Of Gemini and Capricorn — and Pie for the People

Dear Friend and Reader:

Gemini is the happening place right now, home of the Sun, of Mercury, of Venus retrograde, and of the goddess Vesta.

Much of the year’s most daunting astrology has been in Capricorn. All that has happened to society the past three months we can attribute to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in that sign. Matters that fall under the Capricorn energy signature are not easily adjusted; they are more subject to breakdown and rebuilding, as we are seeing.

Planet Waves

What happens in Gemini, though, is expressed through many adjustments, in a mentally dynamic environment.

Gemini’s form of ambition is the drive to be curious, and to take an experimental approach where many different ideas are considered. At times this can seem like too much meandering and not enough action, though that will not be a problem this week.

Gemini planets Mercury and Vesta, and by extension Venus, are making contact with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario, combining Gemini’s language ability, curiosity and exploration of alternatives with the gritty determination and building power of Capricorn.

The two groups of planets are joined by an aspect called a quincunx, also known as an inconjunct. This is halfway between a trine and an opposition, resolving the problems inherent in those aspects: the trine is usually too easy and slippery, while the opposition can be too confrontational. The energy line of the quincunx will grant traction as well as the ability to be mutually accommodating toward a shared goal or intention.

If this is working right, there should be a lot of discussion both of theory and of method. Ideas need to be considered in theory, then put to the practical test immediately, and observations made.

Meanwhile, one outstanding aspect of the moment is the conjunction of Mars and Ceres in Pisces. This has a “rise up” quality — do not be content with being in the background, or of a lower caste. Be bold about asserting yourself. You don’t need authorization from on high, but rather a spirit of Power to the People, or as a local pizzeria owned by my friend Stefan put it, Pie for the People.

Or speaking of pizzerias, Village Pizza in Saugerties, NY, has issued a statement: “Anyone out there who is in need of food, or can’t afford groceries, or have children that need to eat, come see us 1 to 4 pm.” I cannot remember the last time I reached for my debit card so fast.

Ceres is about food and the connection where emotional reality meets nourishment. You can take this as guidance in your personal life, and also in the form of community service. One of the best ways to help the world right now is to make sure the people near you have food to eat, even if it’s just one other person that you manage to help. That is plenty, though you will likely be able to do much better.

With love,

Planet Waves
This week’s Antiviral Innovation Award goes to the Big Cheese guy at the Kingston Farmer’s Market. He is ready to withstand the bum’s rush of the novel coronavirus. Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

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