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Joseph LaLima of Kingston is the only barber to lose his license for allegedly violating Gov Cuomo’s illegal emergency shutdown order. The state admitted that it did not have the power to revoke his license for cutting hair during the shutdown, so it raised issues like his prohibited neck duster, an illegal magazine rack, not waring a barber coat (not required), and trimming beards and mustaches. Photo by Eric Francis.

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June 18 | The Governor vs. the Barber

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When Joseph LaLima resumed cutting hair last spring, he knew he was in compliance with a new state regulation allowing barbers and stylists to work from home. He was not being a rebel. His barbershop is his legal residence and has been since 1975. LaLima was doing haircuts for police officers and state troopers — for free. Then an incorrect newspaper report led to the rumor that he gave ‘covid’ to 12 officers when in fact he never tested positive. He was treated for COPD and released from the hospital. Listen to an exclusive interview here.

Here is Joseph LaLima’s Go Fund Me page, to sponsor his legal fees.

From the Daily Freeman’s Facebook post about Joe LaLima — there is much community support.

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