Planet Waves FM | June 25, 2021 | War Survivors Go to a Concert.

Outside the FooFighters last weekend, security officials at Madison Square Garden inspect vaccine cards of fans entering the show. Photo by Eric Francis.

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June 25 | War Survivors Go to a Concert. Sun Opposite Pholus, Mercury Direct, Full Moon and Other Astrology. Dr. Gabor Mate on Healing Trauma. UFO Breaking News. Tantra Studio on Trust, Vulnerability and Sexual Healing

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Tantra Studio Stand Alone

Gabor Mate full audio as stand alone

• The program opens with astrology, more or less, and that goes on for 40 minutes.
• Second segment is mRNA co-developer and Madison Square Garden concert scene start at about 44 minutes. To my listeners who have taken the shot(s) and are having second thoughts, we need to talk about detox and antidotes; the discussion is happening. Please get in touch with me and we will figure this out.
• Third segment featuring Dr. Gabor Maté starts at about 1:35
• Fourth segment starts at 2:50 and includes breaking news about UFOs, and tantra studio about trust and vulnerability. Note, “Absolutely Curtains,” the last song, is really from 1972.

Here are some resources:

• Politico breaking news tonight on the government admitting that UFOs are real.
• Wikipedia entry on Thalidomide
• Etymology Online Dictionary entry on “coerce”
• Wikipedia on the Cruise Missile
• Dr. Gabor Maté — full video
Take a Step Back, by me, from 2018.
Mark Knopfler explains guitar in 20 minutes

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