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Lanvi Nguyen

This tool has two functions. One is to research 20 years of my horoscopes — the only such resource on the entire internet. That is a conventional date/type/keyword setup. You will likely see many returns for any query. You do not need a keyword! You can research based on publication time only.

The second tool is the Oracle — which is a random return, in response to a query. If you use the Oracle, do not enter any other data. The Oracle does not read the question; you type it for your benefit, for clarity of thought. The script returns one horoscope based on the time of day that the query was made; it can be any of the approximately 15,000 entries currently in the database. If you have questions, please write to me at office@planetwaves.net. New horoscopes are published weekly and monthly.

Use these tools to research a horoscope in the last 25 years. Then press the 'Research' button. The Oracle function is separate.

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