PWFM Reporting from NYC – at the Vaxxed Only FooFighters Show at Madison Square Garden, June 20, 2021

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Protesters outside the FooFighters, the first full-capacity concert at Madison Square Garden on June 20, 2020, after NY’s lockdown. Attenders were required to produce a vaccine card for entry. Photo by Eric Francis.

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June 20 | Outside the First Vaxxed-Only Concert at Madison Square Garden: The Injected Speak

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Tonight I drove down to Manhattan to check out the scene outside the first full-attendance concert at Madison Square Garden. This was a vaxxed only show, where to get in, attenders had to have a ticket and a vaccine card. I asked people in line to get in a few questions; here is that audio. What you’re going to learn is that most people have not thought much about this. They just want the cookie. They can get into the concert. The faxx pass gets them something.

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