Planet of the Vaccine Pushers

Don’t miss the gay monkey sex rave!

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We are as stunned as anyone to be covering a second “pandemic” while the first one is still on the front page of The New York Times. Apparently, though, not everyone is experiencing the element of surprise. The current monkeypox rollout was planned for this month during a pandemic war-game exercise held in March of 2021.

Drs. Samantha and Mark Bailey have excellent coverage of this; the planning event happened, and now we all know it. If you don’t see this fact being reported on CNN, maybe that’s because it was co-sponsored by Ted Turner, the founder of the network.

This is not a normal meeting of government wonks. It was the planning session for an unprecedented, first-ever global coronavirus pandemic held in October 2019, which just happened to come true in December 2019. It was called Event 201.

Forget that there is no medical documentation of human-to-human transmission; they predicted it would happen — exactly in mid-May 2022 — and by golly, it did. For alternate coverage, check with the Brownstone Institute.

Astrology (which I will get to in a moment) could only hope to be so accurate.

The same players who were involved in the 2021 monkeypox pandemic simulation were also involved in Event 201, held Oct. 19, 2019, which set the script and the game plan for the claimed coronavirus pandemic that emerged just weeks later.

This is the kind of fire where the arsonist leaves the gas can in the middle of the floor, just to make sure the investigators trip over it. Then the arsonists show up with hoses, dressed in boots and fire hats — and add more gasoline, while being hailed as heroes.

This time, the medical, scientific and policy experts who questioned the covid narrative and also who survived being fired, demonized, defamed, deplatformed and otherwise excommunicated, are still on the job, and have learned a lot in the past two years.

Only the Monkeypox PCR Codes Have Gone Viral

You don’t need to be any kind of expert to see through monkeypox, a thing few people knew existed and which has suddenly emerged as a terrific threat around which we must now organize our lives — just like that. Public officials are declaring emergencies and urging people to stay away from summer festivals, Belgium has imposed a quarantine, and phony PCR molecular test sequences have been sent to every public health laboratory in the world.

Phylogenic tree representing source material for the fabricated genetic code for “monkeypox,” being designed and built by Nextstrain. You cannot catch this nonexistent “virus.”

There is not a virus spreading; there is a fabricated genetic code being distributed, made of a claimed virus that nobody has a sample of. What they have is a digital “build” (like a website or application) being cobbled together by a company called Nextstrain. That means the “next strain” that should freak you out.

This stitched-together collection of digital code has never been shown to come from inside any virus. However, when Nextstrain says that these are the some of the ingredients for the monkeypox “virus,” anytime that you’re “tested” positive for a few of these sequences, you’ll be said to have the “virus” too! — even though you have no symptoms and were not hanging out with any gay monkeys who attended raves in Belgium or Spain.


Yeah, sorry, that is what the World Health Organization is saying, such as in a May 23 Associated Press article out of London. The only reason we are hearing about any of this now, they say, is because the claimed monkeypox outbreak allegedly started gay and/or bi men who allegedly got it on at two raves in Europe, one in Belgium and the other in Spain.

Yes, this is all the fault of “men who have sex with men.” Where exactly do monkeys fit in? Where are we, South Park? This is the new Wuhan market fish tale, claimed as the point source of the “novel coronavirus,” disproved to have started there — twice: epidemiological tracing was full of holes, and (if anyone accepts it) testing of every market stall and finding no trace of claimed viral nucleotides (i.e., all PCR negative).

‘Transmission’ is ‘Amplified’ by Sex — or Rumor

“We know monkeypox can spread when there is close contact with the lesions of someone who is infected, and it looks like sexual contact has now amplified that transmission,” according to Dr. David Heymann, pitched this week by the Associated Press news service as a “leading advisor to the WHO.”

Don’t let those monkeys into your country.

The writer of the article adds, “That marks a significant departure from the disease’s typical pattern of spread in central and western Africa, where people are mainly infected by animals like wild rodents and primates and outbreaks have not spilled across borders.”

Wait — there are border checkpoints for wild rodents and primates? Do they carry passports now?

By the way — the “where HIV came from” theory was also that it started in monkeys, and jumped to humans in Africa, then to gay men.

The article goes on: “Health officials say most of the known cases in Europe have been among men who have sex with men, but anyone can be infected through close contact with a sick person, their clothing or bedsheets. Scientists say it will be difficult to disentangle whether the spread is being driven by sex or merely close contact.”

Did anyone tell them that a rave is not a sex party? It is a morph of a dance party and an out of-body-experience. You can imagine chimps with glowsticks swinging from the lighting supports, grooving to the beat.

And while I guess there are “gay raves,” this story of the alleged index cases strains all credulity. Read closely and you find out you can even get monkeypox from contact with clothing or bedsheets, presumably those previously used by chimps. It’s just that nobody in the public heard of monkeypox till last week — right when simians started shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond and The Gap.

An Overtested, Overtreated Population — and Another Gay Virus

The last time a “gay virus” was rolled out was on April 23, 1984. The then-unemployed “human T-cell leukemia virus” (HTLV-III), which was never isolated or purified, and which never caused a single case of leukemia, was rebranded as the “human immunodeficiency virus” (HIV) and introduced to the press as the sole cause of whatever was making gay men sick in that era.

There was not one word to support this claim in any scientific journal. It was science by fiat, and was accepted as incontrovertible truth.

Margaret Heckler, the secretary of Health and Human Services, announces the “AIDS virus” on April 23, 1984. There was not one shred of science to prove her claim; it was accepted as valid and became unquestionable gospel truth.

You may watch the opening remarks by Margaret Heckler, Ronald Reagan’s secretary of health and human services. Not one claimed fact checks out, certainly not the claim of a test with “100% certainty.” So-called AIDS tests were and are a disaster.

“The monkeypox stuff supposedly implicating gay men is just further pathologizing people’s sexuality for cheap gain,” Kevin Corbett, Ph.D. told Planet Waves this week. Corbett, based in London, did his doctoral work in the 1990s investigating diagnostic testing associated with AIDS and HIV. Prior to that, he served at the first-ever AIDS ward in England, founded by Diana, Princess of Wales.

“Those gay and bisexual men using STI [sexually transmitted infection] services are easy prey for the epidemiological mill of testing and association of any ‘symptoms or signs’ with whatever test is rolled out and applied to that particular over-tested, over-medicated population.

“Undoubtedly there are toxic behaviors in any population, so we must not start accepting the epidemiologists’ explanations for this phenomenon. ‘Chemsex’ is a fact, but so are other multiple toxicities when we look for them in all populations.

“Here in the UK, the Health Security Agency is ‘case finding’. That means active construction of a(nother) fake epidemic or epidemics, such as pediatric hepatitis. We mustn’t fall into the trap of believing a word of it.”

The Astrology: Starting with Mercury, the Messenger

We have a chart for this rollout. It was first announced by tweet from the UK government, followed up just half an hour later by a report in The Guardian, a supposedly left-leaning UK newspaper.

As you may know, I am finishing a chronology of the events of 2020 and those of the 14 years leading up to them. What I found impressive was the appearance of a coordinated media rollout of “covid” on January 23, 2020, which included newspapers, TV and a Netflix special on disease outbreaks.

The monkeypox tweet by the British government. See larger chart.

This was timed in with a conference of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, whose name is all over the pre-planning events. To see this demonstrated before your eyes, skip to entries beginning Jan. 21, 2020 in the main chronology.

I am using the timing of the UK government’s first tweet as the time for my chart. As far as we know, it was the first public announcement. The chart might lead one to ask whether an astrologer was consulted and the tweet astrologically timed. Astrology works either way — though I am studying the question.

The chart has Virgo rising — the hygienic sign that Debbi Kempton-Smith quipped represents the kind of person who would use the dish sponge to wipe up the floor.

Virgo rising means go right to Mercury, the planet of messages — signifying the matter at hand. We find Mercury as the most elevated planet, in the 10th sign (that is, the 10th whole sign house) representing the government (which tweeted the message).

Mercury is standing still in the very degree where it is about to station retrograde a few days later in Gemini — its domicile. This has the feeling of sleight of hand.

“About to station retrograde” also means “the story will change.” It may even backfire — it’s not a good day for the announcement (so bad that it argues against a qualified astrologer making up the chart; and if one did, it is more like astrological sabotage). However, like developments of February and March 2020, this crisis is being executed under the cloak of Mercury retrograde.

The Moon, in very early Leo, is about to make a sextile to Mercury. That is an aspect of collaboration. The Moon in a chart like this represents the public, which seems ready to buy this whole story wholesale, and put a little extra on backorder. There is something here about the excitement and thrill of danger. Many find being threatened exhilarating.

Nessus, Where the Buck Stops

The 7th house in almost any chart represents the environment where the matter takes place. It’s the house of relationships, including those with open enemies. Let’s conclude with a close look at this zone of the chart. With Virgo rising (1st house), Pisces is the sign on the opposite side of the horizon (7th house).

Pres. Harry Truman popularized the expression “the buck stops here,” which means “taking responsibility.”

There is a lot going on here. Straight away we see Neptune, the planet of deception, delusion and illusion, floating on the horizon in dreamy Pisces like the setting Sun. This does not argue for trustworthiness. When you see Neptune placed like that, you must reality-check your perceptions, and change your password.

Pinned to the horizon is a conjunction of Mars and Nessus. Nessus is the one planet in all of astrology that has been specifically shown to relate to sexually transmitted infections and the dramas that surround them. Its myth is infused with hazy sexual consent, suspicion and betrayal. The shape of karma is the arc of a boomerang.

Mars in this aspect structure adds the element of aggression, and an actively pursued agenda. Whatever happened was not an accidental occurrence, though we already know that from the existence of the pre-planning documents. Mars conjunct Nessus gives the feeling of something coming to get you. It may yet come back to get its creators.

The classical ruler of Pisces is Jupiter. As such, Jupiter represents whoever is doing all of this to us. It would seem to be almost useless in the last degree of Pisces, but it’s about to enter Aries, the 8th house of this chart — where there is a whole lot of money.

The smart money these days says: whatever it takes to get the needle into your arm. The astrology says this bullshit will probably not work, though those who have a passion for trauma and crisis may line up on the left.


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