On the topic of ‘viral evolution’: Comment on Pfizer CEO’s theory

Pfizer CEO Says Don’t Worry About Viral Evolution – We’ll Make More and More Vaccines!

By Loreen Costa

Let’s be clear: what the Pfizer CEO is directly saying: it wouldn’t even matter if everyone on the planet was jabbed for “covid-19,” since reality is that the “vaccination” effort stops neither individual infection nor, therefore, the pandemic of infected people.

Under the assumption that there is a virus — which has not been demonstrated — this means a whole planet of people still getting infected, and still in some cases getting sick, but — by design — not dying from something, makes the ideal natural selection environment which precisely spreads the mutations of a pathogen which, in the case of vaccination, escape the artificially triggered immunological response.

We’re talking about people being engineered to grow more infectious pathogens. Which sounds an awful lot like the virologists are hijacking the global population in a grand “viral passaging,” i.e. a gain of function experiment.

Begging the question of whether or not the engineered immunological response will keep up with any unanticipated and artificially invited gains in lethality.

Once again, we’re back at the crux of the issue: are we to believe that humans choosing to rapidly re-engineer the subtle systems of the human body are going to do a better job than the human species in relationship to the natural world has already managed? Or might we instead ask what environmental degradation we might halt – and repair – with a percentage of Bourla’s market windfall?

Because if manipulated viruses are disease drivers in humans, certainly man-made environmental toxins are, too.

From The Epoch Times 24 Aug 2021:

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said on Tuesday that, at some point in the future, a strain of COVID-19 that is resistant to vaccines is likely to emerge.

‘Every time that the variant appears in the world, our scientists are getting their hands around it,” Bourla told Fox News in an interview. “They are researching to see if this variant can escape the protection of our vaccine. We haven’t identified any yet but we believe that it is likely that one day, one of them will emerge.’

This is not the first time Bourla has made the ominous prediction. He addressed the issue in a wide-ranging interview with Fortune in February, around the time when attention was increasingly turning to new mutations of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, the pathogen that causes COVID-19.

Responding to a question about the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against emerging variants, Bourla said he was “quite confident” it could neutralize the new mutations and cited encouraging lab results. At the same time, he said that “the fundamental question” is how likely it is that there will eventually emerge a vaccine-resistant strain of coronavirus.

“Theoretically, it’s a very possible scenario. If you protect a very big part of the population, and if there is a strain that emerges that can use this pool of population to replicate while the current strains cannot, obviously this will overtake the original. So it’s not a certainty, but it is now, I believe, a likely scenario,” he said.

At the time, Bourla told Fortune that the mRNA technology used in the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine allows for the rapid development of a new version able to create a different immunogenicity that could cover new mutations. He predicted that such a vaccine could be developed in around two months but noted this would depend on multiple factors including the regulatory framework.

In his interview with Fox News, he expanded on this, saying Pfizer has a process in place allowing the company to develop a variant-specific vaccine within 95 days of identifying a new mutation.

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