that surround you, and the bonds that hold you. You will see the influence of the past and have an extended moment where you know that you have an option to experience your life a different way. Despite the liberating, revolutionary nature of the moment, you may not take action, fearing you’re not quite ready — even if you know certain developments are inevitable. I suggest you decide in advance whether under ideal circumstances, you would choose something new when you’re feeling frustrated and defeated, or positive and optimistic.

Aquarius Confidential

For someone devoted to ideas, none is ever too good. Yet there are authentic breakthroughs. When you encounter such a concept, it’s not an idea in the conceptual sense but rather a living, breathing archetype that takes up existence at the core of your life. You are approaching such a juncture, where your personal values, your highest ideals and what you do with your days are coming into alignment, or rather, to fulfillment. Much that you previously could categorize, sort out and study has become so real that it defies intellectualization. Indeed, this is your opportunity to stop thinking of your existence in mental or intellectual terms and to move from your core, with full authenticity. One result of your considerable growth and introspection is that no other option is viable.

Pisces Confidential

Life can move slowly for a Pisces. It’s as if you’re watching existence from the caboose of the train, and yours seems like the last car to pull into the station. Then all of a sudden things surge forward. What happens this month may have the feeling of being premature, but you need to remind yourself that you’ve worked for it, and that you’ve endured many delays and diversions on the way to getting to this point. This particular encounter is a portal to the future that you will have the opportunity to go through; and also be a moment of vision quest, wherein you can see your trajectory in life clearly enough to envision something different and beautiful, make corrections and reach for something that has long eluded you. The key is to remember these facts when the time comes — and it is boldly arriving.

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