Once the Symbol of the Crisis, There is No Covid in New York

Data directly from the governor’s office last week.

The chart above is from late last week; the figures are sent to me by Gov. Cuomo’s press team every night. They have improved steadily since October, long before any genetic injections were being give. Right now in New York, one person in 10,000 is said to be in the hospital with “covid.” I must be the only reporter who reads those emails because nobody else is reporting this. The hospitals and ICUs are well below capacity. In Ulster County where I live, between zero and 10 people are said to be hospitalized with “covid” and 90% of those are false positives (according to The New York Times, and this, we have verified). So how is there a very high risk? In Clinton County to the north, there have been no deaths, claimed cases you can count on your fingers, and statistically zero hospitalizations. That is considered high risk.

From the front page of tonight’s New York Times.

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